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The past week has been on and off. For the most part I have been at least doing something, even if it is only doing my warm-up and then stretching.


A buddy, Dylan, and I finally started working out together again. This will be a huge boost in getting me to get my workouts done We will be doing Mondays and Fridays together, so the rest I will have to figure out on my own. This first one went great, tho I felt surprisingly weaker than usual. Both of us left dead and feeling great.


I also went swimming with another buddy, Michael. I am going to be swimming at least once a week. Last night I learned some more techniques on swimming form that should help a lot.


I have started scheduling things out for my training program for my full triathlon on December 5. I will start training on July 20, one week after I get back from a two week backpacking trip in Colorado, and 20 weeks before the race.



One note of success, I held/walked in a handstand for over 30 seconds several times this past week. I believe my success comes after holding wall handstands and building that holding strength. I will continue to work on these until I can walk on my hands nearly as well as I can walk on my feet.





Superset 1:

push-ups, one-arm, assisted                                                             3x8

rows, one-arm, inverted (bar 30" off ground, feet on ground)           3x6


Superset 2:

pike push-ups




50 seconds work/10 seconds rest, each exercise, 2 rounds




mountain climbers





1600 meters (free swim)

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Things are finally starting to roll again. It will probably take another couple weeks to get my fitness back up to where I was, but it is looking good. The combination of working out with a friend on a couple days and the change to morning workouts has been a huge boost. The morning workouts feels like I have had a shot of crack for the rest of the day. At least what I would imagine being on crack would feel like for the day.


Also, I am still doing really good at doing something everyday. Today, along with my warm-up and stretch, I got in more handstand and third world squat practice. 


Forgot to mention in my last post, but I hiked a little over 30 miles in the Grand Canyon last Saturday. A buddy of mine wanted to attempt another R2R2R and had no one to go with. I told him I would go with, but would not be doing the whole thing with him again. I have already done it twice and have no desire what-so-ever to do it again. So I went half way down with him, crossed over on a section of Tonto Trail that I hadn't done before, went to the bottom, and found an overhand outside of Phantom Ranch to wait. I ended up spending the next 8 hours napping on and off, and it was AMAZING! As the time drew near that he should have been returning, I decided to meander my way up the trail further to hopefully meet him. I ended up going like 4 miles up and waited as long as I could before turning around and heading back up. Turns out he had turned back that morning due to a possible knee injury and we had missed each other. So I found him sleeping in the car and all was great.




Superset 1:

incline one-arm push-up (19")              3x8 (each side)

tuck knees front lever row                    3x8

Superset 2:

straight bar dips                                   1x8, 2x5

archer pull-ups                                     3x8 (each side)



50 seconds work/10 seconds rest, each exercise, 2 rounds


rows, inverted

mountain climbers

box jumps




Superset 1:

goblet lunge (60#)                                3x8 (each side)

front levers, advanced tuck knees        3x15s

Superset 2:

single leg deadlift, two arm (40#)         3x8 (each side)

arm and leg lift side plank                    3x45s (each side)

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Last few days left - so finish strong!!!

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