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That makes sense to me, whatever makes it enjoyable is probably the very best choice. The heart rate monitor seems like a good way to gauge effort. Any recommendations for someone possibly interested in picking one out?


I chose to get an activity band heart rate tracker, I wanted a heart rate monitor and an all day activity tracker and I figured I would just get the combo instead of getting them separately since it costs about as much as getting a heart rate monitor alone. I've got the mio fuse. It's an all day activity tracker as well as heart rate monitor. It's just a wrist band no chest strap, but the reason I chose it over the fitbit heart rate bands was because the reviews said it was super accurate, it uses similar technology to an ekg, and I heard the fitbit ones were less accurate.  I really like mine, it has a "workout" setting where you hold a button on the band, it finds your heartrate and then you can start your workout and just hold the button again to end your workout meanwhile it tracks your steps/cals/distance throughout the day.  The only downside with it is that the app for it is really basic and simple so if you want to track your runs you have to use an app like mapmyrun or runtracker or something like that and sync it with them. Overall it's really handy to have though and I like using it a lot. I can't recommend any others though, the only other experience I've had with heart rate monitors is in high school gym class and I have no idea what we were using there haha.

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Day 16

Yesterday was a rough day, my husband's family had to put their dog down, they had him 16 years and he was my husband's best bud. So instead of being super productive, we were very distracted and preoccupied. There were a lot of tears and hugs and not much in the way of exercising at all. I got some stretching done but that was it and I didn't get a sketch done either. I spent time with my husband instead, reminiscing about all the great memories he had with Sparky and what a great dog he was. I wouldn't trade that for the world. I'm not counting anything against myself for yesterday since I was right where I needed to be supporting and comforting the ones I love.


Day 17

Today was much less crazy and I was able to get quite a bit done. I ran, stretched a lot, and got my sketch done. I'm hoping tomorrow is nice again so I can maybe get some pullup work in too!



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Awesome week 2! You are doing a really awesome job working around your super busy schedule and getting things done. Impressive!


Sorry about your husband's family dog. That is a rough loss for anyone and it's good you were able to be there for him. :(

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I spent time with my husband instead, reminiscing about all the great memories he had with Sparky and what a great dog he was. I wouldn't trade that for the world. I'm not counting anything against myself for yesterday since I was right where I needed to be supporting and comforting the ones I love.

Sounds like a day very well spent. Hope your husband is doing OK...

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Today was another busy day, I'm soooo looking forward to next week, it's spring break so all I have to worry about is work, and all the housekeep, wifely duties, no school, though I still do have projects I need to work on but hey no mandatory show your face in class days! Woohoo! I didn't do a sketch today :( I honestly thought about it and still was just meh and decided not to do it, Bad Me! Oh well, I'll make sure to continue on in the days to come.  I have to make sure to get a run in tomorrow to make up for today's missed run too and I might run Saturday instead of Sunday, we'll see. I did do some stretching and holy cow was my shift at work a serious workout tonight! I had to stock about 20 buckets of joint compound that were 62lbs each! When I filled the entire pallet up (64 buckets) before moving it back in to position I actually had to switch to the big forklift cuz mine was teetering (thankfully I didn't lift it more than a few inches before noticing my lift couldn't handle that weight) anyways it seemed like everything else I was pulling down from overstock was super heavy too, cabinets, vanities, sink basins, toilets, etc. so I definitely got in a great workout today.


I'm going to try and do one last update tomorrow but then I'll be away for a few days cuz hubby and I are going to visit some great friends that we haven't seen in waaaay too long! Road trip to Michigan woot woot! We're stopping off at my parents to break up the trip and I'm planning on lifting with my sister again Saturday morning. I'm so excited to get away for a while!  I'm going to try and keep up with everything and I'll make a big update post when we get back either Monday night or Tuesday morning.


Also one last thing, a little humble brag, but I officially broke below 150 this morning, I stepped on the scale and it was exactly 149. This is the first time I've been under 150 in forever! I'm so pumped! I've lost 20.5lbs since October 29th, I love feeling healthy again!

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Hey everyone just wanted to update on my husband as well, he is doing a lot better but I can tell he is still not totally himself which I absolutely understand. I went through this same situation just a couple years ago with our family cat who we had for 16 years as well. It was really rough so it was I guess good for me to experience that to be able to be there for Karl and know what he is going through with losing Sparky. Karl is a really tough guy though and doesn't usually let his emotions show, he wants to be strong for everyone, including himself and I think a lot of what he needs is just knowing that I'm here for him if he needs to talk or just needs a hug. It's so tough losing a family pet like that, but he is coping well with everything. Thanks for your concern, you guys are great!

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Hey everyone! I've got some good news and some bad news. Good news is I had a wonderful trip to Michigan visiting family and friends and was finally able to relax a bit. I also ended up trying out some pullups and chinups and while I'm still at 4 for pullups I ended up cranking out 7 chinups! I don't know what happened there but all of a sudden they were way easier than before. More good news is that I've finally decided to take the next step in achieving my dreams and go into business for myself.  I am in the process of ordering prints of some of my work along with packaging materials and business cards and all that fun stuff and will be opening an etsy shop by the end of the month.  This is all very exciting and I'm hoping to be able to leave my job by the end of the summer to fully pour myself into my work and business but until then I will still be working and going to school.  This means I will be insanely busy! I've felt stressed recently with the amount of stuff going on in my life but even though this will add more stress I know that working towards my goal of being self employed, doing what I love, will also give me a lot of peace and happiness.  Here comes the bad news... with this life change and all the craziness that will be going on, I have decided to gracefully bow out of this challenge.  I will still be working out and focusing on my fitness but having the added stress of fulfilling my challenge requirements is something that I don't feel I need in my life right now. I love you all and I will definitely be back for another challenge in the future when things settle down a bit and I may pop in from time to time just to see how everyone is doing and update on how things are going in my life.  Good luck to you all and thank you for the support you have given me along the way! Keep up the good work rebels!

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Completely understand your reasoning! Good luck getting things off the ground :)

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My instinct is to try to persuade you to stay haha :) but I won't, because it's obvious you're making the right decision. NF should be here to help you on your quest to a better life, not the other way around (not that you live your life so that you have things to update on NF) and so for times when it takes more effort than it gives value I think you're right to drop NF as a priority.


Good luck with your business pursuit though! It sounds like it'll take a lot of your energy, but should be liberating and rewarding :D Keep up the fitness though (make sure you consider yourself someone who is fit and active) even when it won't be a priority for some time.

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How very exciting!!!  Good luck - and stop by when your Etsy shop is open!!!

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