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Curiosity and Paleo Ratings?

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I've read several articles (Here and elsewhere) with different ratings for lenient Paleo such as 70%, 80% and the like. And I am, over time, shifting my diet to a mostly paleo stance. (generally making one diet change every 2-3 weeks). I'm mostly curious as to how paleo the people who are much more experienced with this would rate the everyday diet I'm gearing towards?





- No grains

- Mostly no dairy, maybe cow cheese once every week or two (unless someone can suggest tasty alternatives other than feta)

- natural sugars in small amounts (agave, honey) (Mostly in my coffee/tea)

- Alcohol 1x-2x a year




-Basic unlimited Meat and vegetables, limited nuts and fruit. lots of eggs/egg white.


Any generic Paleo advice is also welcome as I'm still very new on this path (only 2 months in!)

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Unless you're doing a specific muscle building program or your doctor says no cholesterol, eat the whole egg. Most of the nutrients are in the yolk.

Your summary sounds pretty right. "Natural" sugars aren't really much better for you than white sugar though. Try gradually reducing the amount of sweetener you use, or drink something less bitter.

Also make sure you're getting enough fat. Olive oil, coconut oil, animal fats, avocados and nuts are favored paleo sources. You need fat to absorb the vitamins and keep your hair shiny.

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That looks pretty Paleo to me.  I tend to be much stricter on myself than when people cook for me - I'd consume alcohol 1 to 2 times every couple of months, and I drink milk in my coffee on a regular basis.  I don't sweeten things myself except for special occasions, but I will eat, say, sauces with sugar in while out with friends because they're pretty unavoidable, and I like eating Paleo but not enough to not go out with friends every so often.


I think as long as any of that doesn't cause problems for you, then keep going as you are.  I'd echo what Raincloak said about the egg yolks and fats - the sweetener's I'd definitely have a go at reducing or eliminating, but nobody's going to tell you you're a terrible dieter or human being if you choose to keep the honey in your coffee.

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