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There will be at least three of us posting on this thread as we do our first challenge at the same time.


Wildwanderer checking in for his first challenge. If you would like a bit of background please proceed to my Introduction here.


Here is an updated work out schedule


Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Yoga (30 minutes); Long run (2 miles currently)

Tuesday: Yoga (30 minutes); Lift Heavy things

Wednesday: Fast day; Yoga (30 Minutes); Short run (Also currently 2 miles)

Thursday: Yoga (30 minutes); Lift Heavy things

Friday: Fast Day; Yoga (30 minutes); Short run (2 miles)

Saturday: Lift Heavy things


Current Lifting: 

Bench: 5x5 reps 155, max 195

Overhead Press: 5x5 reps 100, max 110

Barbell Row: 5x5 reps 145, max unknown

Squat: 5x5 reps 195, max unknown

Deadlift: 5x5 reps 225, max 255


Lifting Goals:

Bench: reps at 175

Overhead Press: reps at 115

Barbell Row: reps at 165

Squat: reps at 215

Deadlift: reps at 245


Yoga goals for this challenge:

Maintain flexibility and functionality

Practice yoga at least five days a week 

I am keeping my yoga more focused on stretching right now and am not hold difficult posses for any length of time as I work on my strength through lifting. 

My long term goal is to hold a handstand, and eventually lift myself effortlessly into a handstand.


Running goals for this challenge:

Increase my long run distance from 2 miles to 3-5 miles without stopping

I ran today for 2 miles without stopping. Felt great, only a few days into my running program. I have a tendency to over do it, so I am limiting myself to one long run day.


I know I can do the running and the yoga pretty easy. I've never really set goals for lifting before. I will call the challenge a success if I keep my lifting schedule and make progress. I am not so worried about the numbers as I am with maintaining the program. Like I mentioned in my introduction, I have a pretty busy schedule outside working, so if I maintain I will be very very happy.





'Not all who wander are lost.'

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Well, here goes.


Mr. B's quest for rehabilitation and progress! *cue trumpet-y noises*


Main quest goals: Build up to a leaner 200 pound version of myself, from my current 180 pounds. Finally break the 500lb mark on the deadlift, bench 225 for reps of 8+, get squat to 405. All of this with the understanding that I injured my shoulder/back, and the real challenge of the main quest being the attainment of these goals while having fully recovered from this injury. That in mind, I'd like to build my overhead press back up, too. Realistic main quest goal for this would be something in the neighborhood of 165lbs for reps. 


QUEST 1: Due to injury, I have decided to forego using an existing training program and will manage my own as I progress in my recovery. For my initial challenge, my first quest will be to stick to my program outline for six weeks without missing a single day. Also includes keeping up with shoulder/back rehab every day with band exercises and programmed weight training for the injury. Each day missed will be a hit to possible STR/CON/WIS points at the 3wk and 6wk mark. 

3 Week attribute points: 3 STR, 2 CON, 1 WIS

6 Week attribute points: 1 STR, 1 WIS


QUEST 2: Conditioning is a current weakness of mine. For this challenge I want to start slowly for conditioning and build up as my training gets back to a normal baseline. My goal for the next six weeks is to do some form of conditioning at least twice a week, but preferably 3 times a week. Activities that will count as conditioning for this challenge include: rowing machine for at least 15 minutes, stationary bike for at least 20 minutes, a 1.5 mile run, swimming laps for 15 minutes, a HIIT sprinting workout. Each week where I do not complete at least two of these conditioning workouts, -1 point of STA or DEX possible. 

3 Week attribute points: 2 STA, 1 DEX

6 Week attribute points: 1 STA, 1 DEX


QUEST 3: Nutrition is one of my strengths. I currently maintain a relatively lean physique and eat a diet consisting almost entirely of meat and vegetables with what I consider healthy servings of carbs. I do not consume processed sugars, any form of gluten, and heavily restrict dairy. That being said, it will be useful for me to track my calories and macronutrients so that I have a more complete understanding of where I am at near the end of these six weeks and what will be needed to gain or lose weight as required. This is all or nothing. Track every day for three weeks, +1 WIS. Track every day for 6 weeks, +1 CHR. Miss a day, no points awarded. 

3 Week attribute points: 1 WIS

6 Week attribute points: 1 CHR


My next post will include a detailed breakdown of my lifting programming for the next six weeks. If it does not, -1 WIS from QUEST 1 points possible. 


Best of luck to everyone in the community! And as far as our adventuring company is concerned, we don't need luck. It's all light weight. 


Mr. B

Level 1 Recruit

STR: 2 | DEX: 1 | STA: 2 | CON: 2 | WIS: 2 | CHR: 0

Bodyweight: 181 lbs.

Current training max- Squat: 355 lbs. | Bench: 95 lbs.x15 (injury) | Deadlift: 375 lbs.

Group Challenge Thread

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I went for 105 on reps for overhead press and failed miserably. 5:4:3:2:1 Comical in the way it slowly progressed down. Overhead press is by far my weakest lift and the hardest to improve. I will try it again on Thursday and see how it goes then. I ended up walking up to 225 on squat and then walking it back down, until I ended on paused squats at 135. I am having trouble hitting parallel on my heavier squat loads. I may have to hover for a week or two at lower reps until I feel comfortable moving the weight up again. I am more interested in good form than heavier weight. One of the good habits I have developed from Yoga. I didn't go for reps on squat today because I am still a little sore from Thursday deadlifts. Years of hurting myself has made me cautious and has forced me to listen to my body. Thus the lighter loads I did today. I squat again on Tuesday and I hope to do my normal reps.

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After much consideration I am going to change my plan a bit. I have currently been doing 2-24 hour fasts on Wednesday and Friday's. This has worked for the more inactive winter months, but as my work out program has grown and my outside work schedule increases, fasting during the week is sounding less sustainable. So for the current challenge I am going to shift my two fast days to a single fast on Sunday, and instead of 24 hours I will do 36 hours. From Saturday night to Monday morning. This will be an experiment for me, and if it does not work out I will readjust my plans. Sunday is my one day I have dedicated to non-physical activity, so I believe it will work out. Especially so, because while I am not physically active I am still busy throughout the day.


I am stoked for running tomorrow!

'Not all who wander are lost.'

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Main Quest:  Go down two pants size by the end of the year.


Quest 1: Participate in physical activity, 5 days a week.  This will be a combination of continuing my Stronglifts Program and adding in a goal of running a minimum of 2 miles per week. Completing the Beginner Body Weight Routine twice a week. 


Quest 2: Don't eat a single piece of candy for the whole challenge. I have a bucket of candy for students on my coworker's desk, which has been hard to resist in the past (curse you, demon chocolate!!). Instead, I will meditate for two minutes each morning, before brushing my teeth. 


Quest 3: Fast 2 days a week. I follow a Mediterranean-style diet 5 days a week, and the other two I limit myself to 1000 calories, and no grains. 


Life Quest: Construct a wigwam by the end of the 6 weeks that Wildwanderer and I can camp out in.


Motivation:  I want to win the chainsaw toss activity at my wedding. Why? Because I think it would be pretty badass. 

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Hello all! Excited to be working out with Mr. B's group here and getting to know a few folks better! An introduction on me can be found here. To summarize my current fitness points: I'm a desk jockey that just discovered fitness in a healthy way this last year. I've always struggled with consistency in the things I do, so for my first challenge the quests will be aimed at getting me in the habit of being healthy.


Main Quest: My current long term quest is achieving some fitness benchmarks. Namely, running a 10k and hitting bodyweight goals in bench, squat, and deadlift (1 x BW, 1.5 x BW, and 2 x BW respectively)


Quest 1: Workout! I currently aim to workout 6 days a week, alternating between lifting and running with one rest day. The goal is to keep this constant, something I haven't yet done for even 2 weeks straight.

A - 36 workouts in 6 weeks | B - 30 workouts | C - 24 workouts


Quest 2: Diet! Or rather, watch what I eat. I've successfully lost weight since getting more active, in large part by taking mind of what I consume. I use myfitnesspal, but like everything else I use it sporadically. Time to crack down. Goal is all 42 days of the challenge tracked.

A - 42 days tracked | B - 36 days | C -30 days


Quest 3: Posture! As mentioned, I sit at a desk all day. I tend to sit at a desk all night too. After years of this, I have APT and generally low flexibility. I have a series of stretches and positions I hold daily. This takes no more than 15-20 minutes to go through, and yet I only average doing this 3 days a week. I need to do this daily!

A - 42 days done | B - 36 days done | C - 30 days done


Life Quest: I mention this in my introduction, but music is a passion. That said, I've been neglecting my instruments for a few months now, and I want to reconnect with them. I'd like to spend 3 hours a week with my guitar/mandolin/piano and get back in the habit of playing music.

A - 3 hrs/wk | B - 2 hrs/wk | C - 1hr/wk on average.


Motivation: I'm getting married in a few months, and I've had the joy to see my fiancee kick butt with her own fitness goals. I've accomplished much myself, but it's time to get healthy. Not just for myself but for the family we are starting and that will grow in years to come.


For reference, my current stats towards my Main Quest:


Bodyweight: 205 lbs

Running distance: 2 miles (about 3k)

Bench - 120 lbs working weight (~.6 BW)

Squat - 195 lbs working weight (~.9 BW)

Deadlift - 245 lbs working weight (~1.2 BW)

Skibbles - Recruit

Level 0

STR 0 | DEX 0 | STA 0 | CON 0 | WIS 0 | CHA 0

Current Challenge

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Main Quest: Build a stronger, healthier version of myself in. Ultimately, I want to run the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon in Disneyland, be able to squat my body weight, and eat clean indefinitely. 


Quest 1:  Run 5K  Continue increasing distance by .25 mile at each run. Run twice a week. 


Quest 2: Squat 55 lbs and Lunge with the bar at Body Pump.  Attend Body Pump three times a week. Add five pounds to squat weight each week. One more week of bodyweight lunges, three weeks of plate weight lunges, then use the bar with 10 pounds.


Quest 3: Complete Candida Diet and reintroduce sugar Follow the Candida Diet for one more week. The week of the 19th have a low glycemic fruit 2 days that week. The following week add a sweet potato. Continue to slowly reintroduce foods back into my diet. 


Life Quest: Land an elementary school teacher position


Motivation: I don't ever want to feel like I did in the past. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 15, have had chronic sinusitis my entire life, in recent years I've suffered from various problems with tendonitis and received more diagnoses (exercise induced asthma, vestibular migraines, etc.) and medications. Since I've changed my lifestyle, I've never been better. I've lost 15 pounds, I've dropped about 5 pants sizes, I have energy, and no longer have all the symptoms that I used to have. I either want to feel the way I do now or see if I can feel even better. 

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Hi Folks, I think you posted in the wrong board.  Your individual threads would go here in the recruits.  This thread however, seems more like an accountability group and I have moved it into Accountabilibuddies board.  


Good luck with your challenges :D

Half Faerie (Sidhe) Scout | Black Belt Kitchen Ninja
"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright
You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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Well it seems we have been moved folks. Oh well. Upwards and onwards! I am going to keep posting how awesome I am. 


That being said I got my yoga in this morning. Two days without yoga left me pretty stiff. Especially around my core and calves. I didn't quiet do 30m, but I am less concerned about the time and more about how much I get. 


I ran today, not my best run, but not my worst. I ran about 3m and walked another half mile interspersed. I had two phone calls during my run and on top of all that my tracker on my phone didn't work, so it was a wasted effort to bring it with me. I went into the timber today and literally had to stop to smell the flowers. This is by far one of the best times to be trail running on the farm. I did a lot of hills, which is one of the other reasons I had to walk a bit here and there. It is more important that I get a little more distance then worry so much about having to stop no and again. Experience tells me it will come back and faster than I think it might. Legs felt good and had a nice little buzz going when I got back to the house.


I hope everyone had a decent first day and I look forward to hearing about it. 



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Woot! Day one done. So far I'm on track. Spent 5 miles out on the road. I did 2 of them just walking, 3 of them running. I'll be doing combinations of running/walking on my runs. I'll test max distance every few weeks. Tracking food went well. Came in pretty much spot on for my macros today. I'll be trying a new gym tomorrow, it is geared for powerlifting and I'm excited about that. I lost my battle to the alarm clock though. My grand plan was to wake up early and get a run in, instead I hit snooze and did it all after work. This will be an uphill battle I think.


Wild, I'm jealous of your ability to get good trail runs in. I'm limited to a Chicago Neighborhood, pretty flat. Still, it was a nice 60 degrees and I was happy to be outside.


I read that you've been p involved with yoga, I don't have the time to work it in, but I've always heard it is a great thing to practice for a variety of reasons. How long have you been doing it? Has it translated into improvements elsewhere that you can notice?

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It is nice to have more own private running trails. I hate running in town or worse on a treadmill. I've been doing yoga for about eight years, teaching it on and off for seven. It helps with balance and staying limber and loose. Lifting helps my yoga more than you would think.

Yoga was pretty good this morning. I taught at the local rec center for 30m.

Bench 5x5 155, felt good ready to push it up some.

Incline bench 5x5 95, haven't done this for a while. Can go heavier next time.

Squat 5x5 185, this was easy. Form felt great. Going to just to 195 Saturday depending on how my dead lifts go on Thursday.

Lifting felt easy today which is good!

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I just spent an inordinate amount of time reading different articles and resources from NF at work (it's research, I swear!) and have a couple of thoughts and questions I'd like feedback on:


1. Since I loathe running almost as much as I loathe spiders, should I modify my original goal of running 2 miles a week to completing the Beginner Body Weight Routine twice a week instead? My rationale is that if I hate running, why am I doing it, and doing the circuit would provide some cardio (right?) My concern is that I'm doing too much lifting--particularly too much squatting/lunging. Or, since this is body weight only, should I be okay? Am I cheating if I change my goals in the first week??


2. I'd also like to add a daily meditation goal of 2 minutes a day to my second quest. That one's not really a question, more of a "keep me accountable for my goals so I don't get distracted by shiny things" request of you all.  :pride:

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Got in my yoga this morning and a very fast 2m run. Felt pretty good, had to stop once at the top of a hill. Proceeded to lift stones into a tractor bucket for a couple of hours and then spend at least an hour swinging my maul splitting some walnut. I am a tired camper and need to find a way to stuff more food in my body to keep it going. 


IronMadeMarion, I talked to Mr. B and he suggested dropping the running right now and stick to what you like doing to establish good habits and then re-introduce running back when you are a little more ready for it. Better to want to work out than to not look forward to running and poison the experience. Better than my advise of doing more of both. FITNESS!


Tomorrow is deadlift day. I really hope my lower back is ready for it. It's a little tender from all the rock moving and ax swinging. 

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How is it Day 3 already? So far the challenge has been going well. Monday I went to Body Pump and decided to go ahead and skip four weeks ahead on my lunge goal and started using the bar. I only put 10 pounds on it, but that was plenty. I lunged with 10 pounds again tonight. It's definitely a struggle, but I feel like I'm doing pretty well with it. 


Yesterday i went for a run. I am up to 2.25 miles, almost to my 5K goal! I am officially registered for a 5K at the end of June now :)


I guess my challenge right now is getting three days of Body Pump in plus two days of running due to my work and personal obligations. I typically exercise after work, but my plan is to get up at 4:30 tomorrow, Friday and Monday so I can work out before I need to be at work. I'm curious to see how that goes. I know that Friday and Monday will be Body Pump days. I was thinking of doing Body Flow tomorrow morning, but now I'm debating trying to run. 


As far as my diet goes, I'm still holding strong without sugar. I've been amazed at how I no longer crave sugar. The instructor tonight mentioned that she ate two cupcakes earlier. Typically a comment like that would have sent me running to the nearest cupcake shop, but now I just think "cupcakes do taste good, but they don't make me feel good so I don't want one." 


This challenge is starting out well. Of course I'm a competitive person so if there is a challenge, I'm going to take it head on and finish strong. 


It seems like everyone is off to a good start.


IronMadeMarian How is your quest to not eat candy going? After recently cutting sugar out of my diet, I know how hard it can be to resist.

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Waking up at 4:30 to run ended up not being so bad. My alarm went off and immediately I thought "It's too early. I'm going back to sleep," but then I realized that my body felt refreshed and ready to run. So I went ahead and got up, had some coffee and oatmeal and headed out the door. I've never run in the morning before sunrise. I found the experience to be therapeutic in a way. When I left the house it was still really dark, there were only a couple cars on the roads and the lights were flashing still. As I ran, I watched the world wake up; the roads were more full, the lights no longer flashed and the sun began to peek over the horizon. I managed to run 2.5 miles this morning. It feels really good to know that I can have my busy day now and my run is already complete. 

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Nice job TinkerbarBelle! I love working out in the mornings.


I taught my yoga class this morning. There were a bunch of teenage girls there today who were very giggly and not too coordinated. The rustling and whispering was distracting from the normal quiet, but I got through it and proceeded to lift. I went for 105 on overhead press again and failed. I had to drop down to 95 and do my reps there. Next week I will go for 100 and see how that does. I was worried about deadlift after my poor showing on over head press but managed to hammer out 225 5x5. Last week I only did 4x5, so it was good to finish out my reps there. The weight wasn't too bad and the lift felt strong. I am ready to move up on my weight next week. I tried to barbell press 135 but only managed 2x5 before deciding to quit. I have to basically row a bunch of weight this afternoon while I feed 50lb bags of seed into the seeder. My upper body is feeling a little weak, so I stopped before I hurt anything. I figured I had plenty of more exercise to do and wouldn't loose out. I will do my rows on Saturday first and see how that feels. 


I woke up feeling good this morning, but I am already tired and will need to get to bed early tonight to catch up on sleep. This kind of work out load will require at least nine or more hours of sleep to keep up. I am stuffing my face right now, anything I can fit in there. One of these days I will count my macro's and actually see how close my estimates are on how much I am eating. It feels like a lot.

'Not all who wander are lost.'

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IronMadeMarian How is your quest to not eat candy going? After recently cutting sugar out of my diet, I know how hard it can be to resist.


So far, so good! Removing the candy from my desk was a big help :rolleyes-new:​  I definitely agree that the longer you go without, the easier it is to say no. I had a mini battle with a Brownie Boss during a meeting at work, but triumphed by sitting on the opposite side of the room as the dessert table. I haven't reached your level yet (even though junk food and dairy make me feel sick, I still eat it sometimes--usually when I'm upset, because I struggle with emotional eating), but hopefully I can develop that in the future. 


Nice job with following through on your early, EARLY morning run!  :highly_amused:

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Monday- Deadlift and Good Mornings

Assistance- Upper back, arms 


Wednesday- Incline Bench Press and Overhead Press

Assistance- Shoulders and mid back


Friday- Squat and Barbell Row

Assistance- Upper back, arms


Heavy emphasis on upper body for support of my injury and regrowing lost mass and strength. Next challenge will add some more assistance to legs, but right now it's not even remotely necessary. My legs are by far the strongest thing on me. 


Workouts this week-

Went light for deadlift to keep my back safe. Probably won't go heavier than 315 for a while. Ended up building up to one set of 315x8. 

Good mornings hit 135 4x8

Assistance went well. Kept it light.


Second workout was shoulders. This was awful.

Incline 95 pounds, 2x15, 1x12, 1x10, 1x8

Overhead press 55 pounds 4x8. Ouch.

Assistance was good. 


Check in tomorrow or next week with squats. 


Wildwanderer- Congrats on 225 5x5 on deadlift. Keep progressing, keep adding weight or reps. You're the strongest I've seen you right now. 


TinkerBarBelle- You're insane for waking up at four whatever in the morning, but I admire your pluck. Good job! That 5k goal will be here soon!


IronMadeMarian- I'm going to weigh in a bit here on your earlier question. Feel free to disregard anything I say, as it will likely be to your credit to do so. Where conditioning/cardio is concerned, the biggest thing to think about at this stage in the game, the early stage, is "what can I do that I won't absolutely loathe?" I hate running too. Just down the street from you, going east, is a great big hill. I started at the stream at the bottom and sprinted up the hill, then walked back down cursing, and repeated that about four - six times just a few times a week. It was over quickly, but the conditioning I got from it was really great. For me, this was better than distance running. The bodyweight program would also be fantastic conditioning (I prefer this term over cardio, but feel free to use them interchangeably here). Anything you can do without hating life beforehand will be fine. Other options include: swimming, using a rowing machine, eliptical. High rep low weight sets for weight training works too- think something in the neighborhood of 40-60% of your working sets, but for sets of 20-30 on things like squat, bench, deadlift. Also, I wouldn't be too afraid of doing too much lifting at this point. Soreness is really rough for the first few months of lifting regularly, but completely normal. I had trouble with stairs. A lot of trouble. If its more than soreness, your body will tell you and you'll know to back off. Again, I wouldn't worry.




Mr. B

Level 1 Recruit

STR: 2 | DEX: 1 | STA: 2 | CON: 2 | WIS: 2 | CHR: 0

Bodyweight: 181 lbs.

Current training max- Squat: 355 lbs. | Bench: 95 lbs.x15 (injury) | Deadlift: 375 lbs.

Group Challenge Thread

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This week has been brutal. I managed to keep with the challenge. I did yoga this morning and ran 2 miles or so. On top of that I have seeded down two fields and walked several water ways. What that equates to is lifting a lot of fifty pound bags to shoulder height and walking around with a hand spreader. I just got home from a wine tasting and feel like I got hit by a truck. It will be an early night for me.

'Not all who wander are lost.'

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Hey all! Hope the first week has been going well! I am feeling EXHAUSTED but happy. Yesterday I did nothing due to pain from lifting, but otherwise I'm on track. I've either walked or run 20 miles since Monday, which is a staggering number for me to even think about. Lifting is really the only challenge so far, but I'll get through it.I


@TinkerBarBelle I'm super jealous! Every day this week I've set my alarm early with the intent of getting up and being active. Everyday this week I've hit snooze and rolled over. I just can't seem to summon that willpower. Go you!


@WildWanderer I have an idea of the sort of physical work you do from stories from Baldy, and I'm impressed you still are finding the time on improving yourself further. Keep it up!


@IronMadeMarian Go meditate!

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Apparently waking up early and going to bed late is going to be the new norm for me. Yesterday morning I woke up at 4:15 so I could be at the gym at 5:30 and work by 7. It was a Body Pump day. I was feeling really strong, so I upped my squat to 40 lbs, my chest to 16 lbs, and my biceps to 16 lbs. My whole body was shaking by the end of the squat track, which is the first thing we do after warming up. It was a really intense workout, but I felt so good afterwards. 


I had a really good moment during class. When I was squatting 40 lbs, I realized that it was like squatting with one of my kids from work. It became an amazing when I compared that moment to the same time last year when I was on a lifting restriction and wasn't allowed to even lift one a kid. 


@Skibbles- I've been amazed that I can wake up early and be happy about it. Yesterday morning I did think that the only reason I could is because my body is at a place where it is used to the amount of physical activity that I am doing. For a few months now, I've been working out 5-7 days a week. At first, I was exhausted from working out plus I was eating at a caloric deficit. However now my calories are in check and my body is not only adjusted to working out, but it craves being active. Give it some time and you may find that it is easier to wake up. 


@IronMadeMarian- Nice job removing the candy. That's a hard thing to do, but the best way to stick with it. I always find that I have the hardest time resisting at work. It seems that there is always someone eating candy or a plate of cake sitting in the break room. The first few weeks when I eliminated sugar, I realized that what makes it difficult is watching other people eat what you are choosing not to. I found myself saying "I can't have that" which made me want it more, but then I changed my thoughts to "I CAN have that, but I'm choosing not to." That change made a huge difference for me.


@WildWanderer- I'm amazed that you are keeping up with your challenge and doing so much physical work. After class yesterday, I had a hard time being able to pick up a relatively light storage bin to put on a high shelf. 

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Way to rock it everyone! It's awesome to see everyone progressing.

I rocked my lifts this morning. Bench 160 5x5, squat 195 5x5 and rows 115 5x5. I went light on the rows and plan to build this back up. I wasn't feeling 135 and my form was way off. So I dropped that down and felt much better.

I was tired most of yesterday, but after second dinner I started to feel better. I'd like to go low carb, but I am just too active right now to risk it. Every time I've tried it before I got really sick for days and I would rather not feel like crap right now.

I'm glad I did not fast this week. It would have ended badly. I ate a lot and was still tired. Tomorrow is going to be tough. I'll be fasting all day.

Keep up the good work everyone and have a good weekend.

'Not all who wander are lost.'

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Evening folks,


Today is the close of week 1 of the challenge. Congratulations to everyone on their progress toward their goals! I'm really excited about how well you're all doing. Especially compared to me, as I'm kind of a fat slacker. 


This week has been helpful in opening my eyes to some of my weaknesses. First off, I have utterly failed at my third quest, and have not logged a signle day's calories this week. Go me! I am going to call that a loss of 1 CHR for my points possible. In order to be more gentle and forgiving with myself however, I am going to issue myself a chance to still get the 1 WIS left on the table for quest three if I start logging calories tomorrow morning- but I must continue until the end of the six week challenge without missing a day. 


As for Quest 1, I have done well. My last post contained my rough workout program. Detailed weights are not really possible at this point despite my desire to hone in my training for pregression. I am still really feeling out my injury and don't want to push things quite yet. 


Quest 2 is also going alright. Yesterday I did about an hour of conditioning by playing sports with my girflriend and some friends in the park. Additionally I'd planned on going for a run this evening, but it is of course raining. If I don't manage some kind of conditioning today, then I fail my challenge, so I am planning on heading to the gym shortly to do some swimming or getting on the rowing machine. Can't let myself fail two quests in one week, now can I?


Friday's workout was interesting. I worked up in doubles to 275 for warm ups on squat, and then decided that I hated myself and did a set of 20 reps at 185. I called this my working sets for the day and moved on to rows. Did rows at 4x8 135 pounds. Not progressing in weight on this at all. In fact, I suspect that 135 is slightly more than I should be using, but I haven't had any sign of injury yet, so I will continue to use this weight and hope to make some rep gains this coming week. Accessory work went well with upper back and arms, improving by a few pounds in most of those lifts. 


Tomorrow is deadlift day and my body is still pretty sore. I anticipate doing a moderate weight for higher reps, but probably not over 275. 


I have an MRI on tuesday to make sure everything is good in my shoulder and neck. My program could change drastically based on those results, one way or another. Either way, I noticed significant difference between my left and right side upper trapezius, indicating a drastic weakness in the left side. I've started doing shrugs to help correct this, and will probably do some one sided shrugs with light weight at home this week to help start trying to balance things out. 


Hope everyone else is doing well,


Mr. B

Level 1 Recruit

STR: 2 | DEX: 1 | STA: 2 | CON: 2 | WIS: 2 | CHR: 0

Bodyweight: 181 lbs.

Current training max- Squat: 355 lbs. | Bench: 95 lbs.x15 (injury) | Deadlift: 375 lbs.

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Well...I think I've pushed my body too much. I debated using yesterday as a rest day, but I was feeling really good so I headed to the gym for Body Attack in the afternoon. This morning I woke up at 415 and made it to the gym by 530 for Body Pump. That's when things started to go poorly. I really struggled with my upper body stuff. Surprisingly my lunges were the best they've ever been though. By the time I left the gym, I felt super weak. I've been pretty much eating non-stop since then and staying hydrated, but I feel like I could pass out at any moment. It appears that 8 days in a row is too much. I'm canceling my morning run tomorrow and I probably won't make it to my work event tonight, but my body is telling me loud and clear that it needs rest. I'm disappointed that I am canceling my run for tomorrow. I have a job fair tomorrow afternoon to help with my life quest. The run would be really helpful for any anxiety I am feeling. However, it's probably better to be a little anxious then to be weak and falling asleep while meeting potential employers. 


I think part of my problem is I'm not getting enough calories. I know that I need to up my calories now that I've met my weight goal, but I'm having a hard time meeting those calories. Mr. B is going to help me figure that out on Wednesday though :) Hopefully some rest tonight and tomorrow will do wonders for my body.


On the bright side, I added fruit back into my diet. I really enjoyed being able to eat strawberries again! I'm debating my food choices for tomorrow at the job fair. I think I may end up eating a processed energy bar while I'm there, because it's convenient to bring with me. That makes me a little sad, but I guess there are situations where I will have to eat food that I don't typically eat, as long as it doesn't become a habit.


Hope everyone else's second week is off to a stronger start!

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Woke up with a slight strain in my upper right trap, probably from it being worked hard overcompensating for the weakness in the left. Taking the day off to rest it and going back at it tomorrow. 


I did manage to hit the gym last evening- did 2000 meter row in 9:56, and then laps in the pool off and on until I was tired. No real science to that one I guess.


Hang in there Tinker- I'm in a similar boat!

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Group Challenge Thread

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