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Sneaking the goodness...

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Short Version: My husband and step daughter are junk food/sugar addicts. Seriously the crap is everywhere!!! My questions is ways to subtlety and undetectable sneaking good stuff disguised as bad stuff. Honestly. 



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Stop buying it.  There's a lot of junk food I eat when it is around, but when I don't buy it I don't eat it.


Ask for their help.  You want/need to get healthy, and to do so you need all the sugar/junk food out of the kitchen and out of sight all the time.  No more bowls of candy, no more ice cream in the freezer, no chips on the counter.  No eating out of the packages.  If they want junk food, they need to designate a special drawer for it somewhere you don't go regularly.  If they do eat junk food, it needs to be in a single-serving size bowl.  No more big containers of junk food. 

To help you, of course.


*This one is even sneakier- if they have to go out of their way to get a bowl from the kitchen, then go to their special stash to get a serving of junk food, then go back to the living room to sit down and watch TV, they will do it far less.  Assuming they are lazy like me, that is.

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^ everything jfreaksho said, especially "don't buy it."


If they want junk food, they can buy it themselves.  Optionally, you can work out a rule against bringing any junk into the house (they can eat it if they want, but only outside the house).  Of course, everybody has to be on the same page if there are any new rules in the household, so discuss it with them.


If you are in control of the kitchen, there is no need for "sneaky" serving of healthy foods.  Just cook them and serve them.  If other people don't like it they can make their own dinner.  


I've seen those tips about putting bean paste in brownies and so forth, but as a sensitive foodie, I have to say I never had much patience for that crap.  I prefer to let brownies be brownies, and beans be beans.  Just eat fewer brownies, but make them good ones.  (When you cook up a batch, eat one, stick a few in the freezer, and give the rest away.  See, there's that "get it out of the house" thing again.)

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