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Editing to add a little more info about myself and outlining my official goals.


I am 58, female, live in northern California. Divorced for 7 years now. Went from stay at home mom to working full time as mobile x ray tech. I drive around and take X-rays of people who can't get out of the house. Mostly really old folks (and sadly, some not so old) in really bad health. Daily inspiration for what I don't want to be.




Pay attention to what I am eating and lose 5 pounds. Focus on nourishing my body and keeping it happy. Not queasy from too much salt, fat, sugar or calories.

Move more, doing my physical therapy adding in a few other exercises and walking.

Go on a small adventure, this time a hot air balloon ride.


Decided not to take that year off. I would be able to survive as a musician but I would likely be very poor. Having been poor most of my life, I would rather have money.


Okay, still not really SMART goals. Need to work on this a bit more.

Update done.




Took the last challenge off to reflect on what I learned in the first 3 challenges.

Much has happened since then.

My boyfriend dumped me. Seems his wife objected. (Note to self: from now on, pay attention to that small quiet voice when it whispers "There's something not quite right here")

My mother's house has finally sold and I have a (sizable) chunk of money in my savings account.

And finally, the company I worked for went out of business ("David") and most of us were hired by the company who bought them out ("Goliath"). Tomorrow will be my first official day of working for them. I have heard nothing but horror stories about this company so we'll see.

I am seriously considering taking a year off. Working part time doing music and dipping into savings as needed, just to see what will happen. I have much to do still to get my life in order since Mother's death and the sale of the house and getting settled in my new place (which needs a fair amount of work still) and I have been turning down music jobs because I couldn't fit them into my schedule despite the awesome boss ("David") being willing to be flexible. I have a feeling Goliath won't be as willing to be flexible with the work schedule to let me take on the occasional music job.


Anyway, challenge wise:

What I learned form previous challenges:

Looking at my schedule ahead of time and planning meals, making time for cooking and shopping is a necessity.

I really hate regimented workouts.

I really really hate regimented diets. Just don't like having someone else tell me what to do. 


Good thing to come out of the job change (we hope) is the ability to schedule better. If I stay with the job, (accidentally typed mob instead of job. can we say Freudian slip, boys and girls?) I should be working a predictably scheduled 40 hours a week instead of 60-80 unpredictable hours. This should  make cooking and planning meals much easier. 

I went to Whole Foods intending to buy some healthy food to cook and stood there looking at ingredients thinking I really really don't want to cook. I just don't want to do it. Found a quiet place and asked myself Why? Why do I not want to cook? Oh because I don't want to put the time and effort into it. Okay. Why do I not want to put the time and effort into cooking when I know it is so much healthier than fast food and frozen stuff? This one took a while to answer. Because I don't care enough about myself to think I (and my poor body) are worth the time and effort. Oof. So I am going to fake it till I make it (the caring about myself part) and learn to make myself and my poor neglected body some decent simple meals. And cook them!


I know these are not SMART goals. I am tired and have been through a lot lately. I will be coming back and making some SMART goals here.

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I read a book during the break called naturally thin.  It resonates with me and is real, if that makes sense. Her ideas take into account the craziness of life, not being able to be at home all day long, or get lunch at a particular time. She has ten principles and I am going to focus on one a week. (I am already down 4 pounds since reading this book)

This week is about balance. Don't worry about each individual meal being perfect but balance it out through the day.

Also I want to make my body happy. Pay attention to how my body is feeling after a meal. Is my tummy singing or is it queasy? This one is a real challenge for me. I spent most of my life with people who taught that the body is sinful, something to be ashamed of and ignored as much as possible. 

So on to balance!

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Finally read Steve's post about the challenge :)

Another thing I learned from previous challenges was that my goals were too big. So I am setting smaller ones this time.

Instead of a regimented exercise program, physical therapy which I usually do, adding in some lunges and a 20 minute walk. Taking out the garbage, if I go to the farthest dumpster is a 10 minute walk, so just add one more circuit there and I'm done!

And for the life quest:

A small adventure (want to live up to my guild's name, yes?)

This time, a hot air balloon ride. Tis the season :)


Today, balance. 

Breakfast meeting. They have good stuff, fruit, eggs etc.

Lunch at home. hmmm, what shall I make? will be stopping at grocery store on my way home from meeting.

Dinner ? have rehearsals, will probably stop for a burger because I really want a burger today, I have been vegetarian the past few days.

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Looked more into Spartan and I have decided against it because

1. I am a senior citizen and this seems to be geared to young and or really really strong (and crazy) people.

2. I am at very high risk for retinal detachment. Don't want to do anything that involves possible knocks to the head. I loved martial arts but gave it up because it got more physical as I moved up the ranks and was expected to spar.

I have been looking for some time for a physical activity I could get involved with. Golf, too expensive. Tennis, elbow painful after playing a very short time. Ballet, I loved as a kid but parents said no. No reason given this time, just no. Did manage to take a few classes when I was on my own and loved it. but then got married and hubby didn't want to spend the money. Recently work schedule didn't allow me but now...

I will find out my regular work schedule today and I found that a local junior college has adult ballet classes that might fit.This would delight me. Wish me luck with that new work schedule.

Had a big but really good breakfast yesterday. not very hungry at lunch so just had bread and milk. Long rehearsals, 1-7, very hungry and had burger with fries on the way home. Cocoa at bedtime. Ended up going out on a call (the regular guy was sick so they called me and said pretty please) and stopped at 7-11 on the way home (1 a.m.) for munchies and cappuccino to help stay awake on the drive back home. Didn't finish them. Not really too many calories but veggies are lacking and more carbs than I wanted.

Balance the day.

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Too embarrassed to go to ballet class at my weight.

Hard couple of days. Until they get me my own van (my own van! No sharing!) I am using the van of a guy who is on vacation. He is an older fellow who has stubbornly resisted attempts to drag him into the modern age. His equipment is practically antique, most of it phased out years ago. He is, apparently the only one who can get a decent image out of the gear. Radiologist actually rejected one of my pictures yesterday because of poor image quality. First time that has ever happened to me. :( Complaints have been made, by myself and my lead tech, to little avail. At least the powers that be are aware of my problems. I was told to just play with the equipment and make it work. The images are just so gray and foggy and generally crappy it is embarrassing.

Have been eating for comfort, stress and unpredictable food sources. (they are feeding us at the late rehearsals, but we never know what is going to appear)

Exercise, pretty good. Stretching and weights, could use more walking.

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Thanks for checking in Teros. Been missing you and Bearlee. Feeling lonely and discouraged right now. Shouldn't be really. Life is pretty doggone awesome these days. Everything going really  good except for my eating. Hard to stay positive about it. Too many days when I just say fuck it and eat whatever.

My comfort zone has been pushed so far so many times since the divorce that the hot air balloon ride is a walk in the park. Divorce, moving out, going on job interviews, getting a job, going on a cruise, solo motorcycle camping. Balloon ride is just something I want to do that sounds like fun. It's been on my to do list for too long.

Reading Ericmn's post about where he was four years ago got me excited for a while. Having the possible goal of a spartan really did energize me about eating and getting fit but really shouldn't do it because of my age. Running a spartan at 60? Seriously? Seems totally out of reach.

Good for you on getting out and away for a bit. A new perspective can help a lot. Love the pictures. :)

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Rereading hack the matrix it occurs to me that main reason I don't eat healthier is that I simply don't like the taste of much "healthy" food.

Todays goal try a new recipe that I might like. Roasted veggies  coming up.

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First gym session. I like this guy. He is starting me nice and slow. I tend to overdo with all the enthusiasm and then get too sore and give up. My assignment for the first month is to just show up and do my little workout. Baby steps to Sparta!

Baby steps to the healthy foods too. baking some chicken as well as the roasted veggies. Nice to have a not so crazy work schedule these days. I actually have time to plan and prep my food.

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Sorry I've been gone so long. I've been reading just not posting. Sucks about the boyfriend. And wow what brought on the Spartan run? Last year I went to a tough mudder that my cousin was in and I thought to myself "next year I'm going to do this". That has since fallen by the wayside, but I may have to consider it again.

When are you going on the ballon ride? Will there be pictures? I've always thought about doing balloon ride some time, just that some time has never come up. Guess it only comes up when you make it come up.

As far as healthy foods, it took me a while to find things that I liked. Couldn't do the salad thing. But here are some of the things I've found that I love. Cherry tomatoes (here they have a brand called Cherubs that come in small containers), baby carrots dipped in roasted red pepper hummus, red peppers cut into strips, ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins/craisins on it), tangerines (have a brand here called Cuties that I love, also have Halos but don't like as much), frozen bags of vegetables you stick in the microwave to steam, and some of my staples at work nuts and beef jerky. If you don't like something just check it off and move on to the next thing. You'll eventually find something you'll like.

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Viking Adventurer

Battle Log: Bearlee is ...

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I started thinking about a spartan last challenge when Teros did one ...but I'm too fat and too old and out of shape. It's not something that I can do.

Then Teros posted his pictures and I couldn't say anymore that I'm too fat...but I'm too old and out of shape.

Then EricMN posted that four years ago he was 260 pounds and couldn't even do three miles on the treadmill and now he is doing three Spartans this year. Okay, he was just as out of shape as I am today, but....I'm still too old. Not going to happen.

Then I read about a 70 year old grandmother who completed a Spartan. Oh hell. I am totally out of excuses. Sparta here I come.


I am up to my neck right now helping with the high school musical so the balloon ride will be my reward when it is all over in late May.


Roasted sweet potatoes and carrots are yummy.

Greek yogurt and honey are almost as good as ice cream. 


I am officially two workouts closer to Sparta.

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One more workout, another 2.6 miles.

Showed trainer the avenger challenge. He wanted to post it in the gym. I told him to get his own copy.

He explained the exercises and a couple of variations for me to not hurt my knees. Will be doing it Monday.

To Sparta!

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Been a crazy hard week. Coming to the end of the school year. No workouts this week, just focusing on getting sleep (fail) and not eating too badly (ok)

Tomorrow, the Avengers Challenge! And laundry and cleaning and shopping and a movie! Which one? Hmmmm.

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