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What do you do when you miss a workout?

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Part of my 6 week challenge is a goal of going to every workout.

I do Stronglifts 5X5, and workout Mon, Wed, Fri

If I do miss a workout, should I do it the rest day, or have two days of rest and do it on the next workout day?

If I do it on the rest day do I still do my next workout the day after?

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If my schedule gets interrupted unexpectedly, I'll shift my remaining workouts for the week by a day. I already have 2 days "off" on Saturday/Sunday, so reducing that to 1 won't be that big of a deal. Same thing with running.

My schedule for this challenge is lifting M, W, F and running Thu/Sat.

Last week, for example, we didn't get home until late on Friday night, which would normally be a lifting day for me. So I did my lifting on Saturday morning, and went running that night. I resumed my M, W, F schedule this week.

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Typical schedule for me is:

Sun/Tues/Thurs - Strength

Weds/Sat - Sprints/Intervals

Mon/Friday - Off, or easy/light stuff(if I've been in meetings/sitting at my desk all day at work, I may go and walk a few miles)

Typically if I miss a workout I just push everything back a day - or just skip it and take advantage of the extra recovery.

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In the first reply there's the link to my situation. It actually applies pretty well since I do strong lifts 5x5 as well. I'm currently still early in the program, so the weights aren't too bad yet and I managed to do both workouts in one day minus the second days squats. I figured since I'm missing Fridays workout, I'll have more time to recover from the extra stress. I'm feeling pretty good now except for my legs, but that's prob due to the deadlifts. I'll update with any negative affects Friday.

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