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They made Tanuki go to rehab...


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...and she said "Actually that sounds like a really sensible idea in order to sustain my long term strength goals

and obvious desire for a working shoulder."

So, my last challenge started with a burst of New Year enthusiasm as I visited the Warriors, indulged in alternate-day lifting and hit new PRs, and even had the confidence to go to a gym for the first time and walk into the weight room like a pro. It was going GOOD.

And then I got a funny shoulder ache which turned into a flaming inferno and I crawled right to the physio.

Frozen Shoulder. If not a side-effect of an existing condition, or of advancing age, then this mysterious condition with no known cause or cure usually occurs after an injury. The fluid around the joint becomes inflamed, scar tissue begins to build on the tendons and adheres them to the bone, restricting movement. Some lose so much mobility they cannot dress or bring food to their mouths.

I got lucky. Catching it early meant twice-daily stretches and movement, NOT rest, which improved mobility rapidly over the next three weeks.

But not the pain. And not the weakness. These will take time. They can take months, but I try not to think about that. The weights I cannot lift, the push/pull-ups I cannot do. I cannot risk aggravating it and causing another bout of inflammation, so I'm really just waiting for it to bugger off whilst not going mad with boredom and pain in the meantime.

It will be hard to set exercise goals in these circumstances: I'm not about to push myself into a relapse just to hit an arbitrary number. However, with my morale low I feel it's important to keep some goals in sight to work towards, to prevent just sitting around comfort-eating and waiting for the issue to resolve.


1. Fitness

Con +2, Dex +2


Source of frustration as there is so much I cannot do. My workouts consist of light (2kg and 5kg) dumbbell work and 7 exercises given to me by the physio. Even if I chose to risk relapse, or worse, by forcing my old routines and weights through the pain, my left arm is now considerably weakened. There are some things I can't do even if I wanted to - pushups, pullups, holding a barbell straight.


Rather than lay out numbers or reps or sets, I want to go through a checklist of things to achieve through the challenge. What state I'll be in at the end I don't know - fully recovered, relapsed, worse! - but at least I tried by:


Doing all 7 physio-prescribed exercises twice a day, every day, no exceptions.

Focusing on core with at least 30x flat leg raises, 2x 30sec plank, 10 supermans and 5 hollow body holds. 3-4x a week.

Focusing on legs with 30x goblet squats, 30x single leg glute bridges and 15x shoulder-elevated single leg hip thrusts. 3-4x a week.

Gently strengthening the shoulder with light dumbbell presses, rows and raises. 3-4x a week.

Try and improve pistol squat (current: just a bit lower than seated, with a lot of wobble).

Try and improve weekend step count to at least 6000 a day.

Try to do at least two things the shoulder made me frightened to do, but did them anyway.

Try knee-pushups 2x a week, though little progress is expected.

Try to hang from the pull-up bar at least once a week in the final three weeks.


A: Complete the list. Surpass minimum reps and steps by the end.

B: Complete around 2/3 of the list and achieve the stated minimum reps and steps.

D: Complete around 1/3 of the list.

E: Fail if daily exercises not done.


2. Nutrition

Sta +2,  Wis +1, Con +1


This slipped a little over half-term. Too much rich food, restaurant lunches and sweet things (though baking with the kids is fun) reminded me why I avoid that stuff in the first place - I end up feeling pretty bad on it! Kind of sleepy and moody and blah. I really want to clean it up this challenge. I still eat bread - wholemeal, though I may even consider making my own - but only two slices at lunch, or a bagel, and I have muesli for breakfast. I need to work on some new recipes that aren't so pasta/rice heavy too.


Take daily multi-vitamin.

Try three new high protein, lower carb recipes.

Try three new fish recipes and gain some confidence in fish prep. FoC5ukb.gif

Keep sugary treats for special occasions: ie: family birthday approaching.

Eat at calorie target. No more, no less. Maintain weight between 114-116lb.

Make bread for the first time.

Make own granola for the first time.

Make my son's birthday cake :)


A: Complete the list.

B: Complete 4-6 things on the list.

D: Complete 2-3 things on the list.

E: Fail if weight drops below 114lb.


3. Sleep

Con +2, Str +2, Sta +1


My sleep is really quite dreadful. I've already made some changes - no drinks before bed, moved out of too-hot room and into cooler one, away from snorer, and I'm very comfortable. I'm no longer on painkillers but I do wake twice or three times a night in some discomfort. But really I think it's a stress thing - my head's racing, I go to sleep after video-gaming sessions and I don't wind down. I just collapse. No sleep means no healing. No sleep plus pain means a bad mood. I really want to make more effort fixing this, for everyone's sake.


Go to bed before 10pm three nights a week. Go to bed before 10.30pm two nights a week or more.

Turn off the games/computer 20 mins before sleep, at least. Read.

Don't get up before 6am. Try and get back to sleep and stop using the wake-up as an excuse to play video games.


A: Complete the list and achieve better sleep.

C: Complete the list but do not achieve better sleep.

E: Do not complete list.


4. Life Quest: Shedding Skin

Cha +2


After the birth of baby #2 the weight dropped off, as it does but whereas with my first child I settled back at my old weight and shape, after Tiny Warrior, I was not at all my old shape. It had now been 3 years since my last real exercise and TW's large weight had weakened my core and left me a dress size UK 12, when I had a wardrobe of clothes in size 8 (US 4). I sadly bought some 12 items, and then took my weight seriously and dropped to a 10, then back to an 8, and then with strength training further changing my shape and weight, am now a UK 6.


This means my wardrobe is a funny place, where my favourite items are the 8s, somewhat wearable but too large at the neck/chest, I have a number of beloved size 10s which are near-impossible to wear now, and even some 12s still lurking. But I'm so attached to many of these old favourites I've been reluctant to do anything about it - even though I literally have nothing to wear!


Sell too-large items that cannot now be worn in a socially acceptable manner on Ebay.

Stop being cheap and buy some new things.

Also, shoes.

I need more shoes.


A: Sell 15+ items on Ebay.

B: Sell 10+ items on Ebay.

C: Sell 6+ items on Ebay.

E: Sell 5 or fewer items.

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Awesome. You are so sensible and you thought this out so well, I am definitely following to see how you will be doing! I do hope your recovery will be speedy so you can be at the barbells again! <3

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Thanks! I am really hoping I can beat this thing fast, too. The physio said the "months and years" sufferers is usually due to a period of rest which allows the freezing to get worse. I didn't have that period (I was just stood in the gym wondering why my OHPress had dropped 5kg, and thinking 'oh well, do 5 more anyway!') so I'm confident it'll be more a weeks thing than a months thing.

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''Difficult' and 'impossible' are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common' - Locke Lamora


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Week One Notes



Vitamin- done! Daily exercises - done!


Got the challenge off to a good start. I woke well, having just one wakeup in the night (3.20am) and my shoulder felt strong. I went on a long walk around a large park with my daughter, so my daily steps were high at 16,666. I began to explore some new recipes to consider. I'm most nervous about the birthday cake. I felt confident to push myself a little with the workout.

Flat leg raise 3x10

Glute bridges 3x10

Hollow Body Hold work - quite pleased with this, after just three attempts could hold it, with legs straight and an inch off the ground, lower back flat, for 20 or so secs. Pics and proper times next time!

Front raises with 5kg plate 3x10

Dumbbell row 5kg 3x12

Overhead Press 16.5kg 5, 8, 8, 9 - very pleased with this. My shoulder didn't mind it at all.

Squat 16.5kg 2x10, then 22.5kg 10, 10, 12. Also pleasing.

I attempted knee pushups and did 6.

I attempted real pushups and did 3.


Hopefully these numbers will creep up. I often feel I can do more, quite easily, but I really don't want to push it. Better 30 every day than attempt 50, or the next progression, and cause a bout of inflammation. These are the first real pushups I've been able to do since the diagnosis, so my strength is slowly returning.



Vitamin- done! Daily exercises- done! Bed - 9.58pm


Realised I've not hit my fat-intake goal for the last few days, which may explain why I don't feel so great. A bit sluggish and mentally dull again. To be honest, I hardly ever look at it but I've been meaning to make some changes. Lower the carbs, increase the butter, the nuts, use up all those free calories on good stuff. My hormones are unhappy. They demand butter. Or, basically I'll try anything!


Tomorrow's meal plan involves butter, eggs, cheese, cashew nuts and whole milk.



Vitamin- done!  Daily exercises- done! Bed- 10.30pm


My 'fat refeed' went incredibly well. Instead of crying with exhaustion and confusion, I spent the day utterly full of energy, deep-cleaning two rooms and remaining alert through til bedtime. I went before 10.30pm (I watched Wolf Hall and had to Wiki some historical characters :) ) and woke once. Slept through til 7.10am, which is a new record! Scales showed a 0.2kg weight loss, so even though I had 70g of fat, buttered toast, some whole milk and two squares of dark chocolate, amongst other things, I still kept within my calorie goals. CICO. It works!



Vitamin- done!  Daily exercises-done!


Workout day! Still keeping it light and more about letting my weakened arm catch up than pushing myself, so weights/reps are low. Even squatting is low, as I can only squat what I can lift over my head. Barbell rows seem to aggravate the back of the shoulder, but dumbbell ones don't. Don't know why but I won't mess with it! Really focused on form on the leg raises which has made them a lot tougher. Pushups still feel a bit one-sided, like my right arm is doing too much of the work, so I slowed it down to try and rebalance. I don't want to end up asymmetrical - mainly because I already am, so I don't want to make it worse.


Mountain climbers for challenge: 8, 8, 10 (assassin warm-up!)

Flat leg raise 4x10 (+1 set)

Glute bridges 4x10 (+1 set)

Single leg glute bridges: 3x8

Hollow Body Holds.

Dumbbell row 5kg 3x12

Overhead Press 16.5kg: 12, 12, 12 (+ reps)

Squat 16.5kg: 12, 12, 12 (+reps)

Squat 22.5kg: 12, 12 (-set, fatigue kicking in!)

Knee pushups: 8 (+2)

Real pushups: 4, 1 (+2)




Vitamin- done!  Daily exercises- done!


The early nights are paying off, I think. I wake up in some discomfort with the shoulder around 3, but I'm back asleep quickly. Some early morning wakeups though. Shoulder feels slow and stiff, but not pain pain, if you know what I mean.



Vitamin- done!  Daily exercises- done!

Steps: 7037 Bed: 10pm.


Woo hoo! Saturdays are literally getting housework done and taking my son to his activities - one car journey, and one walk but it's so close it's about 20 steps away. So I had to go on an additional late afternoon walk for no good reason (though I invented one; check out the going-out-of-date reduced food offers at the posh food shop in the village :D )


Should have been workout day but shoulder feeling suspiciously poor, so I will leave it for Sunday.


Made lots of bean salad and boxed it up in the fridge for Sunday's lunch, dinner and Monday lunch, and am feeling very inspired to make new ready-made box lunches now.



Vitamin- done!  Daily exercises- done!



Short morning workout before the kids got up!

Mountain climbers for challenge:  10, 10

Flat leg raises: 3x10

Hollow body hold: 20sec, 24 sec

Dumbbell row 5kg: 3x12

Overhead press 16.5kg: 12, 14, 12, 10 (+1 set, +12 reps)

Squat 16.5kg: 12 - and then they woke up.

Knee pushups: 6

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Sounds like a great excuse to eat some butter! Yumm butter! 


Going for a walk in the park with your daughter seems like the best way to make sure you get those steps! Probably didn't even feel like a chore :)

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Never a chore, I love walking! I get around 9000 just taking my son to and from school, and then add in a grocery store trip and 12k a day is no problem. I try and add in a third or a lengthier walk on top of those, because by 16-17k steps I'm looking at 2000+ calories for the day, and basically I can eat more. Which is what it's all about :pride:

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''Difficult' and 'impossible' are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common' - Locke Lamora


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I have a Fitbit Zip :) Very handy little thing.


So tonight is FISH night, and you're probably like, OK, really, cooking fish is not a goal.




I didn't learn to cook at home. My family were big on convenience food, and when I left home I moved in with a man who cooked everything from scratch. After about, oh I dunno, 3 or 4 of his lovely dinners, I realised I couldn't just sit and enjoy his cooking forever. I needed to pull my weight! I got online, got a simple recipe and sort of... well, just kept following them. I feel like I treaded water for a while until the kids came along, and that renewed my passion for really putting effort into making lovely meals.


But there are still a number of things I've never done. Fish, for one. I didn't grow up with fish and only began to eat it because of the media babble about it being good for developing babies, so I began eating it during pregnancy and found I liked it (and then felt cheated out of all the fish I had no eaten.) My husband made lovely sea bass things and he does a fantastic fish pie. But as time went on I took over the majority of the household cooking, and I wasn't confident enough to try fish. Result? We've not had sea bass in years! And the kids both really like fish (from fish pie, or fish cake) so there's no excuse not to serve it.


Tonight's menu: sea bass and steamed vegetables.


Hopefully there'll be photos!

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''Difficult' and 'impossible' are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common' - Locke Lamora


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Good for you going to rehab for the shoulder and obeying your therapist! You'd be amazed how many people don't do that, and then they wonder why they aren't better.

As far as sleepy time: turning off the screens 20 mins before bed is a good start, but may not be soon enough. Stretching, Meditating or listening to something peaceful (classical music, rainymood) might help quiet down your brain.

And yay fish. Do you like sardines? They are tasty if you do them right.

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Hope your fish turned out great! It reminds me that we hardly eat fish at all these days, because it is a bit more expensive... But I really want to again <3 It is so delicious!

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YUM!!!  I love fish but don't cook it often because hubby doesn't like it.  And I've tried everything except for frying the heck out of it.  So ... I get it when we go out. 





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Week One Round-Up


I made salads. Automatic win.


Week 1 has gone well, though I still have one more workout to add to the notes above to achieve the week's goal of 3. I did one fish-dish, made some nutritional improvement, remembered my daily vitamin, maintained weight (52.6kg today) and didn't scrimp on physio moves. I got off the PC and read The Animals of Farthing Wood this week, and got to sleep twice before 10pm so I need to do that again tonight, and the other nights were before 10.30pm. I fall asleep really fast at the moment which is very pleasing. I also sold 3 things on Ebay, and on one (a limited edition dress with the tags still on), I made £14 profit on what I paid. So, win. I am hoping to hit my weekend step target again today (have to go on another hunt for cut-price foodstuffs.)


Next week's plans:

- Get that high-protein/low-carb family recipe sorted. Meat and veg is too easy. Something else!

- Can I do two tiny sets of real pushups? Even if just 3 and 3, the second set makes me nervous - so do it.

- More Ebay things. I've got the photos done, I just need to sit down and write the sales pitches.

- Maybe more fish.

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Salads!!!  Yea!!!!!


Seriously, it looks like a good first week.  Break up the pushups any way you need to in order to progress. 

Some sort of Jedi .....

We are better than we know, if we can be made to see it, [then] for the rest of our lives, we'll be unwilling to settle for less.  

Current Challenge: Return of the Persistent Priestess

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A slow start to the week, mostly due to an odd decrease in shoulder mobility. It thinks it will win. It will not! My workout on Sunday focused purely on the shoulder's limits, with dumbbell rows, resistance band rows, one-handed rows with a heavier weight and extra sets of the physio stretches.


Last night I wanted a leg session with the barbell, but it didn't go as well as hoped. The weakened shoulder and arm meant it took more effort to hold the damn bar in place than it did to do the squat. My glutes were frustrated, my core was confused and I've made my knees go a bit funny. I may need to go on a total barbell amnesty for a while. I need to admit that, with one arm, I can't use it correctly or safely.


Flat leg raises, hollow body holds, glute bridges and shoulder-elevated stuff all going well. Really, just a bit frustrated I can't progress much with them.


I did bake some cod loin which was lovely, and the kids loved it too. My son has expressed a desire to try shrimp, which we can do at his birthday meal next week :)


No sugar/biscuits cake since challenge began, so the cravings should be gone soon (based on past experience!) Sleep is going really well - I still wake once, but the longer sleep time is really helping. I think the extra fat is helping too.


Going over the list reminded me about sticking more stuff on Ebay today!

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Really need to make a habit out of tracking down your challenges every 6 weeks. :D

Happy to see you're not letting this shoulder thing bring you down, not that I expected any different from a level 6 Wood Elf Assassin. ;)

How about a glass of purgatory with a splash of heaven?

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It looks like you are seriously kicking butt! I am inspired by your dedication to stick with everything while injured. I sometimes have a hard time being motivated when I'm feeling perfectly healthy. I can see how frustrated you are with not being able to push yourself, but how much you are accomplishing is still pretty amazing. Go you!

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Thanks for the posts guys :) It is much appreciated. Hazard is right, I have been crap at updating! Week 3 challenge? Update every couple of days at least.


Partly it's the early nights. Getting to sleep around 10pm has meant a big improvement in energy levels, even with the loss of me-time and relaxation. Also means less forum browsing :)



Some more setbacks this week. I still cannot row with the barbell and can no longer squat safely, so I've put it away for the time being. I wallowed in misery for a short time and then made a new plan - going back to basics with the Beginner BW Workout. Bodyweight squats, pushups (even if on knees), one-handed rows and, as I can't hang from the bar, the flat-leg-raises and dumbbell rows can count as being for core and back. This is in additional to two sets of the 7 exercises from the physio, so it's a reasonable workout. Every alternate day. I can upgrade the squats to goblet when it's comfortable, and have the equipment to increase the one-handed row to 15kg.


Flat leg raises 3x10

Glute bridges 3x12, then single leg 3x10

Knee pushups 3, 1

Bodyweight squats 3x20

Goblet squat 8kg 3x15

One-handed row 5kg  3x10

Hollow body hold  26 sec, 20 sec, 21 sec



Going from a fairly sugary school holiday, with home-baked cookies and more, to a regular no-sweets life hit hard mid-week, and I was getting insane cravings. I see now why they say cut slow! Cinnamon tea helps, or peppermint, and I have my Greek yoghurt in the afternoons to look forward to. I have tossed out what was left of the low-fat snacks as they made me feel really bad in a variety of ways. This week will be very 'clean' from a sugar perspective, as I intend to shed the cravings again. Bran cereal, eggs, meat, vegetables, bread without sugar. Little fruit. I also keep remembering my vitamin, purely for the challenge. ("Wait! I must go back! The challenge demands it!")



This is going well. I haven't woken in the middle of the night for 3 nights and am sleeping until 7am rather than 6. Fully intend to keep this up!



Sold my wedding dress, after 4 years! No big deal. I bought it for £7 on Ebay, and sold it for £7.85. Sold three other dresses/tops but haven't managed to buy anything yet. I did buy and return 6 things but that doesn't count.

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''Difficult' and 'impossible' are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common' - Locke Lamora


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Weekend round-up

Saturday steps: 6745. Sunday steps: 9648. Pretty pleased! Going out for walks at the weekend takes extra effort, as weekends are usually about driving to the more exciting places we can't walk to during the week (I don't drive.) On Saturday I simply went for a walk while my daughter had her afternoon nap and Mr Tanuki and my son did some chemistry kit experiments together, and on Sunday we waited all day for the rain to stop then managed a good walk around the local woodland.


Shoulder: crap, but then some improvement after physio yesterday. She gave it a good shake-up and stretch-out which left me feeling fabulous, as well as advising me on this new, horrid phase with no inflammation but a lot of slow, sticky stiffness and weakness. I've been given the green-light to start pushing against the resistance now, just gently, getting the adhesions broken, and working on strength as well, so pushups are all good. I'm feeling a lot better having spoken to her and had her work her magic on it! She also gave me another exercise for the across-the-back area which seems to be worse affected, so I now have 8 different moves. A workout all of its own!


The last two workouts, I did two sets of 7 knee pushups and then two sets of 3 real ones. It's slowly increasing from the beginning of the challenge and that's without pushing it or forcing out a final rep through fear of collapse. But I am a little more confident now, and I will see what tonight's workout brings. I have to get the pullup bar out again next week, don't I, and start some hangs. Slightly terrified!


Nutrition: sugar cravings are all but gone, so I'm pleased I've reached this point again. Now to keep it up! Swapped the diet hot-chocolate for good old tea again, sweet snacks for no snacks. Really enjoying the increased energy and, if anything, am quite concerned at just how bad the effects were of eating the same amount of calories but of low quality, high sugar, low fat food. Sure, I didn't gain weight (calories in, calories out!) but I felt utterly, utterly dreadful. And afterwards, I really hated that constant craving and fantasising about sugary food. I like to feel in control and it was awful to see just how much a hold a few cookies had over me.

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''Difficult' and 'impossible' are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common' - Locke Lamora


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Workout log: Tues


Shoulder feels AMAZING so I'm going to really see what I can do tonight...


Flat leg raises: 10, 10, 10

Knee pushups: 10, 10, 10

Regular pushups: 3, 4

5kg dumbbell row: 15, 15, 15

Glute bridge: 15, 15, 15

Single leg glute bridge: 5, 5, 10, 10

Bodyweight squat: 15

Goblet squat 8kg: 12, 12, 12, 15

Plank: 47 sec, 55 sec

Hollow body hold: 36 sec, 38 sec

Two sets of each of the 8 physio exercises.


Not gonna go over the prior records and note how many reps and sets are increases, 'cause I reckon they're al a bit more! I went for 12s and 15s where possible, really feeling that extra boost for cranking out just one or two more rather than stopping 'to be safe'. The final pushup was definitely a slow one and my left arm was starting to check out (the right doing most of the work) so I stopped there. Really chuffed with the increase in hollow body hold. It felt very comfortable and, not 'easy' per se but like I could hang out there a while. And then the shakes started, but it's certainly improving. I'll try get a video up before the end of the challenge.

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''Difficult' and 'impossible' are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common' - Locke Lamora


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cheat day, cheat day, gonna get me a pizza on cheat day.


I don't actually do 'cheat day'. But what I am doing is taking a break from the calorie counts and weighing for a day or two to celebrate my eldest's birthday, eat pizza and birthday cake and not worry about the scale. It's all good.


I have to admit that after just one meal, I am done with cheat day :D




We all woke up feeling a bit pizza'd out. My daughter and I shared - she had 3 slices of about 1/8th in size, and me the rest. I only served my son less-than-half a pizza, freezing the rest, and he ate three of the four slices I cut it into. My daughter declined cake, as she doesn't like sweet things (but loves a square of proper 72% dark chocolate. She loves the bitter things!) Nonetheless, we all woke up with a hankering for vegetables and feeling a bit... syrupy. Daughter declined breakfast. My son even declined cake this afternoon and went for fruit instead! I made him a cinnamon tea too. Time to cleanse.


After Monday's brilliant physio session, plus hyped up on pizza carbs, I am RARING to hit the barbell tonight. REAL squats, some overheads, and back to rows. Then core, stretches, and sleep. We were planning a restaurant dinner on Saturday night but I'm not sure any of us are feeling up for another evening of gluttony. Put it this way. My son asked for plain tomato soup for dinner and beamed with happiness when I said I'd warm him up a wholemeal pitta to go with it. 24 hours ago this kid was all "CAKE CAKE CAKE is it time for cake does it have any jam in it and can I have two slices and is there pizza OH PIZZA and ... " and now he's "Mmm, wholemeal."


Also, challenge FAIL! I didn't make my son's birthday cake. This is because he asked for a typical heavily iced birthday cake he'd seen in the supermarket, one made up to look like a giant Jammie Dodger (a jam filled British biscuit/cookie.) I appreciate the fantasy of wanting to pretend you're eating a giant biscuit, and I did warn him it would probably taste very sweet and not of much else. He did wrestle with the decision, as he rather likes my baking, but in the end it's his birthday and the kid lives on healthy 'clean' meals the other 364 days of the year. The challenge was included to expand my bakery horizons, though, and make me try new methods, so this will still be considered a pass if I bake a cake before the end of the challenge, one that includes methods I have not used before and additional stages, like mixing a topping or decoration.


Recipe +1


I still suck at taking photos of my food before eating it (mainly because it's dark and taking pictures of food in dark rooms gives very unappetising results), but I made a brilliant Ginger and Cashew stir fry with chicken (obviously) and mangetout. After shimmy-shimmying it all together in the wok with the final flourishes of sesame oil and soy, I served out my portion before doing the rest of the family's with ribbon rice noodles. Everyone eats the same, just fewer carbs for me. Don't get me wrong, I like and still eat carbs, I just find it easier not to eat them at dinner. I don't get energy dips at that time. Cutting them from breakfast or lunch has proved disasterous, but take them off dinner and I have 200-300 cals to spend elsewhere. On things like more lunch. Or more breakfast.


Ebay +3


Three tunic/top things have gone to new homes and, in the case of two of them, I hunted out and bought them off Ebay in my new size! Great fun. Same wardrobe, just smaller. Not exactly 'updating my look' though, I guess, but meh. Maybe I'm just a timeless classic.



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warrior : level 8

str: 20.75 | dex: 13.75 | sta: 11.75 | con: 9.75 | wis: 8.25 | cha: 4.75

''Difficult' and 'impossible' are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common' - Locke Lamora


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It is time



OHPress: 12 @ 10.5kg, 12, 12 and 8 @ 16.5kg, 5 and 5@18.5kg

Row:  12 @10.5kg,  15, 12 and 8 @16.5kg

Squat: 12 and 12 @16.5kg, 15 and 12 @18.5kg, 10, 12 and 12 @22.5kg

Pushup: 3, 4

Flat Leg Raise: 10

Flat Leg Raise, arms off the ground: 10, 12, 12


Arms off the ground stops you using them for additional balance. Works a treat. I really need to get this on video. I'm a flat leg raise master. I am really looking forward to see how many millimetres this translates to on the pull-up bar.


With the shoulder unstuck for the time-being, I was able to sling that barbell around like it was 2014. Sort of. Not really. Actually the squats were hampered a bit by birthday cake related heartburn. Bad Tanuki. The final 8, 5 and 5 on the OHP I did sloooooow because I was starting to feel my form shake with the left getting tired and the right all bragging it was too easy. So, took them really slow and kept it equal. It was SO GOOD to finally work a squat that felt like effort. Now that I know I can 22.5kg with ease I can consider a trip to the gym - even if I'm just doing the 20kg bar, it's worth it. And I would try at least 25kg.


I am feeling good. Strength's coming back. Diet break is done and dusted until Easter. It's all green tea and steamed veg from here. Something like that :D

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warrior : level 8

str: 20.75 | dex: 13.75 | sta: 11.75 | con: 9.75 | wis: 8.25 | cha: 4.75

''Difficult' and 'impossible' are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common' - Locke Lamora


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