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SIDE QUEST 6: The Triforce Challenge

The Shogun

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"It can only be called fate... That here, I would again gather the three with the crests... That I should lay my hand on that which grants the wishes of the beholder. That when power, wisdom, and courage come together, the gods would have no choice but to come down... The power of the gods... The Triforce! He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted!"

— Ganondorf


Hello again, lazy monks.


I, The Shogun, am your new fitness overlord for this week. I have but one simple goal. To transform your flabby wimey body into a more efficient machine of doom. You will now thank me for selflessly taking on this impossible task. 


I'll make this simple. The following three exercises are considered the “triforce” of bodyweight exercises: the squat of wisdom, the pushup of power and the burpee of courage. These three exercises are used everywhere from Hyrule to Labrynna. The Triforce has the power to grant the wishes of whomever master these three exercises, and will mold that person's body to reflect his or her heart. However, if a person without an equal balance of power, wisdom, and courage makes a wish, the Triforce will split into its three separate parts and reassembly is then required for such a person's wish to be granted.


How to do it


Perform as many reps as you can for the squat in just 3 minutes.


Rest for 90 seconds, and then move on to the next exercise.


Perform every exercise for 3 minutes, and record the total number of correct reps you can complete.


As a Monk, ensure you are focusing on form and technique as well as volume.


What to aim for


You can use this challenge to assess your progress. Try repeating this once per challenge and try to join the Heroes of Time! Here are some targets for each exercise. 


Level 1: Deku Scrub


Squat 50 Pushup 25 Burpee 20


Level 2: Hylian Warrior


Squat 90 Pushup 50 Burpee 40


Level 3: Hero of Time


Squat 120+ Pushup 90+ Burpee 50+


That's it. An excuse-proof 10 minutes-ish workout you can do anywhere. Remember: this is something to aim for. don't feel discouraged if you don't reach a certain level. And of course, don't forget to properly warm up and stretch afterwards.


My personal advice? start with the exercise that you find most difficu— the burpee, start with the burpee. 




If you need a reminder on how to do any of these exercises with proper form, you can watch any of these three videos. 


One shot, one life.



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I like this.  Though I think I'm on low-impact burpees for a while, so I won't be making those sorts of numbers in three minutes.

I felt like I could run forever, like I could smell the wind and feel the grass under my feet, and just run forever.

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