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Iyona (rgbb) - Changing the Course of the Future

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Hello all!  I go by Iyona, and I recently started my first six-week challenge here on Nerd Fitness.  I'm a writer at heart, but lists help me organize my thoughts more easily.  So, here are some lists to learn a little more about me!



The Basics:

  • I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, USA.
  • I'm married to my favorite person and we have the two sweetest dog-babies.
  • I'm currently an elementary school teacher. 
  • My life-long dream has been to be a writer, and I hope to someday (soon) have a published novel.
  • I'm a super-introvert with social anxiety, INFJ/INFP, lover of outer space and fantasy and daydreams.
  • I have wicked ADD, but I've learned that it's a good thing (even if I can't keep a clean house).


Why I'm Here:

  • I want to lose weight and gain health.
  • I want to learn how to eat properly and someday even cook (that activity I really want to love but just don't).
  • I'm trying something different, which so far has been the most enjoyable form in my quest for longevity.  
  • I realized I'm fed up being a 28-year old who still functions at the teenage level.


What I've Done That's Worked (with hearts!):


♥ I worked incredibly hard to understand my mental health.  I have always been prone to severe anxiety, intermittent depression, and intensely negative emotions, but all of the medications and therapies I tried just didn't help.  After six years I discovered that I've had AD(H)D my entire life.  This has opened my eyes to the whys of my personality, and given me new hows to adapt to it.  It has been unbelievably life-changing and I'm thankful every day that I made it to this place of acceptance and progress.


♥ Three years ago we adopted (AKA borrowed until he was ours) our first dog, and I think he saved my life.  He gives me peace and comfort, laughter and happiness, and a reason to care deeply about another soul.  Last year we adopted our second dog as a puppy, and she has turned into the doofiest, sweetest mutt.  My husband is her favorite person, though she loves to nap with me.  Despite the fact that having dogs makes some things more challenging or impossible (like spending a year traveling the world), it has made my life more joyous has given me more reason to be healthy and happy.  Just wait until we have kids!    


♥ My first-ever teaching job, which I landed miraculously right out of graduate school about three years ago, was perhaps the most personally challenging situation that I've ever faced.  The veteran teachers took it upon themselves to harass me, belittle me, and lie about me.  This is the year that started my true addiction to food and sugar.  After ten months I realized I was unbearably miserable, so I quit and we moved back home!  It's the best thing I could have done, and I ended up with a new full-time teaching job within a month . . . 


♥ . . . however, I have realized that teaching just isn't the job for me.  I'm good at it and I care for the kids, but the job itself doesn't add meaning to my life and so many aspects of it don't suit my personality.  With my husband in graduate school I'm not able to leave the job now, but I'm at peace with knowing I can take a new path soon.


♥ Two months ago I broke up with Facebook.  I've done everything short of deleting my account (because it's so much easier than keeping track of email addresses) - I don't post photos, update my status, or even visit the site.  I realized that every time I took a picture I was thinking, "I can't wait to post this to Facebook!" and every time something funny happened I thought, "I'll definitely post that to Facebook!"  I was making memories for other people rather than myself.


♥ Last week I joined NF and started my first six-week challenge!  Trust me, I've done plenty of other challenges in the past and have only once succeeded (followed immediately by complete abandonment of the positive changes I made).  I'm excited to see where this goes, and what I can do!



What I've Done That Hasn't Worked:

  • Calorie counting 
  • Over-exercising 
  • Elimination diets 
  • Hopping on the scale multiple times a day 
  • Not giving a shit about what I eat
  • Mindful eating (awesome, but I'm not yet in a place where I can have just one of something)


So here I am!  I love the thought of leveling up to become a badass elf and look forward to joining the journey of so many others.  




"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." - Galadriel







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High Wood Elf - Level 2

STR: 0 | DEX: 0 | STA: 0 | CON: 6.5 | WIS: 7 | CHA: 1


Current Challenge:  2.2  Past Challenges:  2.1  1        A little about me . . .





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I just found this post. It's so great to learn a little bit more about you! I too am born and raised in the PNW :) Also and introvert and 30 year old functioning at a teenage level :) We have much in common. Your dogs sound amazing and like such great support! I too feel my furry children have saved my life. I hope you are well. I'm off to catch up on your challenge thread!

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welcome from Alki, Seattle. Perhaps we shall see each other around town. You have any interest in hiking? I need a fellow nerdette to drag out on the trails with me.

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

Hylian Assassin 5'5", 143 lbs.
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It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

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