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"Diet" for life


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Apologies if this has been answered already, i cant seem to find the blog post that was put up about it either..

So, I've been trying to lose weight for some time, not ever really been happy with how i look, probably mainly due to me playing more vidya than actually exercising.  Since i've come to uni, i've decided its probably the best and easiest time for me to try change my appearance - I've always had the idea of getting to goal weight after dieting then go back to normal diet and stay at goal weight, however i read recently it doesnt work like that (no idea why i thought it did :tongue:) I read one of the posts that goes on about "Dieting" being permenant rather than just a crash thing.

ANYWAY - on to the question.  If i'm gonna take this thing on permanently, then i guess i need to do it right or i'll go back to old ways. So: Count macros/calories daily or not count macros/calories daily - how often are cheats allowed? What'd be my maintenance caloric intake at my goal weight with/without my excercise for the week?  I know this site is a fan of paleo, i actually tried it and i dont think it's for me.  It's especially difficult considering my Gf isnt for it and i often cook for her.  How does one gain the discipline to overcome cravings, or does it just become nature after a while?  Like i said before, its all well and good to tell me to count calories - but im not sure it's something that i can see myself doing erriday forerra, however if that's what it takes i'll do my best.
Personal experiences welcome :D


The stats:
Male, 5ft 9in, 169lbs, ~16% bodyfat (average from various calculators), Not looking to be absolutely ripped, just happy.  

Play sports (Ultimate) 2-4 times a week and i am starting a lifting regime 3x a week.


p.s - First post, Hola NerdFitness.


EDIT: upon reading some other posts, i've come to realise paleo is a bit more vague than i thought when i tried it.

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The only permanent thing you need to do about your diet is eat lots of vegetables and some fruits, not too much sugar, and a balanced amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Oh, and try to balance the amount of calories you take in with the amount you use up.

The exact numbers are up to you.

Broadly speaking there is no such thing as a "cheat," there is only what you choose to put in your mouth, or not. If you try a specific diet with rules, then cheating would involve breaking the rules of said diet. The rule of paleo is no grains, legumes, dairy or added sugar. If you are on a paleo diet, eating those things would be a cheat. If you are not on a paleo diet, eating those things is not cheating.

If you wanna count macros, feel free. Some people find it helps them. If you don't want to, then don't. No one is making you. Some people get obsessive or bored if they have to count things. A lot of people count macros for a while, lose some weight and get a feel for how much macro is the right amount for themselves, then they stop counting. You could do that. If your macros do not add up to 100% of your calories, you're doing it wrong.

Everybody gets cravings for certain foods once in a while. These foods are not "bad" or "good," unless you subscribe to a dietary theory that says so. Food is just food. However, some foods are undeniably better for your health than others. If you feel the urge to eat a food that is harmful to your health, there are many ways to cope, which basically boil down to eating it, or not eating it. You will have those urges once in a while for as long as you live, but you will not feel them all the time, and with discipline you may feel them less. Tactics may be learned.

does that explain it?

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I think it's very sensible to at least try the counting method for a while if only to get a better feel for things, what amounts to what, how you can trick your body into feeling more full with less calories so you can go over to "estimating" after some time.


I also think that there is another thing you may have overlooked: You're right in that you need to change your diet permanently if you don't want to re-gain lost weight, but the diet you use to lose the weight by all accounts will/should be different from the diet you then use to maintain the weight. So basically there is 1. the way you've eaten before, 2. the way you eat to lose weight/get in shape and 3. the way you eat to maintain weight. Now 3 might be a variation on 2, maybe with a little bit of 1 added back or something entirely different. I think it's worth pointing out that maintaining isn't all that natural anyway. By design we want to gain weight (in case of famine) if we're left to do as we please, so you might be better off alternating long periods of a slight caloric surplus with shorter periods of caloric deficits instead, but you can worry about that once you're there.


For now, you probably should find (out) what dietary approach works best for you. Paleo is merely a tool, one option of dozens to achieve the one thing necessary to lose weight: A caloric deficit. Nutrition is incredibly individual, so finding your way, the one you can stick to longer term, is key. This can be a mix of different methods, this can be something entirely new or no specific approach at all and simply counting your stuff and arriving at the desired numbers at the end of the day however way you feel like, which would be "IIFYM" (if it fits your macros).

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There isn't a whole lot written about life beyond the diet. What it means to maintain lifelong success. To me the most important thing you can do is to regularly pay attention to your body. Keep track of how much you weigh and a couple of key measurements. When you are always paying attention you spot problems when they are still easy to correct.

I originally learned the band method from the Hackers Diet. Set a target and upper and lower limits. When you reach the upper limit, kick it into diet mode and diet for a bit, quit at the lower limit, rinse repeat indefinitely.

I think this is much more foolproof than trying to maintain a particular set of eating habits for life.

Honestly though, keeping track of your calories/macros every day is quite easy, especially when you've been at it a long time. Today's technology makes it easy, and its only going to get easier.

currently maintaning

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