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apfelstrudi enlists for the apocalypse

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It's inevitable. Zombies are coming. Between running with zombie moans and podcasts about rabies and conspiracy theories on my headphones I'm 100% sure of this now.




So I better get down to it and start preparing. And to fully prepare, I'm enlisting in the AZAM - the Anti Zombie Army of Madness aka my very own bootcamp. I'm getting help from my friends and other sources and it's going to be epic. My next challenge will have a lot of things happening in my life that may help or hinder me and I'll have to find a way to work with and around that.


For one, stud muffin is leaving May 2nd. He has a tremendous impact on my life in terms of motivation, adventure and accountability and I'm going to miss him like crazy. Remember how I first told you guys about him like... 2 or 3 challenges ago? Who would have thought it would ever come to this, huh? As I am writing this, I've got almost a full month left with him before he leaves for 9-10 weeks. He'll be back for a short while after that but it'll be rough. As of this moment, we've done an awesome 5k mud run together, have signed up for the Spartan Race in Munich that's on April 18th (so just after the start of the challenge!) and he's forced and helped me through many, many workout related but also emotional things. I'm incredibly grateful that he's part of my life and will be even after he's gone. 




There's also school & work. I'll have some exams coming up and while I'm currently at the start of a 2 week vacation, that's gonna be over when the challenge starts. I definitely do have to do some studying while I'm at it.


Social life of course also mixes into it, but I've found many great people that I can spend time with WHILE working out so I don't foresee that many obstacles there  :) So let's get down to it!




Survive basic training/get ready for the zombie apocalypse

When you train to survive, there's a few things factoring in. 




Goal 1:

Zombies, Run!


Running is obviously one of the most important skills you need for the apocalypse. If you can't run away from them, they're going to eat your brains and I do very much enjoy my brains. So the running continues. Be it with the 5k trainer or the normal Zombies, Run app or with the help of the awesome races I'll be running doesn't matter. So long as I can be out there with the wind on my face and my heart beating fast and sweat running down my skin, I'm happy, and the zombies will be sad. This is all that counts.

As for races, here's the current schedule:


April 18th: Spartan Race Munich (5k mud run)

May 17th: Urbanian Run Frankfurt (5k city obstacle run)

May 24th: Viking Heroes Challenge (5k mud run)


I'm concentrating on 5ks this year and I hope to add a few more over the course of the year but I think for this challenge I'm good.  :)


As a bonus I'm going to try and make a reward wall in my room. To hang my medals, race bibs and other paraphernalia to always remind me of how awesome I am and what I've managed to survive - also to scare off the zombies. They're not even gonna want to chase me when they lay eyes on that wall! Ha!




Goal 2:

Zombies, Work it!


Sometimes running fails. And even if it doesn't, living in a post-apocalyptic world is going to be rough both mentally and physically. The mental things I don't need to worry about right this moment, but the physical things could definitely use some training. So this is where I'll build my workout. It's a work in progress as of right now and hopefully I'll have rewritten this part by the start of the challenge. I'm planning to find short workouts as well as longer workouts that I can just do without having to make up my mind before working out and thus losing precious time just bumming around on Youtube. So stay tuned for adventures in zombie strength training!



Zombie sit-ups FTW!


Goal 3:

Zombies, Die!


This one I'm super freaking excited about. I was talking to my friend Shred (the guy who ran the beer obstacle run with me) the other day about survival training and combatives and he actually sat down with me and made a plan for a bootcamp of sorts. I'll be learning lots of awesome stuff from him, he's gonna chase me across fields, up and down hills and through my house and it shall be epic and exhausting and so much fun. Quick overview:


Kill zombies inside my house:

- identifying and avoiding danger areas

- clearing a room

- clearing a corner


Kill zombies in the wilderness:

- proper use of cover and concealment

- movement under direct fire


Avoid being killed by zombies with mortars:

- move under indirect fire


Avoid being killed by zombies in hand to hand combat:

- foot trap

- attacking the eyes

- pushing the core

- throat stomp


Keep yourself and your friends alive (medical):

- stop the bleeding

- transport a casualty

- breathing

- hypothermia prevention


It will be both knowledge and actual physical stuff and I'm super super excited for it. I'm going to run around forests and fields making a fool of myself and getting workout, what could be better?!




Diet/Life Goals:


There will be none for this challenge. As pointed out above, there's going to be some difficulties in my life over the course of the challenge. Apart from that I really love my life the way it is right now. I'm doing alright with the diet and I don't want to overburden myself. There will also be no tracking. I'll wing it and get in as much as my life allows and be happy with that! 

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Just trying to get back on my feet. :)

apfelstrudi learns to outrun shamblers | Instagram challenge

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I'm super happy that the challenge forums are up already and the challenge actually starts a week earlier than I thought! My next two weeks are going to be full of adventure :) It's 5:12am at this very moment and I'm slowly waking up to drive all the way to Amsterdam, meet my amazing friend Banannie for the first time ever, have a coffee date planned with a SUPER hot guy who's a friend of the host at whose apartment Banannie and Guy (a friend of hers) will be staying. He messaged me yesterday because Guy, who was supposed to pick up the key from him, was an hour late. And for the next 90 minutes, while he was waiting for Guy, we texted back and forth and whoa, he is super freaking hot. And funny. So after like the first 5 messages I invited him out for a coffee, he said yes, we kept texting, I'm happy about that moment of bravery and can't wait to meet him! :D


As for the rest of my next two weeks:

Tuesday I'm going to a meeting of the German-American-friendship-club, which Shred is taking me to because I complained to him about everyone leaving Germany (and me!) to go back to the States

Friday I'm going bouldering with Linda, my pole dance friend who's driving to Amsterdam with me today, and lots of strangers. It's an event on Meet-Up and I'm super excited for it.

I think that's all that has a firm plan for this week, but there's going to be waxing, gym, cinema with stud muffin, training for the Spartan Race (gotta find monkey bars and a rope to climb! and build a spear!), studying and decluttering!


The week after is STUFFED with adventure. Banannie, who I'm meeting today, is coming over Monday. We'll be staying here till Wednesday after school (school holidays will be over so while I'll have the week off, I'll have to go to school still), then we're driving to a small village in Bavaria to visit a friend of ours who we've also never met! Thursday we're going to Regensburg for a day trip and Friday we'll be leaving for Munich, where my best friend Claudia lives. We'll be spending all weekend with her! :) Saturday is the day of the Spartan Race, stud muffin is going to take the train to Munich for that and he'll be driving home with me Sunday. 


So there will likely not be much time for me to update during the first week of the challenge, but I'll make sure to give a big update once that week is over :) And updates until then of course! 

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Just trying to get back on my feet. :)

apfelstrudi learns to outrun shamblers | Instagram challenge

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Oh, hey!


You have begun to sing part of the song of my people!


A slide show for you to research.  It is a wee bit graphic. 


Tension Pneumothorax.


Yes!  Learn to save lives which brings one to awesome! 


Learn to play the Shark Game.  Every single corner you round, you slice the pie.  If you see them before they see you - you win.  Otherwise, you died.  Work the corners.  I have endless fun with this at work, seeing, assessing, and greeting my coworkers before they know I'm there.  Best done in cubicle hell.


Russian rolls.  I'm up, they see me, I'm down.  Say that out loud as fast as you can.  Time it.  Run during "I'm up, they see me" then prone out on down, or about a second and a half.  Any longer, and bad things start to happen.  Hit the ground, roll in a random direction a few times, repeat.  Makes you annoyingly hard to shoot when you and all your friends with rifles are assaulting a position.  And yes, annoying your enemy is a good thing!  Best practiced under fire from paintball gunners.


Pardon the term, but do not fuck your cover.  You will want to get as close as humanely possible to the chunk of whatever you belive is shielding you.  Bad move.  Get away from it as far as you dare, and then a little bit farther.  It is all geometry.  Minimum of one arm's length off of it due to bullet deflection off of cover.  Yes, do NOT hug the wall, as bullets travel down walls.  One arms length, minimum, from the wall.  Cover is concrete, or better.  As a very professional note, NO cover is adequate.  Move from hard point to hard point, always upgrading, as most cover can be eventually turned to concealment by a judicious application of high velocity metal.  Cars are NOT cover, they are bullet magnets and easily penetrated baring the small engine block, transmission, and some small other parts.  Most of a vehicle is effectively transparent to bullets, especially rifle bullets.  Movies Lie. 


I think that is the right link.  If not, I will update it.  Bottom line - get thee back from thine cover!  As bullets reflect from the hardness at a known angle, and backing off of the hardness far enough to keep the bullets (or pellet) from thine face is pleasurable to keeping thine face!  One can skip shotgun rounds off of pavement, and handgun rounds off of a car's hood.  If you know this, you can avoid being in the skip zone, and minimize your odds of collecting unwanted high velocity non-consensual metallic body piercings. 


By the way...  You are treading upon knowledge that is life altering.  Once you understand just how high risk the world is, you will never open your door the same way.  You will never turn on your car the same way.  You won't go to bed the same way.  You have begun to venture into reality.  Humans, are essentially unchanged since we first learned to kill each other, we merely have the thin veneer of civilization to mask who we really are.  You have been asked to touch your toes in who we are.  The mental paradigm shift will be difficult.  You will find yourself being at odds with your past.  When you take the shooter's corner for lunch with your family, you will know you have shifted.  And yes, your intellectual curiosity will inform you as to what that corner is, and why you want it.  If you are wise, you will put your man there, as he, due to mass, is a more effective combatant and bullet sponge than you are.  As he buys you seconds, you will execute a pre-planned option.  That is the final reality.  I apologize for the darkness, but to sing the song of our people, you need to move past the sadness of sacrifice, and embrace what is is sacrificed for.  We don't love the weapon, or the violence, we love who we protect. 


“I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.â€

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers




 - Murphy's Roommate

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Thank you for the advice, Murphy's Roommate, and thanks for following along Lilith and Auro :)


Pre-challenge update Nr. 1


I had such an amazing time in Amsterdam! Whoa. I'm torn between wanting to live there and being scared to death of all the people on bikes. That city has so much energy, I feel like it's a sort of chaos that would take a while to get the hang of. I definitely do want to go there again. 



Left to right: Linda, me, Banannie (my San Francisco friend)


I didn't get to have my date with the hot dude but was informed by Guy that the picture I saw was from his glory days and that he does not look like it anymore at all, so I'm not too sad. I had a blast. We walked around, stopped every few meters to settle down for a beer (or in my case ginger ale, as I was going to be the driver. I did have one glorious tiny Heineken though), looked at all the beautiful things, got force-fed with candy in an adorable shop, saw many many ladies of the night which is a new kind of sightseeing but I loved it. One of them was so gorgeous I nearly fell in love on the spot! I got many hugs and cuddles, it was super fun and I got to introduce Linda to Banannie and Guy, which was awesome. 


My friends are amazing and I'm super full of love for them right now.


Objectives for today:


- Go for a 5k run

- Visit both of my grandmas

- Try to find a playground with monkey bars that I can use for Spartan practice

- Possibly build a spear if I can find an old broom handle and a rusty nail. Also for Spartan practice

- Go to the German American friendship club with Linda, Shred and Stud Muffin

- Nap. Yes, naps should be in there. I was woken up by Shred with a call at 0520 today and I'm going to punch him for that later. So hard.

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Just trying to get back on my feet. :)

apfelstrudi learns to outrun shamblers | Instagram challenge

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Yesss another sweet challenge of Zombie annihilation. 

Raptron, alot assassin

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Ahhh, I am glad you liked it in Amsterdam! You should definitely visit Utrecht too it is very different from Amsterdam :)

Is Utrecht where you are? If so I definitely need to stop there when I go to Amsterdam again!! I may go back there this summer with stud muffin, if he has time/wants to go, I so want to visit you! 


Speaking of - I think I'm going to start a thread for possible meet-up for the Urbanian Run. Because that's fairly central and it would be epic to have a Nerdfitness team for that. :) 


My day yesterday turned really, really emotional. It hit me very hard that I've got less than a month left with SM and I ended up building my spear and standing in a field in the dark with Shred to throw it at hay bales and get rid of frustrations. It helped. And it was fun. I have picture proof of just how classy it looked, too:



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Just trying to get back on my feet. :)

apfelstrudi learns to outrun shamblers | Instagram challenge

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Yes I live very near Utrecht so we could definitely meet up there! We can even arrange it so that there will be a hoop clinic, that would be even more awesome no?

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In for more of your awesomeness. I love your adventures so much it hurts.


and how cute are you guys in amsterdam! I want to run in there and hug you all! How much fuuuuun <3

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Just bounding around to say hello. Hope things are going well for you lovely lady! Can't wait to hear about all the zombie things!

You aren't going to get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have.
Challenges: 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 10  • 11 â€¢ 12 • 13 • Current

Aspiring Success Story: start 242     current 179.8     goal 142  |  Total Lost: 62.2 lbs  Follow me on Facebook


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Hey you guys! I'm sorry that i haven't updated in a while. I've just not had a moment to myself. This is my adventure week and it's been exhausting but amazing so far. so while I'm sitting in my car right now getting a few minutes to myself, I'll try for a little update!


i went to visit the air base in ramstein. It is enormous. We looked around, watched fast and furious 7 and bought boots for stud muffin. There was some emotional stuff at the end of our trip that caused me to sit in a parking lot and cry for a while. luckily shred came to my rescue and let me cry to him for a while and then cheered me up.


did my chores and things and then shred came over. We chilled on my balcony for a while with some beer and did a rundown of different battle drills. Later we went to the forest and chucked Spears. I'm getting much better at it and i broke the spear twice. It's beyond repair now, which is sad, but ah well!

Monday: school early in the morning and then my wonderful banannie arrived. Her uncle dropped her off at my school and i took her back home. We walked through my home town for a while and then went to the apartment I'd booked for her so she could settle in. Then we had cake and coffee, followed by traditional german dinner made by my mom (Annie had asked for that) and then we drove around my area for a while and i showed her some cool stuff.

Tuesday: we went hiking in the morning. drove to assmannshausen, took the ski lift up the Hill, wandered around through the forest for a while but all the sights were über construction, so that blew. We hiked back down the Hill in big slopes and then gad beautiful lunch in the sun down in the village.

We drove back home and then on to Wiesbaden, where Annie got her nails did (i was told to say did instead of done) and then we stopped by at the base because i had leftovers for stud muffin. We invited him to join us for dinner, picked up Linda from pole dance class and then went to my favourite turkish restaurant. We had loads of fun and everyone was getting along great. i loved it. i fell into bed and immediately went to sleep as soon as we got home, i was so tired.

Wednesday: another early school day. The weather was amazing though. When i got home i packed my bag, we raided a supermarket for german Road trip snacks and then went on our way. Unfortunately our way was sucky. We drove South East to Bavaria and just got into one traffic jam after another. We drove for 6 hours until 9pm and then we finally arrived at our friend's place. It was amazing to see her but to be honest i just needed to go to bed. which i did. slumber party on air mattresses was fun but left my hip hurting like crazy.

Thursday: i got up around 7.30am and first sat in my car, then in my friend's garden so i wouldn't wake Annie. We finally did wake her around 9am. Had awesome breakfast in the Sun and then drove to Regensburg to go exploring. We walked around, did a bus tour, bought souvenirs/post cards, took silly pictures, had miniature beer and Bratwurst and then went back home to have awesome barbecue and a Skype call with our other online friends because how crazy that all three of us were in the same room!

Friday: that's right now! I'm sitting in my car, I'd wanted to get gas but it's too early. This village is fairly tiny. We'll be off to Munich in a while, where Annie has booked us into this super fancy (by my youth hostel standards at least) boutique hotel. We're taking our friend redy with us, but she's going back by train this afternoon.

Tomorrow stud muffin is coming down to run the spartan race with me. I'm really nervous about that and kind of have a bad feeling. Saturday afternoon Annie and i are going to get a friendship Tattoo. and Sunday morning before it's time to go back home she wants to book us into a spa to get a girlfriend treatment. I'll miss her so much. I'm getting to the point where my brain is on social overload and i wish i had a room to just be by myself every now and then but it's only two more days that i have her and I'll miss her terribly. It's strange to meet online friends but it also feels totally normal. We've known each other for four years and we're a match made in heaven. i wish i could keep her here. And I'll post a few pictures for illustration!


that was me after chucking the spear and learning to do army crawls! The leaves loved me.


Annie, redy and i just after we'd arrived


our bus tour where phones weren't technically allowed


the traditional Restaurant we had snacks at


my tiny miniature beer!


Annie and i, an illustration of what she called "our budding homance"

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Just trying to get back on my feet. :)

apfelstrudi learns to outrun shamblers | Instagram challenge

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Ahhhh I'm glad you finally did an update, I really missed you! But you were so busy I totally understand :) Does Annieive far away? If she's in an intense homance wih you you two should definitely meet again!

And don't be too afraid of the spartan, at the very least you have stud muffin to see you through!

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Huh I missed you being in the country! Between your real life troubles and mine I feel like it's been ages since we had a good challenge 'together', but hopefully this is the one ;) 

I'm really digging your idea of a trophy wall! It should have pictures :) Also looking forward to more pics/stories about your personal bootcamp, that's pretty awesome. My sister would absolutely love to join you, she's a bit of a closet prepper :D

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Have fun with the Spartan race! 

Raptron, alot assassin

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Enjoy the Spartan Race.  I have many "fond" memories of low crawling.  Thankfully my hair has never been long enough to attract leaves/twigs/etc. when on journey's of discovery from an ants point of view.


The nail and the stick and duct tape is one way to crumble that cookie.  Keep on refining the idea and see where it takes you.  A little bit of fiddling, and you will be amazed to see what you can make with a multitool and scrap materials.  Of course, the best survival spear is a mosin nagant with a bayonet.  It is a war club, war pike, spear, fire wood, AND it can shoot bullets!




BTW - you ever end up with a gun in your hands, don't do these things.


Throwing a Mosin Nagant....


Torture testing a Mosin (aka trying to make it break).

First one you get the butt stock and some random abuse.


Second one they try to destroy the bayonet at about 3:00


Again, that is the opposite of how you would want to use a firearm.  The value is purely in showing the extremes that some firearms can be taken to before failure.  And seeing a mosin nagant used as a spear.


Good luck with the challenge!


 - Murphy's Roommate

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