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Help! My girlfriend and I have either lost or have had our wagon stolen! We were on it 2 months ago and then OUT OF NOWHERE it vanished! Ok so we fell off same thing. We NEED to start tracking our calories again and going to the gym to get back into our routines. We both have depression so some days are harder than others. I read Steves posts about the basic movements you need. Push, pull, legs, abs. Our routine will be: 3x10 push-ups, 3x10 body weight squats with medicine ball, 3x10 assisted pull-ups/dips (for me) 3x10 seated cable rows (for her) and planks. Also 15 min elliptical to warm up. I'm from the old school of thought using 1 exercise per muscle group so it's hard for me to understand just doing about 4-5 exercises is enough. Also, I read from Steve and Stacy is if you want to get stronger and denser muscles you should just do 1-3 reps. We don't want to add size really just be super strong. I just can imagine doing only 1 push-up or 1 squat would do anything. SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!

-Shawn & Sarah

Shawn & Sarah

Wilkes-Barre, PA




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1 rep would be the all out or near max wt.  That's something you would do at the end of multiple low reps sets for the sole purpose of increasing your strength.  Power lifters in particular do multiple sets of low reps, but even they don't do 1rep on there first set.  The old standby of 3x10 is what I would recommend for someone just getting back into lifting, at least for the first month.  Then after about 1-2 months, start increasing the wt on the 3rd set so that you can no longer do 10reps in good form (getting close to failure) on the final set.  After 3-4 months of that, start zeroing in what you like doing, such as lower reps for strength, etc.

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Help! My girlfriend and I have either lost or have had our wagon stolen! We were on it 2 months ago and then OUT OF NOWHERE it vanished!

's okay, as long as you've got boxes of bullets, just kill a bunch of buffalo and you can trade them for a new wagon.

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