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This challenge went completely upside down for me. After the second week when I was able to RX one of the CF Open workouts I went tunnel vision and the open was my single focus with anytime not spent at work or with the kiddo, and honestly some of that time too. My wife and I sat up after the kid was in bed discussing what we thought the next workout would be, how to try and tackle the movements we needed to work on still, etc. It was honestly crazy around my house. I finished in the 51% world wide, 79091/153273, 56% regionally 4946/8800, and 68/105 in my gym, I'm very happy with those numbers honestly considering I only started crossfit in Jan.


Now on the scouty stuff... I didn't run as much as I should have, and honestly I didn't log most of them. I did the Triple Crown (5k, 10k, 10m) which is always fun and its a lot of the local runners I see all year. Most of the races were cold this year. I'm over all pleased with my times and I wasn't trying to PR any of them. 


This past weekend was the 10m. I finished in 2:05, only 5 minutes off my PR from the fall, considering how little I've actually run this year I'm impressed with that number. I honestly expected to average out at a 13:30ish mile instead of the 12:30 mile I maintained. Actually, the first 5m were 13 min/mile and last 5 were 11:57 min/mile average. Mile 5-6 was my fastest, which oddly enough had the largest elevation gain and no downhill at all. I ran it in 10:10, I guess heavy squats and hill sprints really do help. 


I did far more burpees than I logged, that I'm sure off simply by looking back at my workout logbook. 


Only 3 weeks until my spring HM and 6 weeks until the Spartan...


I give myself a C, simply because I know I did the work but I failed to keep records...bad monkey bad! Next challenge is all about record keeping, food workouts etc.

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I agree with your wrapup. You did some really good work, but without the tracking it seems you're having difficulty remembering definite numbers. So tracking sounds like a solid plan. Love the CF advancement you've been making. It's pretty incredible when you look at it from start to finish!


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