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I know, and I'm working on the medical side. Not sure how I get my brain to shut up, though. :rolleyes:

I've been trying something like autosuggestion, but so far it hasn't made a difference at all. 


The only thing that seems to "help" so far is distracting my brain with a book I can get lost in until my eyes are simply too tired to stay open. Unfortunately this is a rather lengthy process and still cuts heavily into my total sleeping time. :(


OK, this sounds probably weird... But when I have trouble sleeping, I imagine myself as a tiger (or any other animal) that is sleeping. I imagine how the fur looks like, and how the tiger's sides go up and down with each breath. Just deep, worry-free tiger sleep :D It gives me something pleasant to think about, and usually helps to shut down all the bad thoughts. Sometimes your brain just is way too energetic, though... That's when I usually drink a small, hot cup of tea with honey, and try again.


I hope you're feeling better now! Well done keeping up with your challenge through all the busy things, Swamps :)

-:*~ Journal ~*:-

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