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Elsfaire, It's time to wake the Dragon


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Sorry, sounds like a hard day.


It is hard to stay in a bad mood looking at fuzzy baby rabbits. :-D Thanks!

Hubby and I went for a good walk. He talked almost the whole time (not about what I am stressed over), so we are doing ok now. I also spent some time really looking at myself in the mirror. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have visible upper body muscles. Cool!

Sorry about the super negative post earlier. I was stuck in a bad state- attaching all sorts of horrible interpretations to my mistake. Tomorrow is a new day, and we will see what it brings.

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Disclaimer:  The following post contains only Positivity!


I can do a chin-up and a neutral-grip pull-up!

They are not true deadhang -ups because I am doing them from standing with slightly bent arms (doorway pull-up bar), but I am soooooo excited! Hello, Dragon!



























anigif_enhanced-buzz-6846-1372172023-3.g  <--- Because Elastigirl is right.  Bunnies.






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So sorry to read you had such a bad day. It's awful. You made a mistake, ok, that happens, a big one maybe, ok, that happens too, but it seems that you also magnified the consequences or imagined other ones different than the real ones. So you feel bad and guilty for the mistake and your brain seems to think it is not enough and punishes you by imagining all sort of disasters due to the mistake. Maybe this is not what you felt, I am infering it from your messages, but I have the feeling your brain works similar to mine, and if so, I've been there and I know how much those thoughts hurt and I am very very sorry you felt like that. Thoughts are always worst than reality. But they are just thoughts.


AND don't apologise to us for telling us you feel bad. You need to talk about, then talk about. We are here for this.


Visible upper body muscles! So envious... :applouse:


And, ooooooh, those bunnies!


(I love this I'm-fed-up-of-so-much-cuteness look the cat has)

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You guys are so fantastically awesome! Part of what has enabled me to make so much progress on so many things this past year is the great NF community on these challenge boards- I.e, all of YOU!

It is so wonderful to know that if I am excited about something, I can post it here and you guys will be excited, too. Or if I feel bad, that I can post that and you all will understand and help me feel better. It is an awesome gift that I am so grateful for.


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adding to the cheering on


yay to upper body strength, chin-ups and pull-ups, that is HUGE!!

yay on easing back up again after a dip into worries, it's life, you're human, we all are and now you are moving up again, so hooray on that!!



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Just got our first weekly delivery of a box of local, organic produce. It all looks so good! I could get used to this.


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That looks so good :). Are those white things onions/huge scallions? I guess you now have enough vegetables for a few days ^^.

Have fun cooking your fresh veggies ;).

They are spring onions. Yum! I love that the whole lot is local and organic, and I can add enough to the order that I won't need to shop near the end of the week. Hooray!

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I keep saying I want to get ine of those veggie boxes. A friend of mine used to get them from Vegetable Husbamd and they were fabulous.

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Thanks for all the "HI"s and other good stuff. :)

There's a distinct and noticeable lack of elsfaire-ness around the forums lately. You okay?


Thanks for checking in, Hazard. I am ok, just trying really hard to reforge parts of my life. Sometimes I feel like I have everything together, and other times I feel like I am a complete wreck and just need to hide... Mostly, there is just a lot going on. My husband's business is having record sales in April, and already has record sales on the books for May. A good problem to have, but coupled with the complexity of hiring employees (and learning ALL the stuff that goes along with that - oh my gerd), it is hard to find time to breathe. I was thrilled that I managed to take a day and a half off (on a weekend) and do some stuff for my 40th birthday last weekend.


So, I *am* making an attempt at another challenge. Maybe an un-challenge. Now that it is posted, I will be able to get onto everyone's threads again because I won't feel like things are stacked up behind writing my challenge. :)


So join me to see how

Elsfaire Unlocks The Energizer Dragon

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