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I am new here, saw some posts on myfitnesspal from this site and liked what I saw. Last December I noticed that i had put on some weight and that my lifestyle had become unhealthy. I knew the path i was headed down was not leading anywhere good so i decided to change. I joined a gym, started eating healthy, tracking my calories, and lost the weight and built some muscle doing it. I am feeling and looking much better.

Now i am no longer trying to lose fat, just get stronger and keep heading i the right direction. Decided to join here for some motivation and to connect with others with fitness goals


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To lose the fat in the beginning I ate with a calorie deficit, about 1200-1400 cal per day, with four 30 min cardio sessions per week. As my weight approached goal, I started strength training using free weights, I do full body routine three times per week followed by a 20 min cardio workout.

I stopped tracking my calories now and just listen to my body. now i am trying to maintain and gain strength. Down 12 pounds, and one size clothes :)

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