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Help - Back injury

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Hi all.

My doctor and chiropractor have informed me I have a compressed disc in my lower back, causing pain and "significant weakness" in my right leg. I want to keep working out but I'm not sure what to do that won't exacerbate things. Anyone else have a similar problem? Suggestions would be great. I'm going to ask my chiropractor for suggestions as well.

Thanks all for being a great community!

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I have 2 herniated disks (S1/l5 and L5/L4) and have severely strained my lumbar.  The second time I did it I did have shooting pains down my leg (and another spot we wont mention, but got the panic factor up very high.)  I also had a pretty significant pelvic tilt.


I didn't get better until I saw a Physical therapist.  He gave my 2 stretches and 4 exercises that help fix the tilt and significantly improved my quality of life.  My advice is get a referral for a PT and do what they said.  


If you feel up to it, here is more or less what he gave me to do.  Caveats:  pain = stop, keep your back straight in everything and talk to your Doctor.




1 leg standing hamstring stretch – I do this with 3 variations,  30 sec straight forward, 30 sec “open hips” to focus on the outside hamstring  and 30 sec closed hips to get full hamstring stretch.  Get your foot as high as you can while maintaining a straight back.  http://www.teachpe.c...g_hamstring.php


Kneeling quad stretch – 90 secs each side. Remember to maintain a straight back and relax the quads and hip flexors.  Lift back foot to apply more stretch.  http://www.popsugar....ng-Quad-Stretch


20x pelvic raises on stability ball - 

  when you can do that, this is the harder variation: http://www.leanitup....ll-exercises/6/


60 sec bridges on stability ball - 

  it you can hold it at your ankles for 60+ secs do this variation:  http://www.leanitup....ll-exercises/2/


Stability ball sitting arm raises – I couldn't find pictures of this but it looks easy and dumb, but it is a straight killer.  I sit on a stability ball leaning my back at 45deg angle.  I then raise my arm from parallel to ground to above my head.  I do it 20 times each arm.  Then I then move my arm from straight in front of me to the side while maintaining my arm to stay parallel to the ground.  I do each 20 times each arm. To change difficulty, reduce the amount of support the stability ball gives you by moving up on it (I sit at the top of the ball, but it took me a while to work up to that.)  When I have a chance I will make a video.   


Glute side walk - 

  lower the band is on your legs the harder it is.  Adjust so you can take 15-20 steps each way


1 arm opposite leg raise - http://www.menshealt...-leg-lift/25678  Use stability ball if you can’t do it with straight plank. 1o reps each side.

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