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Bard returns to battle the inconsistency demon!


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And so I return,


As usual, I've been consistently inconsistent of late - although changing jobs (starting my own business!) has been largely to blame that's still no excuse and indeed working from home I need more than ever to get regular exercise in as otherwise I can go days and days at a time without ever leaving the house (my wife would say without ever leaving the computer, which I protest, but in truth probably isn't far off!).  So without further ado:


Main goal:


Exercise 30 times between now and the end of June.  That's 11 weeks away so it's not even three workouts a week, but what I really want to work on is the consistency.  I know I can do 5 workouts a week, and I'd like to work back up to that!


Mini goals:

1) Bed by ten 5 nights a week.  I'm good at this when I set my mind to it, so... time to set my mind to it again!  This will allow me to get up early in the morning to workout.


2) Go no more than one day in a row without leaving the house - whether it's a walk to the shops or a run, anything which gets me out of the house and ideally exercising is to be embraced!  (This also gets me off the computer)


3) Lift weights at least six times over the course of the challenge.  I got into the habit of bodyweight workouts, which I enjoy, but which are easier to slack off on.  Lifting weights involves numbers which are harder to fudge :)  Plus it will mean I have to keep the garage neat so I can actually GET to the weights and use them.


Side quest:

Ensure my office is clean (to my wife's standard!) for at least 21 days of the challenge.  


How I will achieve all these goals:

Actually mostly using the habit streak app on my phone - most of these goals aren't things which are hard to do as such, more just that I need to make a conscious effort to do them and I find that writing them down, or at least having to mark off when I've done or not done things really helps keep me on track.  Also since I've started keeping a bit of a journal this year, I'm going to keep up with that and keep notes in that on how I'm doing as well!


Good luck to everyone in your challenges too!


All the best


Bard (who will get back to poetry in due course :)

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So glad to see you!


Great challenge focus. Consistency is a real important in life. So glad to see you battling it straight on.

Good luck, we'll be here for you!

22nd level Wanderer

better is right here, right now

The Way

Here's to all the 1% increases in life!

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I was worried about appearance;

Same goals every time looked slack

Then I realised, 'twas silly,

No need to feel guilty,

Just push on from where I am at!

Bed by, well 11 last night, up this morning for a run though and some work on my office to start the work week and the challenge!

Thanks for the sub Terinatum! Fantastic to have support!

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Bard before the run! After the run Bard was a gibbering mess, lacking the coordination and fine motor skills to actually use the camera function of the phone... Bard is very unfit... Probably 4km (gps unfit too it seems) and had to slow to a walk three, maybe for times... This is a starting point.

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I'll try, I will, hoo hooo!

To stick to my goals here with you!

This first week is fun,

One gym and two runs!

But the study is messy, boo hoo!

Bedtime, I have, not stuck,

This up late trend I must now buck!

Be in bed by ten,

I will try again!

But being good is as hard as.....titanium (you thought I was going to write something else there didn't you!)

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Gah! Inconsistent!

I fall, again I get up,

I can do this, soon

First week was good but,

next two weeks were a write off,

I won't fail again!

Counting from this week again

Quickly writing this as I go to bed

Still working on that particularly, and everything...

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Okay, Bard. Refocus time.

What's the most important thing to you, about getting healthy? Do that!

Give yourself gold star stickers each day on a paper stuck on the fridge - one week at a time.

Congratulate yourself every time you make a healthy decision, every single time.

Wake up in the morning and be curious about what you can do to feel better about your days.

Go to bed, being thankful you got a chance to practice being healthy.

Go get em, Bard. You can so do this!

22nd level Wanderer

better is right here, right now

The Way

Here's to all the 1% increases in life!

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