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Ok so what can I say? How about a little fact profile...


Height: 5'4

Weight: 10st 4lb

Ideal Weight: 9st

What I Am going to do to get there: eat more fruit and vegetables, exercise at least three times a week, keep this thread updated every day to keep track on my progress

​Challenge started: 12th March 2015


Well there's my life in a nut shell. Since moving into my own place this year I've gone from 9st 8lb to that and obviously I'm not happy about it! Ideally I want to get fit and loose weight but motivation is an issue. I just come in from work so tired! Oh, I work as a groom on a horse yard and ride most days as well, yet another reason to loose weight so I can ride more horses and fitter so I can ride better. I think most the exercise I will end up doing is running as it's something I rather enjoy but I want to try and find other interesting sporty things as well so all suggestions welcome!


Anyway here's what I suppose is basically my diary...

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Welcome here!! :)


To me, it seems like you're getting lots of exercise at your job, since riding horses is exercise. It doesn't burn as many calories as some others, but it does burn calories. As a groom, are you also cleaning out stables? I know that grooms sometimes have to, depending on the size of the stable, but a lot don't. How far do you live from your work? If it's not too far, would you be able to walk or bike to & from work? That'd be a way to get in some exercise.

The more you exercise, the less tired you'll feel from it, as  you probably already know. :)


I have to admit to a bit of jealousy - I love horses & would love to have your job! :)

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Good luck on losing weight. A lot of people start and enjoy the bodyweight workouts found on the site, perhaps that would interest you?

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"Take arrows in your forehead, but never in your back" - Samurai Maxim

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