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I forgot all about them! Then it got hot, and my roomie picked some up.

I'm finding they work REALLY well for me. I live next door to an ice cream shop (!!!), and when it's hot and I'm tired, it's waaaay too easy to go over there and get something sweet and cold.

Popsicles are sweet and cold!! =D They can also be pretty low calorie. (The ones we get are 45 each). And if you make them *yourself* out of juice ... Well then! S'perfect for a cool down on a hot day! (And not nearly as expensive as ice cream from next door.)

Just thought I'd share, since it's getting hot. :3


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Also good: pickle popsicles. Saw them at a convenience store, and thought they're really really tart, they're good if you like pickles. Interestingly enough Dust, they also billed themselves at a "natural electrolyte" item. They've got what plants crave!

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