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Greetings nerds! Healthy mama here... My real name is Kelly and I'm 27 years old newlywed and new mama to 7 week old Brianna Lyn and a step mama to 6 year old Lilly May.post-38068-0-17084800-1428429655_thumb.j

Lets go a little further back, I've always struggled with my body image, I have terrible self esteem and my best friend yells at me a lot because of it. She's actually floating around here as PrincessHeather. (Hi Bestie!). My husband also doesn't get my self esteem issues all I can say is it's a daily struggle that I try to overcome everyday. I love Mexican food and vegetables and dislike meat. A lot. There is no ethical issue towards the consumption of meat I just tend to have some kind of wacky aversion to it. Sucks. I force myself to eat it though because I need the protein. Before you go on some rant about how I can replace protein and all that, believe me I know. This has also been a battle since I was a child. I got married last year on May 17post-38068-0-95475800-1428429228_thumb.j

and I conceived my baby girl June 6th 2014. She was 100% planned baby and my dream come true. I feel super fortunate that I get to be a stay at home mama with her. However prior to having her I was 160 pounds, two days before I had her I was 207 pounds post-38068-0-24384600-1428429364_thumb.j and at 6 weeks postpartum I was 175 pounds. I haven't been on the scale since because scales are seriously scary. I can fit back into about 60% of my pre pregnancy clothes, and I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby girl which helps with the weight loss. Pretty sweet to me. My main issue is the rest of my baby weight, and tone up. Baby made me kind of soft but not flabby. Working out with a 7 week old can be tricky. She doesn't always want to cooperate. I'm doing calorie counting currently but mostly to make sure I eat the extra calories needed for breast feeding rather than starving my fat into submission which makes no one happy. I'm also doing (or attempting to do) Pilates/yoga mixture at home. At least when the little one cooperates.

I would like to be 135 pounds, more fit, and just overall healthy. It's super easy to sit at home all day and do nothing since I'm a stay at home mom. No bueno. 


*~Healthy Mama~* 

Mommy to Brianna Lyn as of 2-13-2015

Level 0 Night Elf Princess

Where my journey begins

First Challenge/Kicking Depressions Butt

Serenity now.

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