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Really ready to go

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New goals. ready to get to it now:


1.  Track all foods eaten and exercise done

2.  Do Zelda Workout with warm up and 3 reps of 1 temple at least 3 times every week

3.  Increase plank from 1 minute to 2 minutes


Non exercise Goal:


Complete scrapbook in time for daughter's college graduation

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I have been rewarded by loosing 8 pounds so far during this challenge.  It is going pretty good, but I am making a chart for my exercise buddy and I may even make one for myself.  The food stuff is already charted, but I may give myself stickers on the calender.  I should do something with the calender now that most everything is in my phone.  Did not get down to working on plank yet, but maybe right now.  The scrapbook is  going great.  Graduation is May 9th.

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