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suelk takes it up a level


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Good news...our big guy (maine coon so he is just a big cat in general) has rebounded some but it is the beginning of the end.  It is hard but every day we get to spend with him is appreciated even more.


Lets see about my challenge wrap up here.


I did great with the meditation.  It was helping so I will keep it up.  Bumped up my strength for sure and am now finally doing lvl 3 dumb bell workout.  Awesome.  Eating is better and right now we have the luxury of not relying on processed junk.  We are also getting good at taking something processed and finding ways to improve the meal overall.  Now the bike ride.  Yeah no it did not happen.  I was not feeling strong enough to be honest.  However Friday night I was waylaid with something that explained how I had been feeling that took me out.  Throw in the husbands migraine I needed to be around to take care of kiddo and so on.  Just a minor set back.  On and up note kiddo learned how to fill her own tire and read the info on tires and we did ride for 8 miles together and had our own adventure giving dad a quiet house for about three hours.  He spent the time in a dark room.  However with how I was doing it left me down the rest of the night for the most part.  Hard to explain without tmi coming into play.  Still recovering today....wow.


I already have an idea for next challenge.  I like working spreadsheets and points so I will work on coming up with something to use for next challenge.  Of course it will include the 100 mile of awesomeness.

Food Fight - current challenge

Yeary Bug Count 0... if you are out and about then you are probably eating bugs. :onthego:

2015 - 22.5 bugs consumed

Chasing down the most awesome version of myself one step at a time.

The Character Battle Log 1 Daily Mile



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