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companion: challenge 2


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I'm here!!! Posting goals in the morning. :)




Okay, I made it!  I was going to do it yesterday but my sister dropped off her kids for HOURS.  


Here we go.



BODY - continue 3x/week workouts.  Focus on form not weight increases.  




MIND - research graduating and line up all ducks.  Long story here - I was 3 classes away from graduation and they said "oh, that stats class you struggled with so much wasn't good enough to meet your requirements" so I'm going to transfer to a school that doesn't require so many stats credits to graduate.  I may lose credits in the transition but my main goal is to get the fees paid and plan established.  (Those of you who saw my first challenge may note that this may allow me to reenlist as an officer, so that's a side bonus.)




SPIRIT - establish some fixed solo time.  The job I'm currently at (I'm a long term sub working at Head Start) has me getting home at the same time as hubby and off on his work-from-home day.  I've lost all of my solo time, and it's taking a toll.  Part of the problem is getting what I need without him feeling rejected.  




HOME - purge, purge, purge.  One of our goals (and this is why reenlistment has been shelved for now) is for hubby to take a job transfer to Germany.  We need to streamline our possessions HARDCORE.  I'm not really a hoarder - but I do have a ton of stuff that I need to release.  I want a happy, relaxing, clean home, and there's only so much organizing you can do before you realize you just have too much crap.




WORK - behave, follow through.   A problem I have is that when I'm uncomfortable, or too comfortable, I can get socially inappropriate.  I just need to mind myself and be consistent.  They like me, and I just need to keep it together.




LOVE - be nicer.  Like many folks, I take him for granted a little.  Especially since "service to others" is his love language so he does a lot of stuff for me.  I run the risk of being that obnoxious woman waiting for someone to feed her peeled grapes.  His birthday is near the end of this challenge, so I want to be thoughtful and prepared for that, as well as just more helpful and nicer on a daily basis.  Also, more sex.  Which is really serving me more than him but he'll be okay with it.  ;)




SILLINESS/BADASSERY - learn something cool.  I was thinking about learning to tango, but I'm not sure that's going to fit in this time around.  So I'm reserving this space for something brilliant to occur to me at a future point.



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Cool goals.  I know the feeling with the alone time.  Happily my wife and me both work shifts so have plenty of time at home without each other as well as days together.  We did briefly both work 9-5 mon to fri for a year last year and I found that difficult for the same reasons as you.  Sometimes you just want alone time to surf the web for fitness and sci fi stuff and play video games, and ignore others.

Fitness:  Self defence, Yoga, Meditation.  As of July 16 dumbell weight training.

Other interests:  Pre hospital medicine, Role playing, Sci-fi / fantasy, Cooking, Dog.


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No doubt. Fickle, thy name is woman.




Okay, so ...


Saturday, 30 squats - deep bodyweight. 

Sunday, lazy piece of crap day.  Oh, wait, no I mean "rest day".

Monday is today.  It is 10:30 and I'm still in bed, lol!  Planning more squats, and working on decluttering my junk room.  I will take before and after pics for accountability.  Planning on skyping with my sister during so she can give me firm counsel.




Oh, quick starting stats for this challenge.


Weight - 168.5  (Which means I've lost 10% of my bodyweight since mid November.)

Waist at bellybutton - 35

Hips - 42

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You've certainly got the rest of the week covered - let us know how you find the ballroom class!

Turn left at the light? Lol!

I've taken salsa lessons before. Not sure what style they are teaching. It is just an open house demo lesson. But free!!

My pants are on. Just charging my phone to use the 5x5 app at the gym. Going low weight, good form today since I haven't lifted in a week or so.

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