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New and lost in technology

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Hey all!

So I'm a fabulously middle aged woman who has finally decided to take care of herself. Yep, I took very good care of the kids, house, husband and parents for a very very long time and now it is my turn.


I started with a trainer and have a decent diet when I'm not letting old habits get in the way. I feel much stronger for sure and managed my first plank with elevated transfers x 1 minute today. I wanted to cave so badly but didn't. So there is the win of the day.


My next challenge is to not eat a bunch of crap tonight. Hubby and children are all out so I will definitely have some periods of self control to contend with. I'm hoping to distract myself with figuring out how to become a wood elf or something? Not sure how to do all the fun stuff I see here but I would love to learn. 


I think we are all terribly brave, don't you?



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