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All About That Bass [Vibrantnotions]


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Everyone needs a good solid base to work from and that is what this challenge is about. I'm building my base. I started creating my base foundation last challenge and I'm going to continue building it this challenge.


At the end of last challenge my life got turned upside down. My son got a pretty nasty injury at his sitters house, we had to go to the hospital, child services got called. Child services came to the hospital to take a look, they called the police who sent a crimes against children detective. It was a huge scary circus. 


While all this was going on my job was being shady. 


All of this has resulted in a major mindset change for me. This challenge is going to be very life and self care oriented while maintaining the challenge items I was working on last challenge.


Food and Hydration

This is the same as last time, but with the addition of no binge eating after kiddo goes to bed.

  • Pack my lunch for work
  • Drink water three times a day (caffeine free tea counts)
  • No binge eating after work
  • No binge eating after kiddo goes to bed



This isn't just about the physical benefits of working out. I find that getting my exercise in greatly increases my sense of well being.

  • Workout 3 times a week. Hopefully primarily picking up heavy things and putting them down, time and wrist permitting.



Work on finding a new job - I am more than likely looking at an overall career change. My current career track of supervising and managing call centers requires hour flexibility that would make me need a sitter. I won't feel comfortable using a sitter for a long time, if ever.  

  • I will put in application(s) three times a week


TV Reduction - I got out of the habit of watching as much TV right after my son was hurt. I found it too emotionally draining. I can watch it now but I'd like to not get back into the habit of daily watching.

  • I will limit TV watching to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night


Self Care - be nice to me. I find I struggle with this during the week. I go from work, to kid, to exhausted, to bed, and up and at em again.

  • On week days I'll do something nice for myself.


Side Quest: Be more involved in the nerd fitness community

  • try side quests
  • participate in other people's challenge by posting in at least three different peoples threads once a week
  • update my challenge at least once a week. 

Tools of the trade:

To help me succeed with my challenge I have some tools at the ready this time.

  • A variety of workouts to meet my variable needs. At home, gym, uses my wrist, and doesn't use my wrist.
  • A list of self care ideas that are easy and quick for those days I can't think of something
  • Indeed.com app on my phone for job hunting
  • A habit tracker app on my phone to help track my progress
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So far so good on the challenge front! Except, I'll need to cram all three work outs into Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Same with job applications. One day I'll learn to front load!


Today I did some mountain climbers as a mini workout. So 1 workout complete, and I did the mini challenge! :D


My mom was in town this week watching my son, that made things more complicated and stressful. I'm glad she was able to do it, but phew I'm also glad she's gone. Kiddo starts up at day care on Monday so we can hopefully get into the swing of a new routine.

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Pixie Warrior 

I aim to misbehave


My NF Character, My Current Challenge


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How's week 2 going for you??? 



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