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Sokkasm's Journey to Mastering Airbending


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Next week will be better, Sokka. Sometimes things got stuck a bit, but you'll get out.



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Yoga               0/3

Running         0/3

Meditate         7/7

Calorie limit/  6/7

protein%         6/7

Sleep (8 hrs ) 4/7

Study (3hrs)  5/6






You know, that is still basically 60%.  Thats still probably better than if you hadn't been trying at all so you are still making progress.  Stuff happens.  You will figure it all out and find your groove-baby.


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Level 23 Assassin

Current Challenge

"Nothing is true; everything is permitted"

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This avatars back in action...


DAY 24 & 25 & 26 & 27 & 28
I'm trying to backtrack what I did these past few days, but everything seems to be blurring together again. I'm not even going to bother making a list for each individual day since that would take too long and would be a ways of my time. Plus I haven't been checking up on MFP like I should since I've been distracted by other things. 
This past week I've been cooking for the family again. I cooked some ground beef and made a build-your-own taco station. The best part about that was that the ingredients were more fresh than what you would get at a restaurant and you make it anyway you wanted. Everyone agreed that they were better than what you could get at a restaurant. 


The only annoying part of cooking is that no one cleans up after themself. There are a lot of pots, pans, dishes, cups, utensils, etc. needed for everyone. It's been the same almost every night. Dinner is over, everyone says thanks for the meal, stacks their dishes in the sink, and runs off to their room. I know that if I leave things unclean stuff will stick to the surface and everything will be more difficult to clean later. and it might attract bugs. Spring is coming around, so that means more bugs.  So it's off to the kitchen to clean up the mess. 


I haven't been making my sleeping quota this week. It's either that I stayed up too late studying or I couldn't fall asleep. The days that I didn't have to worry about class I had to worry about my dog breaking into my room and jumping on my bed. 




At least I've been making my study quota. I've had to cram for an exam that I did terribly on and worry about homework that I thought was due tonight, but not due till next week. I'm so done with studying. I know there are still a few weeks left in the semester. But that's still a few weeks too many. These classes are interesting and all but not exactly my cup of tea. 



I've done all my exercise. That's a plus. I was so pissed that I didn't do any last week that I tried to make up this week. I started off the week with running instead of yoga, and during a class day no less. That day threw off my rhythm, but I kept going. I skipped yoga on Friday so I could get to school early to get more cram time before the exam.




Yoga               2/3
Running         3/3
Meditate         7/7
Calorie limit/  6/7
protein%         5/7
Sleep (8 hrs ) 2/7
Study (3hrs)  6/6

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I'm gonna try making short updates through out the day instead of all at once. 

We'll see how this goes. I'll still try to throw in some Sokka sass in there while I'm at it. 



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Oops. I slept through my alarm clock. All ten of them. You'd think setting so many on your phone would give you a better chance of getting out of bed. No such luck for me. 

I need to stop staying up so late. 



Once my first alarm went off I accidentally turned off my sleep tracker. I looked at the stats and it said I had gotten about four and a half hours of sleep. I passed out after seeing that. One of the problems of waking up and falling right back asleep in the mornings is the vivd dreams. They're fine when I've gotten enough sleep, but if there's some deprivation its a whole other story. I dreamed that I was at school and had a lot of important things to do but was spacing out the whole time. Another thing to note about me is that I can day dream in a dream. It's like dream-ception. So I was sleeping in bed dreaming about daydreaming at school about  sleeping in bed. 



I woke up so late that I didn't have time to practice yoga airbending. Which sucks. I'll have time after school to work in a session. Until then I'll be finishing up more homework and cramming for another exam for another class I could care less about. 

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On another note I've been on a groupme chat with some friends at school and convinced some of them to join the rebellion. I hope they can figure out the forum for the next challenge. I've been using the same picture and name on the chat that I have here, again, hoping one of them would find me. But I'm making it more into a treasure hunt. If they find me without me having to tell them then I'll go buy them Starbucks or something out of the vending machine downstairs from where we hang out. Until then, I wait. 




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I got my study quota done for the day. But it couldn't hurt to get a little more time in. 

I stayed in one spot for most of day studying only getting up to refill my water bottle, heat my food for lunch (which was a can of soup), and go reclaim the ingress portals around my location that are self proclaimed rightfully mine. 




I did go to class. And it's a good thing I did. no sooner did I walk in than my professor approached me, asked for a loose leaf paper, and told me to sign my name and date and pass it down to the other student for extra credit. I'm starting to loose track of how many times she's done this. Almost no one shows up to class anymore. Her methods are different from the normal teaching method. Anyway, more points for me. 




I came home late because of an after class study group. When I got there pecan crusted chicken with a double side of beans (green and bushes baked.) Everything was good until Lilith started got into a diabetic sugar high craze, stole my sister's phone, and proceeded to chase me around the house with a bo staff. 




After dinner I went straight to yoga. Well... i did go to my computer, surf the net, type most of this up, and let my food settle first. 

Yoga is the evening is frustrating mainly because everyone is home and using loud electronics. I feel like its their way of entertaining themselves while unconsciously communicating via noise pollution. So, I focused even more on my yoga practice, breathing, and form as a way to block this out. By the end of the session I was a sweats mess. But it felt great to get a good stretch in. I don't care if I don't have time in the morning for yoga, I'll just do it in the evening instead. 




I went drinking with my friends. Grant it, it was just one drink of hard cider, followed by a shared assortment of fries, nachos, and queso, the night was still fun. Even one of the schools physics professors was there. I'm told he goes to the pub every night to go grade papers and talk with students. From the conversations I heard he's really passionate about what he teaches. 




Afterward I headed back home got ready for bed, and stayed up for two more hours chatting with the same friends via groupme. I think we got all philosophical and discussed the current views that baby boomers and gen x hold. At some point I called it quits and went to bed. I guess in my excitement I forgot to write the rest of this out and post it last night.  

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Watched Avatar the Last Airbender last night.  Thought you should know  :redface-new:


Isn't the animated series amazing?

Although, there's no such thing as a live action avatar movie. I've heard rumors that a bunch of people got together and tried to make something. But other than that I can't remember one. It's not like I tried erasing it from my memory.



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I decided to spice things up in my workout routine and change running to cycling. It's easier on the joints and (in my opinion) you get more sweat in less time. 




And since sweat is considered liquid awesome I want to be as awesome as possible after a workout. People always say they're dripping with good looks, but how many can say they're dripping with awesomeness?

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Haha I was thinking the same thing about the *non-existing movie* that make ligther skin character a South Asian because he could also look evil. How I wanted to slam somebody's head in a coffee table for that. :(




I agree with you-- liquid awesomeness is better than good looks. You have to work to get it. :P

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I woke up early today. And I scared myself doing it too, since I always wake up after everyone has left for the day. 

I was up before anyone else too. I forgot how pretty sunrises are. Normally all I see is sunsets since the fam does everything in the evening and into the night. 

First thing I did was get dressed and do some yoga. It was nice at first... then everything changes when the fam nation attacked. well, began waking up. They are a noisy group in the mornings. I guess it's just more practice on focusing on breathing and form. It was a nice stretch and even better that I had more time to myself in the morning. 


When I got to school I spent my extra time making online note cards to review for an exam I have this Friday. The review day in class was uneventful. What happened next... not so much.


(I'm just gonna rant for a while, so if you don't want to read just skip ahead)

I decided (for some god awful reason) to meet someone from an online dating site I'd been on for a while. I've been using my account mainly to poke fun at guys who use the site for other reasons. But idk what went over me. I decided to give one of the guys a chance. He seemed different than most people on the site. He has a job, goes to school, and seemed passionate about his simple hobbies of cars, pc gaming, and popular tv shows. I had even been talking with him for a few weeks just to test the waters. Everything was going well so I decided to meet up with him on campus. We met up and talked for a while. I figured something out in five minutes. For lack of a better word, he's not an interesting person. I sound mean saying this. There was no connection whatsoever. I assumed we had a few things in common with the mainstream pc games, but everything that can be said about them has already been said (and made into meme-able merchandise.) So we walked and talked and played on campus which was fine except for the heat. Spring finally decided to come, but I had just been getting use to texas winter that it now feels like Texas summer. And let me tell you the heat here can be nasty. We played ingress for a while until we got bored with that and tried looking for geocaches on campus. We couldn't find either of them and by the time it was over I felt sweaty, dehydrated, and hungry (since I hadn't eaten lunch.) I had to make an excuse that I was meeting some friends to go have lunch with. I don't know if I want to meet up with him again or not. I don't want to lead him on. I was terrified about meeting him the first time and now I'm even more terrified of meeting him again and not being clear with my intentions or things going wrong. 


(TLDR: I went on a date meetup and I didn't like it)

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I'm too tired to even put pics/png/jpg/jig/gif stuff. 


I stayed up late cramming for an exam and getting distracted by my friends online again. So I only got four hours. That's fine. I was still able to function the whole day and didn't feel that tired till about... now. I didn't get to do yoga this morning because of the time crunch and forgot to do it later because of being with the fam and having them cause more time crunches.


As I was looking over notes before the exam was going to be handed out I noticed a lot of other sleep deprived and over caffeinated students. The struggle is real. But the struggle is not alone. I didn't to as well as I wanted to do on the exam. It felt like every second counted. The professor gave the class an open notes exam, but there were over 40 pages of notes to go through. So unless you knew and understood the notes and where everything was placed on the paper, you were wasting time. 


I had been doing good with eating until the family fam-in-ing began. Basically it's going to a place that has mostly unhealthy food. We decided to celebrate the return of my mini-me sis by going out for desert. Being sleep deprived I made the compulsion decision to get a big ol' brownie a la mode. and I deeply regret my decision. I don't even want to log today's eatings into MFP. I feel like the app would just laugh at me. Sadly there is an app that does that. And even more sad, I've had that app at one point in time. 


summary. Missed all the goals. Under slept, missed exercise, didn't study, poor eating choices. 


I'll just call this my cheat time and call it a day. 

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I know that those kinds of days can make one feel really crappy, but It's really cool that you shrugged it off and moved on  :) Sleep deprivation is worryingly prevalent amongst the students at my university as well  :dejection:



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Eli and the Timeline of Growth


"Anxiety is love's greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you.

You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic." ~ Anaïs Nin

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I know that those kinds of days can make one feel really crappy, but It's really cool that you shrugged it off and moved on  :) Sleep deprivation is worryingly prevalent amongst the students at my university as well  :dejection:


I guess you could say you just gotta "keep moving forward."




Sleep deprivation is a serious problem at colleges. It's the second top thing colleges take away from students. The first being money. Yay student debt!



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I guess you could say you just gotta "keep moving forward."




Sleep deprivation is a serious problem at colleges. It's the second top thing colleges take away from students. The first being money. Yay student debt!







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This again?


DAY 29 - 36


Well that's another week come and gone. And I have no idea what happened. I could open all my apps and retrace everywhere I've been in the past several days, but that is a waste my and my phones energy. 



All I can recall is that I did terrible at meeting my sleeping quota. But I've found something important. I function better with 4-7 hours of sleep. Anymore any I'm a groggy mess. 


I've missed workout due to poor time management and fam fatal weekends. The fam completely takes up my time regardless if I need to workout, sleep, study, or eat. I do what they want to do and it stinks.



I wasn't able to escape this weekend being that it was Malificent's bday and sneaking off would mean facing the wrath of an angry dragon lady. No one is safe from her fury, even the innocent. And I'm not the kind of avatar that let's others suffer for one's own benefit. I'm a knight in shining armor. You better believe it. 



I've been doing well in regards of food. School has helped me stay on task for calories, but the fam grows weary of my cuisine. They hunger.... for carbs and fats. And a day or two eating with them ruins a whole week of good diet and exercise. 



Breaking news! I'm dropping a class of mine. I won't say which one (those of you that read my thread can guess.) The course has been terrible, the professor incompetent, and the exams impossible. It pains me to do it, but it would hurt my gpa more than me. At least it gives me more time to focus on the courses I do enjoy. 




Yoga               2/3

Running         2/3

Meditate         7/7

Calorie limit/  5/7

protein%         5/7

Sleep (8 hrs ) 3/7

Study (3hrs)  5/6


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end game baby


DAY 37 & 38 & 39 & 40 & 41 & 42


oops. I forgot to post again. Irl is catching up to me again. I seriously need to hook some irl people to make me post this stuff. 




I went back and retraced all my steps using the power of technology instead of sitting here using my head to think of every detail. I had forgotten to put my food in for this week but could remember everything I ate so I made some late entries into MFP. If I was using another app it would tell me how much of a fatty I've been. 


If socializing was a goal I would have made 110%. I still studied, but I hung out with friends, got introduced to a new campus organization, and made some more friends. 





Yoga               2/3

Running         2/3

Meditate         7/7

Calorie limit/  4/7

protein%         4/7

Sleep (8 hrs ) 4/7

Study (3hrs)  6/6




seeing as I failed half of my goals (at least by US education grading standards) I'm going to give a percentage of the stats instead. That it feels less of a failure to me. A positive thing I can say about this challenge is that I went from not being able to run on a treadmill for more than five minutes to walking for over an hour. I'm still trying to loose weight, and I know that takes a calorie deficit. (You can't outrun your fork.) But my goals started less SMART as this challenge started. Although there were specific and measurable and timely, they were not attainable or realistic. I was overconfident in making them and set the standards too high for myself when it came to eating. Every time I logged my food in late felt like a failure and, most times, when I went over the calorie limit or under the protein percentage felt like I wasn't being accountable for myself at all. Plus it's not realistic for a college student to get a full eight hours anyway. None of my friends get that much and I function better on 6-7 hours. I'm gonna take this next challenge to be easier on myself, treat myself like I should, but still crank up the heat. **cough foreshadowing cough**





Airbending Training (+3 STA, +3 DEX) 

yoga: 61%

runing: 72%

total: 67% (D+)

Open the chakras (+3 CHA)

Meditation: 86% (B+)

Strong as an Airbender  (+3 CON)

Calorie: 62%

Protien: 57%

Sleep:  55%

Total:  58% (F)

Study the ways of being the avatar (+3 WIS)

Studying: 86% (B+)

Mini challenges:

week1: +1 WIS

weel2: +1 STR

week3: +1 WIS




DEX : 2
STR : 3
CON : 1.7
WIS : 5.6
CHA : 2.6



Neck: 16
Chest: 40:41 (+1)
Waist: 35:35 (0)
Hips: 45:46 (+1)
Thigh: R: 23.5:22.5  L: 23.5:22.5 (-1)
Calf: R: 16:15.75 L: 16:15.75 (-0.75)
Bicep: R: 13.7:14 L: 13.7:14 (+0.75)
Weight: 195.0: 194.0 (-1 lb)
Dress/pants size: 16

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Some progress there! What do you plan to do in the next challenge?

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Some progress there! What do you plan to do in the next challenge?




I'm still sticking with the avatar theme, so I'll going to master firebending next. My first challenge will be mastering the form. For this I'm going to use tae bo. The punches and kicks looks the same to me and seem to have the same *ahem* firey attitude.




My main goal is still to loose weight, so my other challenges will be using MFP and drinking enough water everyday. 

As for a life quest I might try to go outside for at least 15 minutes everyday, since it's summer and all. and that firebenders get their strength from the sun, so why shouldn't I?


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I have done Tae Bo before, it was fun. Definitely can see fire-bending in that. :)

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