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Janelle starts again.


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Hi, :peaceful:

My name is Janelle. Although I have been here a few times. I am aiming at completing this challenge from start to finish. I'm hoping I'm a little wiser than the last time.

I am currently 78kg. I started my journey of change in 2012 at which point I was 98kg. Through a massive trauma in my life I lost 15kg due to stress. For the last 15 months I have hovered in  the 72kg-78kg weight range. 


Change is required for the following reasons:


1) I have the arthritis of an 80 year old (my doctors words not mine) in my left big toe and its starting to manifest in my right. This is aggravated by my weight, lack of movement and excess sugar consumption. This causes me a lot of physical pain plus it stops me from wearing some of my favourite shoes! ( oh yeah Im a shoe-a-hollic!!)


2) I have a twitchy back (my words). Doctor says I have very little core strength added to that I carry my weight in my tummy. Improved core strength and weight loss will help.


3) My family has a poor heart health history, a cycle I want to break.


4) I love to horse ride and I love to go dancing (not at the same time). Neither of which I have done for nearly 10 years. I want to start going out with friends and feel confident and sexy again ( in a fabulous pair of shoes and outfit to match). I also want to get back into the saddle and go horse riding with my kids.


That said here is my Main Quest:


My main quest is to get down to a size 12 or 65kg by Christmas 2015.


My current stats are :

Weight is 78kg 

I'm in a 14-16 clothes.

Height : 167cm 

Waist: 106cm

Hips: 113cm

Right thigh: 58cm

Right calf: 39cm

Right upper arm: 29.5

Left thigh: 57.5cm

Left calf: 39.5

Left upper arm: 30.5cm


BMI: 27.96


My SMART quests in the past have been DUMB (please note shouty capitals were needed here!) I have tried to achieve way too much to soon. So now I know what doesn't work. Hopefully this time I will get it right.



1) Increase veggie consumption. Minimum of 4 serves per day. Track this with food diary.

Grading over the week : A=5-7days, B=3-4days, C=1-2days.


2) Cut out extra sugar and added sugars. Track this with food diary.

Grading over the week: A=5-7days, B=3-4days, C=1-2days.


3) Complete 3 BBWW/walks per week. Track this by checking in here on my thread each time I complete one.

(last time I was aiming for 5-7, didn't have much luck. That's why it's less this time. )

Grading over the week: A=3, B=2, C=1.


4) Meditate a minimum of 5 times a week. Track this at the end of week on here.

Currently I am doing this for 20min-30min 5 days a week. I want to maintain this level.

Grading over the week: A=5, B=4, C=3.


One bonus point will be allocated if extra exercises are done ie: water aerobics or extra walks or BBWW.

At the end of the 6 week challenge extra points will be added up, and go toward overall grading.




Spend one day a week working in my studio on my pottery. Post pics of my work good or bad.  Go out dancing at new RNB club with friends. Go horse riding with kids.




Keeping up with my kids, feeling good mind, body and spirit. Participate and present everyday in my life. No more wasting time.

I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.


So Im off to bed and to meditate and focus on what I want to achieve.


See ya. :onthego:.......... :peaceful:





Level one Lycan

STR 3, DEX 1, STA 4, CON 2, WIS 6, CHA 4.


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So day one has been great. I know its early days and I am guilty of lots of enthusiasm at the start and fading at the end. So Im pacing myself. Today was a non-work day. So on work days I will hopefully do a BBWW. Today however I did my walk and in total today Ive  done 8523 steps. So it'll be interesting to see how that changes on a work day.

Food has been good.

No extra sugar. No chocolate (huge for me).

Maintained food diary. Had 5 meals today.

I have drunk 7 glasses of water.

On to tomorrow. :peaceful:


Level one Lycan

STR 3, DEX 1, STA 4, CON 2, WIS 6, CHA 4.


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welcome back Janelle.  You've been here a few times so perhaps it's time for you to move to a guild (even though you haven't quite completed a challenge yet).  Perhaps you'd like to join the Adventurers?  If you would, i can wave my magic wand and move you there so you don't have to restart your thread.  If you honestly feel you're not ready then you are welcome to stay here.

Half Faerie (Sidhe) Scout | Black Belt Kitchen Ninja
"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright
You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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Bipitty bopity boo,

Blaidd has used her magic wand an I have arrived in Adventurers.

Many thanks to Blaidd.


So week one started well ended not so good. Life decided to throw in some challenges of its own. I ended up getting into the chocolate and coke in the last couple of days.

 But Im working on fixing them too.

Positives from week one.

I got my walks in and I actually went swimming. I did 10 laps, on the way up used only arms on the way back only legs. Which was a massive achievement because I am a terrible swimmer. Also Im proud of myself for braving the pool in my swim suit, no tshirt or shorts. (WOOOT).

I got some gardening done. I upped my water consumption.

Over all score for week one:

1.B - veggies

2.B - no sugar

3.A - walks / workouts

4.A -meditation


I have a crazy busy week ahead this week. Hopefully I will stay on top of things.

bye for now


Level one Lycan

STR 3, DEX 1, STA 4, CON 2, WIS 6, CHA 4.


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Hey, Im back again.

Had a fantastically busy week and managed to stay on top of things. Better this week than last. I went swimming again and I have upgraded to the slow lane instead of social lane. So I have invested in some flippers with the hope that I can bust out some speedier laps, all be it at a slow pace. But Im feeling good about it. I got in some BBWW as well. Geez I was sore afterwards.

This week I have been extra tired, from work outs and super busy, so my meditation has dropped off, however I will bring it back starting tonight.

So score for week 2:

1.A - veggies

2.B - sugar

3.A- workouts

4. C-meditation.


C ya next time

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Level one Lycan

STR 3, DEX 1, STA 4, CON 2, WIS 6, CHA 4.


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