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I am recovered! Well, lingering sore throat but fuck that noise. Back into the gym today.


UNTIL THEN: http://www.stereogum.com/1800663/stream-faith-no-more-sol-invictus/mp3s/


New fucking Faith No More, because that's all that matters this week.


Saw Avengers 2 over the weekend. Fun time. Much more excited for Mad Max later this month.

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Level 5 Viking Berserker

Str: 10 | Dex: 10 | Stam: 8 | Con: 15 | Wis: 18 | Cha: 12

Battle Log || Current Challenge Log


Fitocracy | My Fitness Pal | Runkeeper

Twitter | Xbox Live: ravnos13 | PSN: CrawlingChaos13

Nintendo ID | Steam ID | Battle.net: ravnos#1547

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I thought Avengers 2 was fun as well.  Critics were not going in with the right attitude.  


How has the rest of the week been going for you?

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Cathelas the Level 3 Half-Orc

STR 10|DEX 6|CON 10|STA 11|WIS 8|CHA 7

My Challenges: 15-1 15-2 15-3

Tracking Goal, get weight below 200 pounds Starting (Jan 23, 2015): 226 Goal: 199  Exactly 3 months to hit goal weight April 23, 2015!


New Weight Loss Goal 180 pounds started April 23, 2015  Current Weight 179 - Made it on June 27!


Travel to Mordor by Spin, Road Bike, Running (starting Feb 23, 2015)         Made it to Mount Doom on July 11, 2015!  Now, I need to turn around and go home!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Rauros to Mount Doom 470 miles this leg for a total of 1779 miles 

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