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Jordan's First Step


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Hello Rebels,


My name is Jordan Harman. I am a 5'5", 185 lb, bearded man (total Dwarf!). I joined Nerd Fitness because I want to level up my life! My main life goals, for the time being, are to finish school, find a rewarding job, and grow deeper in my faith; and after reading Iron and the Soul I decided that disciplining my body through strength training would be a crucial element. I joined this challenge to achieve the following:


Main Quest: Lose 10 lbs by the end of April, 15 lbs by the end of August, and 20 lbs by years end. This would put my weight at a much happier 165 lbs!


Quest 1: Barbell Battalion - Hit the gym for weight training once per week.

Quest 2: Bodyweight Brigade - BW2 twice per week for 1st 3 weeks; Bw3 twice per week for the last 3 weeks.

Quest 3: Hydration Station - Drink 2 or more liters of water per day.

Life Quest: Bible Scholar (Rank 1) - Read my Bible four times per week.

        Upgrade Option: 30 Day Habit Challenge - Read Bible every day for 30 days (No Misses!).


10 Points after 3 weeks Allocation


Quest 1: Barbell Battalion

Measurement: A= 6+ gym days; B= 5 gym days; C= 4 gym days; F= 3 or less gym days

Reward: A= +2 Str, +1 Sta; B= 75% modifier; C= 50% modifier; F= 0% modifier


Quest 2: Bodyweight Brigaide

Measurement: A= 12+ BW days; B= 11-10 BW days; C= 9-8 BW days; F= 7 or less BW days

Reward: A= +2 Sta, +1 Str; B= 75% modifier; C= 50% modifier; F= 0% modifier


Quest 3: Hydration Station

Measurement: A= 42 days; B= 63 days; C= 30 days; F= 29 or less days

Reward: A= +2 Con; B= 75% modifier; C= 50% modifier; F= 0% modifier


Life Quest: Bible Scholar (Rank 1)

Measurement: A= 24+ days; B= 23-21 days; C= 20-18 days; F= 17 or less days

Reward: A= +2 Wis; B= 75% modifier; C= 50% modifier; F= 0% modifier


5 Points after 6 week Completion Allocation


+1 Str

+1 Sta

+1 Con

+1 Wis

(+2 if completed with upgrade!)


If I do not complete (YET!) my life quest upgrade, I will allocate +1 to Charisma in anticipation of a more attractive physique!




Basic - Pick up heavy things!


Detailed - I want to be able to meet peoples needs. If you need help moving, I can BEAST MODE your move. If you need spiritual guidance or life advice, I can be there with Biblically based wisdom. Overall, I really want to be a bad-ass Dwarf Paladin!


Any critical feedback to make this challenge more efficient is always welcome!


Keep the rebellion strong!



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