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Minis (Please Follow)


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Time to Mingle.




*Spring Ahead with Your Crew*


Work together to

get, keep, and share motivation and SMART action.


Adventurer and Scout Accountabilibuddies Mini Challenge




-- choose 5 other rebels to work with during this challenge. Here is a spreadie to help organize your group of 3 Scouts & 3 Adventurers. Put your name and goal work on the left. Pick a column and name your group if you like. You will be helping each other with a goal or staying motivated so similar goals is often a good way to group up, but not a requirement. Once you're in a group, cross off your name on the left.


-- decide on the goal you want to use in the mini (it can be a group goal or each rebel has their own goal to work on).


-- decide on amount of feedback and questions each rebel would do per week/challenge (i.e. ask each person one question per week and keep dialogue going as it fits).


THEN... during the Challenge


-- give feedback and advice as asked for.

-- receive critical observations so your rebel group can help you find good trends you can expand upon and see weak spots that might trip you up during the challenge.

** Obviously respect is the ultimate requirement here.

-- once a week post on the mini threads in Scout and Adventurers (one report for the group posted in both places) and tell us how things are going.

-- check mini threads for suggested activities to help spur you on to greatness!


This is a cross-guild mini.  This means that the friendly Scouts have the exact same mini.


Any questions- feel free to ask.  I'll probably be checking on some people within the next 2-3 days.


Let's get out there and start some trouble. ;)
Oh! And for accomplishing this Fellowship, you earn a +1 Charisma.
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Time Lord Time!


This mini is all about alternative swapping.  If you could go back in time 20 minutes, an hour, 4 hours and do the thing you were procrastinating about; wouldn't you be better off?
Well, start acting like that.  You are yourself from the future and you're going to kick your own arse to get something done.
This week- try to see how many times you catch yourself putting off an action because...
-I just want to finish this youtube video
-I just need to see the end of this episode on netflix
-I just want to get one more level
-I just need, like, 10 more minutes
Time Lord Self: White hat
Current Self: No hat
See how many times you 'catch' yourself doing this.  Also see how many times your Time Lord self makes the right choice.
+1 Constitution or you get a red face.
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It's actually 'high knees', but "Let's knee this up a notch" sounds totally stupid so let's pretend they are kicks, shall we?


This week's mini is about doing an exercise called 'High Knees'.  Simple premise, and it doesn't look like it would be too bad....but it is. (At least for me.)



There is no set amount for doing these- as everyone is different.  The plan is to incorporate a little bit of these into your workouts and see how you do with it.


For attempting to add some of these 'kicks' into the mix, +1 STA.



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Rest up!



Pictured: You.


1) Do you have a set bedtime/getting enough sleep each night? If not, this week is about making sure you give yourself the proper amount of rest.



If you got the sleep game on lockdown, then 2) rest your brain with meditation.  5 minutes a day, each day, this week.


+1 Con for making sure you pay attention to recharging your batteries.

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This mini is all about being walkers!


Ok, ok, ok. I'll stop.  Sorry, I like these too much. 
Walkers as in, walking mini.  I heard a surprising amount of people having trouble with the last mini.  This should be a softball. 5 Miles this week, broken up however you want. You can always go above and beyond this point.
What to earn, what to earn.  How's about a tasty blue +1 DEX.
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It's final mini-challenge time! Final mini-challenge time!


The final mini this week is about wrapping up this challenge strong. 
First: What targets have you not hit? Why? 
Second: What targets have you hit? Why? (Or how - perhaps you tried something different this challenge that worked for you)
Third: Wherever you can improve on your current challenge, do so. Let's say you kind of fell behind on your eating goal - this week hit the target. Or perhaps slacked the past two weeks in a physical goal.  Get it DONE this week.
For re-dedication, +1 Con is earned.
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Following...bring it on! 

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RES...and I want to live days worth dying for...

Current: RES: CUTE 2021 - cute is consistent


Growth happens when you care more about the well being of your future self than the comfort of your present self!

"Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is." -Yoda


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Count me in for three challenges in a row!  Hat Trick for the win!



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Cathelas the Level 3 Half-Orc

STR 10|DEX 6|CON 10|STA 11|WIS 8|CHA 7

My Challenges: 15-1 15-2 15-3

Tracking Goal, get weight below 200 pounds Starting (Jan 23, 2015): 226 Goal: 199  Exactly 3 months to hit goal weight April 23, 2015!


New Weight Loss Goal 180 pounds started April 23, 2015  Current Weight 179 - Made it on June 27!


Travel to Mordor by Spin, Road Bike, Running (starting Feb 23, 2015)         Made it to Mount Doom on July 11, 2015!  Now, I need to turn around and go home!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Rauros to Mount Doom 470 miles this leg for a total of 1779 miles 

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I put my name in the column and now I play the waiting game. 


Unless I am supposed to do something else? In which case... please send help....  :nonchalance: 

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I'm more than adequate. Leave Kanye out of this. 

Profile picture credit : NF's resident super artist - NinjaKitten

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Looks like we have a lot in common. Care to be on my team? :)



hahah! I just posted nearly the same thing on your challenge thread :D so yeah! let's do this! 


edit: I put us both in the first group and crossed our names off the list, if that's cool :) if not, feel free to change it ^_~

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