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End of Challenge. ASSASSINS, REPORT! How did you do? (Please fill out the linked form


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Oh jeez I came really close to getting SQUASHED


I didn't do as well as I'd hoped this challenge but I had a hectic life situation going on, and I'm way better than I was before, so I'm going to take that as at least a pass!


Workouts: 15/18 achieved, though 11 of them were in the last four weeks. 


Reading: 222/600 pages tracked. This fell apart because I kept forgetting to track when I read a few pages here and there at work. 


Meal Tracking: I'd give myself about an 80% on this, even though I didn't post my logs to the thread all the time. Learned a lot of things, started slimming down my starbucks addiction (my greatest food barrier, since it got mashed into some of my OCD habits over the years), and began to figure out where I need to improve and how to do it. 


Sketchbook: 50%, boo! Going to be continuing this next challenge. 


Building a good HQ: Successfully moved into the new house and installed our new wood floors with the help of my housemate! Beginning to decorate and get it organized now. 


Writing: 353/6000 words. Total failure! Only figured out how to write and keep track of it at work towards the end of the challenge. 


I paid off over $1000 in debt during this challenge!


I can also now do incline and knee pushups, figured out how to properly do mountain climbers, and participated in all of the mini challenges!


Next challenge is going up soon! Feeling really good about the structure of this new one!



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Level 4 Assassin 

Hufflepuff House

Sunlit Embraces Earth and Sea - Current Challenge

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Recap here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/61192-nightwatcher13-tardis-lands-on-baker-street/?p=1441011


 - got very consistent this challenge in getting things done

 - lost 2 pants sizes

 - added running to re-develop my endurance ('cause an assassin needs to be able to scram, let's face it)

Things I will be working on next challenge:

 - Food and time management (planning meals a week ahead for starters)

 - measurable workouts, with actual numbers of sets and reps that I can measure myself by.

 - consistency with core workouts, which was the 1 glaring hole in this last challenge's logs

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Current Challenge: Installing, Please Wait

Last Challenge :NW13 - System Failure, Please Reboot

Previous Challenges: 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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so much great, great stuff to read on here, yay :)



I failed...

Time to get back up and kill it in the next challenge!


and so you will, there is no fail, there is falling.... and getting up again ;) 

Also we do get wiser in how we set things up, hope you really enjoy your next challenge, then it will be easy to pull through

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Level 18 Wood-Elf Assassin


battle log: counting the good things

current challenge: something, nothing, all the things

previous challenges: 25242322212019181716, 151413121110987654, 321


How cool is it that the same God who created mountains and oceans and galaxies looked at you and thought the world needed one of you, too

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Challenge summary



Quest 1: Level up my dance (+1STR +3DEX): 97%


- train 3x/week on the pole -> 16 workouts of 18 done

- keep up 15min or more of yoga 5x/ week -> 31/30 done


Bonus level: train one new pose/week, either yoga or pole

not so many different new poses, but a few and the new pole move down well now, so yay on that, too

glad to have made it a bonus thing only as it would have distracted me from training my main goals otherwise


EDIT: the idea of an assassin's guild video made me do a little choreo to sum up what I have learnt in my pole classes so far and I am proud to present 4 min here  :D




I am actually really proud, I won't show you any before videos haha, but I can tell you climbing up in any way seemed impossible to start with as did some of the spins I am doing here. Getting upside down was even in headstand a huge adventure to start with. Gaining strength took many months because for the first year I only trained 1-2 / week with no other training to speak of. Now that I train more, I am proceeding faster. Soooo, we'll see what it will be like in another year's time   ^_^


Quest 2: Level up my strength (+2STR +3STA): 56%


- train 2x/week with dumbbells

okay this didn't work out at all for various reasons and I switched it to 3x push up training instead from week 4 on, all in all 8 of 14 workouts done

- train 3x/week HIIT with skipping rope for heart strength

did not rock this that much either, but am glad I did the ones I did. Will think of a different way to motivate me better on this next challenge 10 of 18



Bonus level: add foam rolling for more mobility 2-3x/week

Hahaha, happened exactly once in all 6 weeks -BUT I found my mobility is improving as is  :) Possibly due to all the yoga and stretching before and after each pole workout


Quest 3: Level up my balance (+1WIS +2CON): 99-100% done


- keep up the email ninja 5x/week

being in and out so quickly no one can even see me - 29/30 times done

- level up the water intake to 2 liters/day for 4x/week and 2,5 liters for 3x/week - >100% done

topped it basically every week, has become HABIT, woot woot 

Bonus level: be pro-active on a medium or long-term work project for 30min 3x/week

struggled in some weeks but did manage and realized it is actually too little for right now, need more superpower on this, bring it on, please!!


Quest 4: Level up my joy (+1WIS +2CHA): 100%


- keep up the daily meditation -> done 100%

- spend 15min or more on something fun and creative -> done, sometimes a bit different to what I expected  ;)


Bonus level: spend daily quality time with at least one family member or good friend

This got actually more priority over the last weeks than the creative thing and deservedly so. Learning to expect less fairy tale happiness from everyone during those times and that ironically makes the times happier ones  :) Learning that the best part for me in this is the conscious experience of the people dear to me, and how much I love them doesn't have to shine through every word in order to be real



  • pole training = strength training enough for me to not plan a full other program on that
  • pole training is going sooooooo well  :)  :)  :)
  • yoga, water intake, email ninja, daily meditation - all are super good for me and have become habit enough over the last two challenges that I won't need to include them into a challenge any more, whooooohoooo
  • will look for new fun ways to up my cardio training, with spring outdoors is calling, options are increasing (yes, skating is part of them   ^_^ )
  • few things beat quality time with family members
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Level 18 Wood-Elf Assassin


battle log: counting the good things

current challenge: something, nothing, all the things

previous challenges: 25242322212019181716, 151413121110987654, 321


How cool is it that the same God who created mountains and oceans and galaxies looked at you and thought the world needed one of you, too

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Main Quest:  Keep a healthy balance between work, school, and hobbies. 

Nailed it. I don't feel stressed about being behind on any of these. Learning to accept that I don't have to be the best at everything, just the best that I can be at what I choose to do.


Quest 1: Workout 3 times a week, either HIIT or BBWW

Very close to nailed it. Found out that gardening/planting uses the same muscles as the BBWW. I need to modify that workout for the next challenge, as gardening is in full swing. 


Quest 2: Log my food. All of it. Even homemade.

Done! This was super helpful, because I am very bad about logging food. I did identify some high-calorie things to change, and have started substituting some of them out. I've also starting trying to eat mindfully, and noticed I haven't been eating as much before feeling full. Clearly, this needs to continue. 


Quest 3: Use the Irish dance warm-up and stretches when I work out to improve balance and flexibility.

Done and then some. Also started stretching every hour at work, and I can see a lot of progress. I will be incorporating stretching into the next challenge more. 


Life Quest: Make 1 skirt that I really like, and can wear to work. 

I made a skirt... but didn't like it. However, it's the first sewing project I've actually finished in quite some time. Might use this again. 


Overall, I gave myself an A, and learned a lot about what to focus on next time. I love feeling stronger, and being able to move my body more than just what's needed to go to work and sit on the computer. Challenge passed, time to plan for the next one!

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Manarelle the Level 55 Amazon Assassin

Gryffindarling and Sith Acolyte, somehow.

Challenges: 1-1011-2021-3031-4041-50, 51-60, Current


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Goal 1, the ground is not the limit. the SKY is the limit:

Success!  I managed to do this every week with the exception of the week we did not use silks in class, which wasn't under my control anywho! I even did up high activities while on vacation (sea climbing), which is not quite the same as aerial work but still put me into the AAAAH I AM SO UP HIGH mode to practice working through heights jitters.   

Goal 2, my right shoulder is a rebel. Get my right shoulder to behave!

Success!  This is still not 100% ingrained and I am going to have to keep working on it but it is definitely improved! Yeaaaars of bad placement=long term goal for sure.
Goal 3, focus on form

Success! I made sure I worked on one form thing per week at least be it hip keys and inverted straddles, or focusing on counting practice in dance. (Counting is so weird, but good skill! )
Goal 4, Photographic evidence!
Success! I still to post an after video or picture but we are now after so as long as I get this done before the next challenge start I will be happy!

Life goal: Focus on getting debt paid down

Success! I still have a long way to go but my balances are better than before on both of my credit cards and I didn't put any new debt on cards! Woowoo! I'm getting really good about passing up on things when I don't have money. (Big problems for me were always 1) things I want that are on sale and putting it on my card so I didn't miss the sale, and 2) going out with friends for whatever given event and being like "but I can't miss out on this fun times oh well it's just a little on my credit card...")

Now to plan out the next challenge!  I thiiiink pull up/chin up goals shall be involved for sure...and something aerial and dance-y. Oh hey I'm noticing a pattern!

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Assassin extraordinaire!!

Current Challenge

 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34

                                               35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

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Results! This was a very numbers driven challenge and I kept it all in a spreadsheet. It turned out kind of nothing like I imagined or hoped but I still met my goals so that's good. Overall, I did the minimum work allowable to get all of the points for this challenge which means I get an A. I wound up getting very "distracted" by rock climbing which was fun.

Strength Training Goal: Increase reps by 30%

Result: 30.6% increase! Woohoo. Except that as soon as I achieved this I stopped strength training.

30% - 4 Str
25% - 3 Str
20% - 2 Str
15% - 1 Str

Core Training Goal: Focus
For both fitness and appearance reasons, I'd like to develop my core muscles. For the past two challenges I've included a half-hearted core workout. This go around I want to step that up a little. I'll do this workout twice per week for a total of 12 workouts. I get one "miss" allowed. I may or may not do a before/after pic for this one.

Results: I did 11 workouts. I'm pretty happy with the workouts but not super happy with the results. I blame delicious beverages, among other things.

Progress pics (in main challenge) seem to show less definition than six weeks ago (or at least no improvement).

11 Workouts - 2 Cha, 2 Sta
9 Workouts - 1 Cha, 2 Sta
7 Workouts - 1 Cha, 1 Sta

Eating Goal: Avoid Cracker Equivalents
I love salty crunchy food. It's the best. But crackers and their kin are essentially worthless for me. I heard the phrase "cracker equivalent" regarding hiking food and love it, so I'm using it. I have a fairly high metabolism and get grouchy and dumb when hungry. But if I eat cracker equivalents, I just need more fuel and seek another snack. In order for the results of Goal 2 to show up, I'll avoid cracker equivalents at work and after work. Dessert crunchy food is allowed because it's historically better moderated and because, hey, I don't want to hate life completely.

Results: This was a resounding success except that, as noted in the core goal, results were not apparent. The good news is that we went through substantially less Ritz Crackers and Chips. I think I will retain this habit but try to adjust other things as well.

Based on workdays
90% or better cracker avoidance - 3 Con
80% or better - 1 Con
80% or less - Nothing

Life Goal: Dating My Wife
My wife has been kind enough to support me in assisting to teach a mountaineering school this spring. We are both really busy and it's a big deal that I'll be gone a lot. She deserves something in return so this goal is to go on 4 dates over the challenge. That is more than we have been on in a long time (we do a lot together, but not really dates).

Results: We went on four dates. I think this was good because it reminded us to do things not just together but focusing on each other.

4 Dates - 4 Cha
3 Dates - 3 Cha
2 Dates - 2 Cha
1 Date - 1 Cha

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Level 14 Elven Blacksmith

current challenge - yearlong quest

14 13 12 11 10 9.1 9.0 8 7 6 5 4,2 4.1 4.0 3 2 1

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I got a C on my challenge this time around.  Not as good as I was hoping for, but pretty good when you consider that I got sick twice during that time.  I don't know if my measurements are showing any improvement yet (hoping to get around to that tonight), but I can feel an improvement.  Exercises aren't quite as hard (or impossible) as they were, I get less out of breath taking the stairs as work, and I think my posture is improving a bit.  Also, I'm doing fairly well at keeping the exercise habit going, so definitely a successful challenge this go-round!

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Wood Elf Waywatcher Mandalorian (Assassin/Ranger hybrid)

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Final Write-up


To be fully honest, the chief and primary goal of this challenge was to finish one. Even if I bailed on many goals (and I didn't), I would have been pleased if I attempted to do six weeks, and reported on six weeks. I had disappeared midway through many past challenges. And while I didn't acheive 100% of my goals perfectly, I stuck with the challenge to the end, so that's a big accomplishment.


I got better at bodyweight workouts, getting some of my reps back, and got more motivated to continue! Woot. 

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Sea Level

Vintage Sea-elf Assassin

Current Challenge: Sea Level I : Respawn
Pro Aris et Focis

"To the Sea, to the Sea! The white gulls are crying, The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying."

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I had a strong first three weeks, and then just got overly busy and didn't come in to report.  I was still working out, just not participating in the minis and threads the last 3 weeks.  Keeping that in mind as I face the next challenge. 

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Granny Nogg - Level 10 Warrior


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"Those are not my monkeys."




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Goal One: Stretching


Days completed: 33/42 - 78%

Points earned: 2 DEX, 2 STR


Missed mainly because of tiredness. Am getting better at doing it at random intervals during the day.


Goal Two: Protein, fruit, veg and water drinking


Days completed: 33/42 - 78% (weird, and not the same days missed!)

Points earned: 2 CON, 2 CHA


Although I most often missed this goal because of the protein, I actually averaged 10g per day of protein over my goal! So, did OK here.


Goal Three: Visualisations daily


Days completed: 41/42 - 97%

Points earned: 3 WIS


Missed only the one day because of oversleeping. This has become a definite habit


Lessons learned:


-> Trying to get enough protein every day is more stressful than averaging it out over the week. And I found I was on average 10g over my goal anyway. So I could have eaten under on some days instead of flurrying around trying to find some instant protein.


-> Coffee at work is better than sweetener-laden fruit squash at work. Which is what I replaced it with and it made me feel awful and have sugar crashes all the time. Back to coffee for now I think.


-> Doing SOMETHING active daily at the same time is fine. It doesn't mean I have to overtrain, some days it can be restful activities like walking or stretching. The habit is the most important thing and planning a 'workout' daily is not going to kill you. Doing it at exactly the same time of day is very good for consistency and controlling energy spikes.


-> Sleep is even more important than previously thought. When training, 8+ hours is sometimes necessary for recovery.


-> Detailed planning of exercise and nutrition in advance makes it harder for me to wriggle and excuse my way out of things!


-> I need more fun in my life. A LOT more fun.


Huge congratulations all who finished the challenge! Keep grinding for the next one!

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| STR 15 | DEX 14 | STA 14 | CON 10.5 | WIS 11 | CHA 7 | Level 5

Ocelot's Dossier - Battle Log | Springing into my Sixth Challenge!


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Due to a leg injury I made progress on most of my goals but not all of them, so I don't feel comfortable with levelling up just yet.  I'm taking this challenge into overtime.


Rather than doing a respawn I'm going to do what my D&D cleric would have done -- Rest to get back a few hit points, then pick up where I left off and go until I've gotten the main goal (weight under 210), and then level up.

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Astreja K. Odinsdóttir, socially-distanced Valkyrie
Race:  Humanoid (
[ Level 9 | STR 14 | STA 18 | DEX 16 | CON 18 | WIS 19 | CHA 15 ]

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Challenge Summary

Bodyweight workout: A- (did them all, cheated a bit on which days/what time of day)

Yoga/Interval runs: A- Entirely yoga. I've ditched the idea of going running in the morning, it's dark outside and freaks me out a bit (ironically enough for an Assassin!). Again, cheated on the timing, but did them all.

Diet: B. Was in great stead until the last 3 days- Easter Chocolate! I did give most of my chocolate away, but I did keep all the good stuff to myself. I don't regret it, but I should have factored it in to start with, and saved some of my "20% not-so-good-food budget" to account for it.

Meditation: C. And that's probably a little generous. I did half of what I set out to do (6x10min instead of 12x10min). I learnt a lot of ways not to meditate though :tongue:


Moving forward: Focus on routine. That's what stuffed me every time, and when I break my morning routine I feel less energetic and focused for the rest of the day. Next challenge will entirely focus on that.


Signature disabled until I work out how to change it. Level 3 Assassin now though.

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Level 0 Wood Elf, aspiring Assassin.

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Not dead... just busy busy busy! and then busy some more.
Whew... really. life tried to kill me these past 6 weeks but I survived, yay! This challenge most probably did not. Oh well live and learn... speaking of which:
Things I've learned and what I'll do with that knowledge (damage control edition)
Since it's been soooooo long since the last update I feel like reviewing the goals... more for me than for you guys.

1. LEANER (paleo cookbook edition) - While keeping eating paleo at least 80% of the time, record kitchen adventures: at least 3 recipes per week. (+3 WIS if 75%+ success), lose some more weight too! (+2 CHA:if at least 2kg lost).

2. FITTER (reprise) 3 times a week bodyweight (+3 STR:if 75%+ success), 1 sprint (+2 DEX:if 75%+ success).
3. HEALTHIER - Go to bed before 3am, sleep at least 6 hours. (+2 CON if 75%+ success on rest time).

LIFE SIDEQUEST - Rather than learning something (which I'll end up doing anyways, because I know myself) I decided I want to do at least 1 productive (not daily task) thing every day (monday through friday).


So, how did I do?


Pretty poorly probably, but let's see if we can salvage this: 

I did not post/write the recipes, and I still weight 80.7 kg (so, lost weight, but not enough to call this a success). Still, I was fearing the post 3-week-hiatus weight in and this ain't too bad a result. At least not a huge setback. Meaning even if I was careless about my diet and not as active as I should've I managed to maintain the progress. I'll take that as a victory. And .8 kg down is .8 kg closer to goal weight.


Exercise: the NEAT program is good, it works and I plan on keeping on with it for a little longer, till I feel like I at least gave it a fair time to work its magic on me (though I'll say that I feel like I was making progress, though not incredibly quickly... but it was constant and never boring)


Last chance of redemption is the whole go to bed early (before 3am). And that went south pretty early during this challenge too anyways. For once I am addicted to going to bed late. I am a night owl and I might be beyond salvation on this. But I'd say I'm sleeping and resting a lot more now compared to before.


The silver lining was my life sidequest I decided to do stuff everyday. And I did. Oh boy, did I do stuff. SOOOOOO much stuff was done. Seriously.


Anyone here know I partnered with an ex-coworker to open a restaurant? and during last challenge we opened the second location? well... investors came, and long story short: we should open the third Canada Burger quite soon. As in 2 weeks time soon. So try to picture the workload involved into creating a franchise, supervising the construction and design of a restaurant, and if you can, add the pressure of cutting your executive team down to half, because of a disagreement of opinion on one of the owners (hint: if your director of operations claims making money is NOT important at all, it's probably a good idea to boot him from the team... and so we did, which was good except we discovered 2 guys had to pick up the slack of everything he was supposedly doing but he didn't-- and then deal with his girlfriend leaving too without prior notice, not that it mattered because we were able to substitute her for like half of what we were paying her and for someone who actually did work)... And all of that while being a single father due to the wife being stuck in the other end of the country for work reasons. Oh and during that I hosted my brother who came for his birthday all the way from Chicago and and and... who knows what else. I lost track of everything I was doing at one point. Oh and I lost a week to a mean cold (though even that is but a blur now)


Anyways. Lessons learned?


"life is a bitch?"


Being serious though... I think I had the right ideas on the overall direction, but I need to scale down my goals because what I need is to work on building the framework of the building that will be my future self.


So, recipe creation is good, but it's though when you don't have the pantry under control. I'll aim to fix this instead.

Exercise is good, but I need to schedule the time instead of just saying I will. I'll aim to fix this instead.

More rest is good, but though to accomplish if your daily life is a mess. I'll aim to fix this instead.


I am granting myself the level, because I've earned experience from this challenge, even if it was unsuccessful. I am not granting myself the stat points though, on account of me not making the grade on any of my goals.


So there. Will you guys join me on the next chapter of my journey? Regardless of where our paths are taking us (different goals and all), I'd like to keep tabs on the people who followed me (and whom I followed) on this challenge. When the next 6wc start, look for me (hopefully I'll manage to convince someone to make me an ambassador even if I royaly f**ked upt this 6wc) or send me a msg with a link to your log.



OH! I guess I did earn some stats afterall! nearly forgot about minis! I did week 1 trohouth 5 so 

+1 CHA

+1 DEX

+1 CON

+1 STA

+1 STR

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"Unfocused" Wizard // Rationalist of the order of Bayes

Lvl 5 Assassin. Lvl 33 Jack of all trades. 7 STR|6 DEX|7 STA|7 CON|16 WIS|8 CHA

Current challenge Wizard in the making: ero san's continuing road of magic

My drawings Sketchbook, Other afiliations The Loft

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Ok here we go. Started this challenge fairly well although bad weather caused a massive problem with my "Going Active" goal at the start and it never recovered. Then somewhere around week 3-4 I unexpectedly found out this amazing guy liked me too and we started dating. Challenge wise it all went downhill from there. I got distracted, social and love life suddenly boomed, all thought of fitness went out the window most of the time. I really need have a good think on what I need to do and find a balance so I can maintain work, fun, fitness and a love life without dropping the ball on one.


Going Active : STA 3

Over the course over the challenge I want to see improvement on my cycling skills.

  • My start point is from my house to city centre in 30mins, with gears used being 2nd and 3rd (ignoring changes for hills).
  • My end goal is from my house to city centre in 20mins, OR gears being used 3rd and 4th.

I did nearly zip on this goal. Weather started off being really bad, then I just completely lost the plot on this. Complete F and no stat points for this.


Bend and Flex : DEX 5

Mixture of stretching and strengthening. A stretch set for this challenge is includes; ankles, hamstring, calves, thighs, shoulders, back, neck. For strengthening, 2 plank attempts. I'm aiming to hold it for 20 seconds. 

Over the 6 weeks I graded A, B, B, B, C, C slacking the further it went as my social life perked up and I just flat out forgot. No excuses. I did by the end manage to maintain 2x 20sec planks which felt great though! On average it's a B, approx 3 Dex.


Sparkling Smile : CON 5

Seriously ashamed to admit it but I am really bad at brushing my teeth. They are in remarkably good condition considering that but it's long past time I got them sparkling and treated them how they deserve! Brush'em at least once a day.

Over the 6 weeks I graded A, B, B, A, B, D. That last week was pathetic really. Again no excuses. On average it's a B though and even if I've not come out of the challenge with a great daily habit, I am thinking about it more and remembering more often. I think 4 Con is fair.


Life Goal: Tattoo Time! : WIS 2

Simple one, put £10 aside a week towards an hours tattooing.

The first 3 weeks the money was sidelined into a mothers day gift, but I did put it aside each week. 2 Wis achieved.

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Dwarven Level 5 Assassin

  • STR 12, DEX 3, STA 10, CON 4, WIS 10, CHA 3

Challenge: 1, 2, 3, 4 (current)



Main Quest: Weight Loss - to get down to 10st, started August 2013 at 17st 1lb, current 14st 4lb

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I've done it!  I'm finally below my challenge target of 210 pounds.  Time to level up!


Main quest (Body recomposition through weight loss):  Succeeded through sheer persnicketiness and refusal to let it go.    +2 CON, +2 WIS, +2 CHA.


Subquest #1 (Circus arts):  Juggling is still not quite there, but I think +1 DEX is appropriate.


Subquest #2 (Food record):  Successfully kept record throughout the original 6-week challenge, although I went keto post-challenge and didn't continue writing things down.  +1 CON, +1 WIS.


Side quest (Circus music):  "Entrance of the Gladiators" definitely improved, along with other pieces requiring bursts of chromatics.  +2 DEX.


Life quest (Writing):  Slight improvement in frequency of writing, but I'm nowhere near writing fiction or posting to my blog every day.  (I didn't count my usual late-night escapades causing trouble on various discussion forums.)  No XP awarded.


Totals:  +3 DEX, +3 CON, +3 WIS, +2 CHA (11/15 points awarded).

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Astreja K. Odinsdóttir, socially-distanced Valkyrie
Race:  Humanoid (
[ Level 9 | STR 14 | STA 18 | DEX 16 | CON 18 | WIS 19 | CHA 15 ]

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