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Cannonfury's Computer Addiction

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With depression,laziness, being over-weight,feeling tired & lonely..etc My biggest issue is my computer addiction. In 2006 I got a computer...ever since I have been at the mercy of the computer...before that I was addicted to tv. 


As the days went by I started spending more & more time online. Every day for about 8 years or so I have spent almost 6-8 hours on the computer...


I get anxious about not being online...I get this feeling of "I am missing something" when in reality I am not.


I played an online massive multiplayer game for about 5 years..until it closed. 


While I want to stop wasting my life online I feel there is so much knowledge I can get/learn from...that I will miss, yet I am not looking at it when I am on. 

I feel so depressed about spending so much time online yet I cant get away from it :/ 


I need to try & not be online a lot in the week


My main quest is to over-come my computer addiction.


1. I will keep a log of computer time each day, using a google chrome internet time tracker app. 



2. Each day  I will not turn the computer on till at least 7 pm. 



3. No idle sitting or tv watching which would defeat the purpose of not being online...


Life goal 


4. Cpap, wear each night

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Nice to meet a fellow Adventurer!


Sounds like a good challenge. I'm new to all this, but it seems to me that small achievable steps are the way to progress.


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with depression. Hopefully this challenge will help you out with this. Do you mind me asking why you use a CPAP? (I have an academic interest in this sort of thing)

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Aquatic Elf

Level 2 | STR 0 | DEX 0.5 | STA 1.5 | CON 6 | WIS 6 | CHA 1

Challenges 1 2


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Today I did a workout early in the morning. I did 5 sets of; 5 push ups, 10 dumbbell rows, 5 dumbbell presses(each arm), & 5 lateral dumbbell raises.

 before that, I did do body stretches.  I also walked today, for 30 minutes(2 separate 15 minute walks). 


for lunch I had 5 grilled chicken fingers with grilled onions,tomato, & pepper..with a baked potato(1 butter & 1 sour cream packet). 


for dinner I had a grilled chicken sandwich(2 mustard packets & 1 ketchup) with french fries....& 3 fried chicken fingers.  


all together for the day I had about 20 oz of water.


As for hygiene; I did do everything...except shower.


I did use my cpap last night. 



My computer internet time says 72 minutes; with facebook, NF, & ESPN being the top sites. I did check facebook & NF a few times during the day on my phone. 

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Today I walked for 30 minutes. I did early morning stretches & a workout; plank 5x15 seconds, calf raises 5x10, body weight squats 5x10, glute bridge 5x 10 second hold(I think that's how I am supposed to do them..)


for lunch I had a cheeseburger with green beans


later I had a soft taco & half of a taco bell tostadia. 


I had mashed potatoes too. 


I also had a banana


I had a total of about 20 oz of water today.


I did wear my cpap last night.


My internet time for the day says 183 minutes.



Hygiene; I did everything I listed in my first post, but did not get time for a shower...

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Today I did stretches & the first workout that I have posted on the first day. 


for breakfast I had a steak biscuit with hash browns & minute maid orange juice.


for dinner I had 2 servings of rice with beef/chicken kabaab...with yogurt.


I had about 32 oz of water today.


I did all of the hygiene stuff except showering..I will definitely shower tomorrow....



I wore my cpap last night.


My internet timer says 63 minutes. 

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I did my morning stretches & workout #2,but with no squats. I also walked for 20 minutes. 


for lunch I ate a Philly steak sandwich with fries, & sweet tea.


for dinner I had baked chicken & wild rice. 


I had 2 cups of milk and 3 of water.


I did all the hygiene stuff, except showering again :/ 


I did wear the cpap last night. 



my internet time says 225 minutes for the day....I feel down/sad tonight, I didnt even want to post but I forced myself to. 

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Today I did well. I was active all day, & cleaned house.


I ate a grilled chicken sandwich, with fries. I also had a steak sandwich with green beans.


I did not get to exercise like I wanted but will do so tomorrow :)


I wore the cpap last night. 



My internet time says 187 minutes...



I will try & be more detailed in my posts but I am not good at writing,elaboration...etc. 

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Today was a great day. I walked for 30 minutes....



I did have to go to the dentist & got a filling, wow...I was so numb, now where they put the needle, still hurts like heck!!


I ate a grilled chicken sandwich with fries.


I feel more motivated, the next 5 weeks will be fantastic! :)


I worry too much about what others think of me....A lot of times I think "this person(friends or family) hates me"...which then makes me feel depressed & hate myself. 


Today was great because I chatted with my cousin(some about depression), she made me feel much better :)

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Today my computer timer says 129 minutes(I paused it for the night & will reset it tomorrow). I used the computer for a few mintues in the morning then did not get on till about 7:20. I did check facebook, NF, & a football forum during the day(on my phone) but that would be about 5 minutes all together on the phone. 


top 5 sites


1. facebook,83 minutes. My high school class is planning its 10 year reunion, so most of that facebook time is searching for classmates not in our class group & messaging them.

2. rivals.com...college football forums, 16 minutes

3. yahoo,checking email & news..9 minutes

4. 2 pirates of the carribbean online game forums(though the game itself shutdown a few years ago)..8 minutes

5.NF 2 minutes...before pausing timer



27 sites that are under a minute..



I did wear the cpap last night. I believe I had a active day but was sick. I woke up with really bad sinus; huring ears, throat & nose. I went to the dr, so hopefully Ill be better soon...being sick makes me over eat...so I did over-eat(the hot food makes me feel good, within the time I am actually eating).


No television...I thought about watching wwe Raw which is 3 hours long, but decided not to. 


The other day I found a place to watch star wars(I have never seen any of the movies), so I started watching Star wars IV....30 minutes into it & I had enough...I turned it off...not a fan lol

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