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Quick, healthy snacks?

Erza Scarlet

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My days are very busy so I don't have a lot of time to cook meals (Or prepare snacks in the morning between meals).

I usually just grab a piece of fruit, but it's not that filtasty or tasty (so I usually resort to buying a chocolate bar, which isn't filling or healthy either).

Any good ideas? If it involves cooking, it'd have to be under 5 minutes.

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Billtong or Beef Jerky


if you can find a good one, you are looking at 100g, giving you 240kcal / 50g protein and 3g of carbs .... little high on the sodium but thats easily balanced out through the day


got a fridge ? .... Greek yogurt, cottage cheese.


ultimately though - Veg !!! learn to love snacking on raw veg

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5 minutes is long enough to scramble an egg and nuke it. Crack egg in a heatproof cup or bowl, add a little milk or water, beat with fork. Add a drop of soy sauce, hot sauce, syrup, garlic powder, butter, or seasoning of choice if you want. Microwave on medium high for 3 mins. Presto: fluffy "omelette."

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Yeah, veg. If you can find ONE you really love, that's a great start. Then you can incorporate it into more adventurous snacks by using it as the basis of the snack. I could eat peppers all day, bell peppers, mini peppers, sweet pointed peppers... mix them with houmous or a bit of cheese or stick them in some kind of egg dish (Raincloak, I'm trying your nuked eggs btw :) ) you get the idea!


Not calorie dense either, and if you're paleo-inclined, a really great idea for eating your plants!

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Deli meat wrapped around some vegetables like a burrito, hard boiled eggs, mixed nuts, pieces of fruit, beef jerky, canned tuna or salmon, and protein powder for instant shakes all come to mind.

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I find when I eat enough at meal time snacks aren't necessary

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I'm currently munching on baby carrots and cottage cheese w/a dab of sriracha. 


Also, I can't praise precooking enough. On Sundays I cook all of my chicken and some various veggies, portion them out into containers based on weight and I can mix and match my protein/veg daily just by grabbing a different container. 

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Bake (30min or so in a muffin tin at around 350 depending on oven) or hard boil eggs. Can be brought with you and eaten vary easy. Pack some hot sauce to add some spice and fire

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