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Kellie's Groovy Health Voyage in a Quiet Mountain Town

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[double posted due to some internet vs. computer misunderstandings]

From the North, I am. Grammar applys here not.

Forest Elven Lightstalker Lv. 3

“Little by little, one travels farâ€.― J.R.R. Tolkien.


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I liked your post, because I think its good, that you realize and appreciate the progress you made. I still have to find a way to rate my second challenge.

I think it's a very good thing to keep going, even when the circumstances around you change. Or if you feel like quitting.

I was following you around, because I really liked your goals for this challenge. Perhaps I'll try to take some "Me time" as well from now on. Perhaps it won't become a goal, but I'll try to remind myself, that it's important, too. ;)

Great second challenge! Thanks for sharing.

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level 12 Hobbit Monk (respawned September 2016)
STR 4 | DEX 15 | CON 16 | STA 15 | WIS 33 | CHA 24 | Halfling | Newbie | Fencer and Bookworm

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 I'm exercising, because I want to get my stamina and strength. I enjoy medieevil swordmanship,  Tai Chi, yoga, aikido and fire spinning. I'm also a roleplaying nerd and a book worm. Let's fight the procrastination dragon!

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