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don, step away from the donut :)

I've been on a house reno workout this weekend and as we currently have no kitchen, had to walk to local bakery for lunch. Yes its true, I had a cream donut with my lunch. Bad bad girl. having said that, I feel bloated and revolting as a result, so DONT DO IT DON.

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don, step away from the donut :)

I've been on a house reno workout this weekend and as we currently have no kitchen, had to walk to local bakery for lunch. Yes its true, I had a cream donut with my lunch. Bad bad girl. having said that, I feel bloated and revolting as a result, so DONT DO IT DON.

I wish I had had the resolve. I did it. BUT! I had only one, which is huge. Usually I have three or so during this time.


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Saturday started out OK. As I posted above, I had a donut (seems like it is my weakness, I always thought my weakness was things made of dark chocolate...) then I got sick.

I sneezed once and felt my sinuses drain. And drain. And drain some more. I was stuffed up beyond belief. Then my throat started to hurt more and more. No. This cannot be. The cough came shortly after and I felt like I was hit by a truck.

Regardless, I went on cleaning out the basement to prepare for the new ceiling install, hacked up my left lung, and started cleaning again. Saturday night I slept horribly. My wife made some crock pot chicken soup ( LOVE that woman!) and tried to comfort me. By evening I started to feel better. I hope to get back on the wagon today. I got my emergen-c and Chloraseptic ready to go.

I have not been on the scale, but I hope to give an update on that and some measurements here soon.

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My life story

I think it might be good to kind of reflect on the weight loss / fitness journey a little. See, I was a fat kid. Talkin 200 pounds as a 7th grader (at about 5 foot 3 inches). At this point, eating was not the issue, not moving was. I played baseball in ninth grade but that was it. Most of the time I played Nintendo. I was the Zelda master...

The summer after my freshmen year, I made friends with a basketball player and we played a lot of basketball. I slimmed down to about 165 thanks to playing all summer and growing a couple of inches. For the first time since I was a kid, I was not afraid to take my shirt off to go swimming.

I stayed trim in high school and into my first two years of college, then it went bad. I became what some call a hacker. I was working with some guys who were always up to no good on the internets. They invited me in. We did everything from write viruses to movie piracy. This means I would sit in front of a computer for hours on end. My propensity to drink a lot did not help. My diet consisted of beer and pizza (and domino's fudgems for desert!).

A co-worker of mine was dumped by his girlfriend right before Christmas. He wanted to lose weight so he could either a) get her back, or B) get a new girlfriend. He told me to try joining a gym with him, so I did.

In January I joined a local gym. I benefited from the New Years deal and because there was two of us, they waived the down payment and starting fees. We got assessed on the spot. I was 225 pounds with a size 44 waist.

225. 44.

I would walk around aimlessly from machine to machine for almost two months. I did not know what to do. I never lost any weight because I failed to stretch myself and because I ate the same way. My friend started reading Body for Life in late February. I made fun of him for turning to a "fad" diet. Then he lost ten pounds in two weeks and was able to run two miles in 20 minutes.

I quickly joined him. He was the type who would call me to go workout and I would decline, so he would show up at my house and make me go. The pounds melted away. I lost 30 pounds by the mid April. I had to buy TONS of new pants. By mid May I was down to 170. I could hardly believe it. My waist was at 36 inches. I kept working out. I ran everyday (because I loved it). The best part was, I started working part time at Home Depot in their garden dept. I was lifting bricks and mulch into cars and onto shelves every day for five hours. I got paid to get a tan and to workout. By August I was at about 150 and I could see the top four of my six pack.

I failed because I got content. I would put on the weight over the next couple of years and balloon back up to 170.

Then I dated an "eater."

This girl was a dancer with a food issue. She was about 125 pounds at around 5' 8" when I started dating her. By the time we enabled each other to eat tons of junk she was 145 and I was 185 by the time we broke up nine months later. I remember Valentines day that year. We ate at P.F. Changs, got desert at Cold Stone, and then had a some brownie / ice cream cake later that night at her parents.

After we broke up I started walking more and doing light workouts. I got back to the mid 170's. After a pretty good summer and fall, I started dating the woman who would become my wife. She was good at eating and working out. She kept me pretty active until we got married. I was still in the 170's on my wedding day. Our first few months of marriage we stayed active and I hovered around the same weight. It was when my wife was pregnant that I decided to work out. I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids and not die at 65 from a heart attack. I was training with a pro at a gym and I shed ten pounds before putting on 20 in muscle over my wifes pregnancy (probably about eight months). I was up to 183 and my wife would even say "you changed your whole shape." I cut out sodium (seriously, maybe 35mg a day at most) and ate pretty raw foods and lean proteins. I was running for distance (5-10k a day, time permitting) and loving it.

After the baby was born, life happened and I am back where I started. Last weigh in was 196. I know have two boys with a daughter on the way. Thats why I do this.

I want to be able to participate with my kids, protect my family, and live long enough to see some great grand kids.

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Don, you have the right mental attitude and thats a good starting point.

I'm thinking about following the primal blueprint and giving up grains and excessive carbs. Just got my book in the post yesterday and I have to say, the man makes a lot of sense. If you haven't already, check out Marks daily apple. It is incredibly informative and thanks to steve for putting a link to it through his blogs..

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Here I sit. 196 pounds.

It really is my fault. I cannot blame it on anyone. Well, I can pass a little of the blame to being sick over the weekend.

Back on track this week. Hopefully I will have some good numbers to post here shortly. I will keep you all posted. I hope to get some weights in tonight so I can sweat like Mark McGuire taking a drug test.


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