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Work our hips together to make them so much better....


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This is for our fellow Monks or anyone else who wants to make their hips more mobile.


Day 1: It's so easy, even a baby can do it!


Below is a simple mobility drill that was really designed for the entire but also has a good impact on improving hip mobility. Credit goes to Original Strength's Tim Anderson.



I have done this both before and after my workouts or by itself and my hips and body feels more mobile afterwards.


Please check in after you do it.


Day 2: Wake up your sleepy butt muscles!


Since the hips and the butt is closely related and the butt muscles are asleep for many of us because of sitting so much throughout the day, it's time to wake it up. 


Below is a simple, 2 minute workout to get those butt muscles and hips active again.  Credit goes to Dr. Levi Harrison from breakingmuscle.com.



It wouldn't hurt to do Day 1's resets before doing this workout to get the hips and body loosened up first.  I have had to modify the 4th movement by doing the side legs raises with a bent leg instead of straight leg because of my lack of mobility.


Day 3: It's really dynamic!


I cannot find videos that I like to explain these but if the text isn't clear enough, let me know and I will try to explain it better.


Try to do 10 of each movement for each leg.


Front leg raises - You can either hold on to a wall or chair or walk when doing these or you can just start from a standing position without holding onto anything. You can put one of both hands out in front of your body, like a zombie, then, with control, swing your leg up to your hand. Try to keep the leg your are raising to your hand straight. The leg you are standing on while doing these should have a slight bend for balance. You can raise or lower your hands depending upon your abilities. Again, make sure to control the movement of your leg. This is not a ballistic movement.


Side leg raises - You can use the same starting positions as above but this time, put one hand out to the side and bring your straight leg up to your hand, with control. You can also shuffle sideways while doing these if you want some movement. 


Back leg raises - From the same starting positions as above, reach one hand straight behind you and bring your straight leg up to it. Try to keep your hips from turning while doing these. It's not about the height, it's more about the proper form and the amount of mobility that we get from the hips.


Please let me know if any of you need a better explanation.  


Day 4: Keep it at the same level!


This is a little mobility drill that I learned from one of my Karate instructors. 


  • Start out standing upright, you can hold on to a wall for balance with the hand opposite of the leg you are going to be working.
  • Try to keep your hips pointing forward throughout the entire movement.
  • From this position, pickup your left leg, straight in front of you, as high as waist level if possible.  
  • While holding your leg at that height, slowly move it to the left and as it is moving, internally rotate your hip and try to put the inside of your foot parallel with the floor.
  • As your foot moves to the rear, bring your leg behind you pointing your toes toward the floor near at the end.
  • Reverse the movement and when your leg is back in front, put it down.
  • Repeat with the right leg.

If you cannot keep your leg at the same level throughout the entire movement, start out at a lower level while your leg is in front.  If is okay for your body to lean to the opposite side when your leg is out to the side and it's okay for your body to learn forward when your leg is behind you.


Day 5: Stretch it out!


As the week comes to a close, lets finish it off with some full body stretching.


All of the following are done standing upright with your feet shoulder or hip width apart.


  1. Move your head up and down - 5 times up and 5 times down
  2. Move your head looking left to right and right to left - 5 times each way
  3. Move your head shoulder to shoulder, try to touch your ear to your shoulder - 5 times to each side
  4. Roll your head around in a circle and after 5 do the same in the other direction.
  5. Arm circles forward, making big circles to loosen your shoulders - 10 circles
  6. Arm circles backward, same as above - 10 circles
  7. Swing your arms up and down - 10 times
  8. Swing your arms in and out across your body - 10 times
  9. Twist your body from side to side, letting your arm hang loose - 5 times each side

For the next movement, put your feet at least shoulder width apart and farther if possible. Put your hands on your hips and make big circles with your hips - 10 times in each direction.


For the next movement, put your feet close together, keep your legs as straight as possible and slowly and easily hinge at your hips, reaching your hand toward your toes,  start with your hands on your quads, knees, shins and touch your toes and hold for at least 10 seconds. 


From the end position above, put both hands on the floor and start to spread your feet apart. Go only about half the width of your maximum flexibility will allow and hold for 10 seconds, after that go a little wide and hold, then go to your maximum stretch width distance and hold for 10, then sit down.


From the seated position, push your legs apart as far as they will go. Lean and reach to your right foot and try to touch your toes or the bottom of your foot and hold for 10 seconds, then repeat on the left side.  Go back to sitting upright and then slowly walk your hands out in front of you, trying to hinge from the hips so that you do not round your back.  Hold for 10 seconds and walk your hands back to the starting position.


Still seated, bring your legs together and shake then out. From the same position, keeping them straight, reach your hands to your knees, shins and then grab your toes and hold for at least 10 seconds.  If it is too easy, you can grab the inside or outside of your feet to make it harder.


Sit back upright again and roll your ankles around in a circle in one direction, 10 times and then the other direction for 10 more.


Shake out your legs again and then bring your feet together and do butterflies 10 times, after that, gently push your knees down with your elbows and hold for 10 seconds. Do 10 more butterflies and grab your feet and try to touch your nose to your toes. 


From there, get into a low squat position, feet other flat on the floor or up on your toes and slowly rock side to side while keeping your back as straight as possible for 10 seconds or longer.


Finish up by putting both hands on the floor in front of you and slowly standing up.



In search of the ever elusive side thrust kick....


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I'm not quite on the same days that y'all are, but I've been doing the warm up at least.


I haven't had the room to do the rolling part, so I've been doing something a little different instead that seems to be helping my psoas feel a lot better.



I also hacked Cheechoe's Hip Routine a little bit. When you're doing those deep, deep lunges where you put your hands on the ground, I've found that if you flex through your down foot so that you lift a little bit, you get a stretch on the other side of the hip in addition to the side that you are working, which is pretty cool.


Also, grok squats at the end for lower back. Whole thing's done in about 6 minutes or so and I feel great afterward.

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Ooh. I might have to try that one next week. :)


I did this one today:




Nice and relaxing, but my hips really do not like pigeon. At all. Ugh

I can honestly say, there isn't one pose on there that I can do. 



In search of the ever elusive side thrust kick....


Student of Karate and Iaido

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I can honestly say, there isn't one pose on there that I can do. 


I have to modify some of them (I can't lean that far forward in the squat, for example, and my wide split isn't nearly as wide), but I can do an approximation of them. My wife is big into yoga and corrects my form and demonstrates when I get lost. 

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