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Mini-Challenge - ZOMBIES, RUN! ...or walk, jog, etc.


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20 more miles done last night.  And I did it in an hour!  To try to help us out, I am going to bike again tonight.  At the bottom of the hills, I did my PLB to break up the biking and keep the butt from numbing.  

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A suggestion about biking miles: in other mileage accumulation type challenges I have done, running/walking/hiking would count mile for mile, biking would count 1/3 mile per mile rode (ie. 3 mile ride would count for 1 mile), ans swimming counts 3 miles for every mile swam (ie. 1 mile swam counts for 3 miles). Makes the exercises types a little more on the same level of exertion.


Tho, I have always wondered why no one on the Walking Dead has picked up a bicycle for transport. Seems like the samurai sword of transportation if care is taken.

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Six and a half miles in the bag today. The weather was a lovely 55 degrees. Unfortunately, that means the zombies are thawing out, and the spreadsheet still shows over 100 miles to go... get stepping, folks!

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Ran 4 miles today. Swam 1 mile yesterday, but are we counting swimming? I will get in one more run tomorrow. We are going to need a pretty fantastic performance tomorrow by everybody in order to escape though. With 15 of us following this topic, each one of us needs over 6.5 miles in order to make it. What do you think Assassins? Are we ready to join the horde, or we going for the ninja vanish!!?

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Managed 6.05 miles today! But we still have 26.7 miles left! We're so close!

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I added a sad single mile more......... so tired from all the aerial, guys, SO TIRED.


Maybe someone with an amazing fitbit step habit will show up?????????????

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It takes a kickass guild like ours for it to work like this: 100 miles mini? nah. let's do 5 times that. And even then rock it as hard as if it was not a self-imposed challenge.


I love my guild. have I mentioned that?

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