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SlightlyAmused moves to Twoson with the Adventures

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I'm SlightlyAmused and it seems I turned 30 in February. Alot changed for me. One thing that changed was how I see myself. At 6 foot weighing 230 pounds, constantly hurting and about as lazy as it gets I wanted to do something to improve my life. Fitness was huge in my life while I was in the Army but that was 10 years ago. Now I'm getting back into it and actually watching what I eat.

I wasn't with recruits for long, probably about two weeks. Thankfully the first week was enough to show me how overly ambitious I was from the get go, and the second week allowed me to narrow my focus a bit. I'm still working on my diet and exercises but the plan I have now seems to be working out pretty solid.

Main goal: Lose 15 lbs

Goal 1: Continue 3x a week bodyweight exercises. I decided to leave this as is so I can get a solid routine down before moving on)

A=3x B=2 C=1 F=0

Goal 2: Walk every day for a total of one hour. (30 mins twice a day or one hour once)

A=7days B=5 days C=3 days F=<3

Goal 3: Paleo foods only. This was a problem last time so I'm going to keep focusing on it.

Pass or fail daily.


Meditate 3x a week for 10 mins each

I'll be starting this as of tomorrow, so a week early.

While I want to start training for the warrior dash I feel like I should focus solely on getting back into good habits to begin with for this challange.

Did I mention that I'm new lol. Any help or advice would be welcomed with open arms.

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Looks like some nice achievable goals, good luck.

Also Congrats on turning the big 30! Pretty big milestone and a great reason to pick up your act health wise :)

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My 30 is coming up shortly. I always get majorly depressed around christmas and my b-day but I'm trying to not let it get to me.  Good luck and have fun.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a Private Message, btw.

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Wow my life has been the definition of crazy lately. I'm not gonna get into it here but I did want to post an update on my progress.

I have been keeping up on the bodyweight exercise goals pretty damn good considering my situation, I'll post in detail about it on the B-log. So I give myself an A+ up to this point. I've slowed down the exercises and increased the reps by double so that's gotta be something.

Walking has been good so far as well. Another A+

My food has been pretty crap the last week. I started strong and kinda fell out. For food I'm giving myself a C. I'll regain focus tomorrow after some solid sleep.

Time to check the minis and play catchup if possible!

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