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Ah! Yes week six , thursday! Still here. Thinking about what to change for a new challenge.

Had some definitely not perfect choices those last weeks, including tuesday and wednesday butthat's okay as long as I'll improve from there.


Have to think about how I actually want to train because I sort of lost interest with the optionof leg day. So maybe something that's full body would be better for me than alternating because I really don't like that switching up ?

Well. I also need to get a good balance of what to do at home and what at the gym.


Jazz Dance though was amazing yesterday. I felt on top of it and like it got easier to actually remember the steps since someone I usually tend to look at for assurance in the steps wasn't there either.

Tomorrow will be the tryout for ballet! Looking forward to it.


I did a bit more cleaning (little steps to get on top of things) and need to make it a habit to keep everything nice and do something on a regular basis. (I'm really bad at this, trust me)


Concerning my cooking I think I need to simplify. Have a few standart meals at hand so I won't have to think about it too much.

I mean, I like thinking about what I could do and how to combine but after a while it gets tiring. 

Also maybe a few precooked meals once I've got my fridge/freezer.




Tuesday the 19th:






breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs and a few radishes (the little red ones)


snacks: a peanut-butter-kitkat, a piece of cheese, a hand full of almonds


dinner: arugula with cucumber, radishes and a hardboiled egg


Hydration: you know it


Wednesday the 20th:



A bit in between at home and jazz dance



breakfast: a hand full of cashews, a small bowl of radishes, 2 fried eggs with 3 slieces of bacon


snack: some heated strawberries with maple syrup, a custard dorayaki, a strawberry daifuku, some icecream honey blossom and mountain caramel (again from the one that had the goat cheese ice cream) , a few pecan nuts (got them instead of macadamias)


dinner: pulled chicken with sweet potato mash and bacon-maple-brussel sprouts


Hydration: yeah


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Today so far at 11:21.

A big apple, 2 fried eggs with ham and vegetables (carrot, green beans, broccoli), some peppermint tea with honey and a piece of sea weed snack (with olive oil)


Also side info. Everything here is currently all about Eurovision Song Contest considering I'm in the city where it's hosted so it's just really busy.

Too bad the weather sucks a bit. 

Plus I already know that I will start the next challenge with lemon tarte since it apparently starts on the 8th of june. Yay Birthday challenge! Didn't it say in the last blog entry that birthdays are one of those momentum palces? 

It's also perfect to start my language learning because then I will have the exact time limit of three years to become somewhat conversational and able to read enough to find my ways!


And Yes! I will definitely let you know how ballet went!

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Feel free to add me in skype "mearuwankel", just mention nerdfitness.


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So let's get over Thursday and fridays food first to get this over with. I'll put it under a apoiler tag because it's the same way all my updates are training-food-hydration.


Thursday the 21st:

 Lot's of going around for work and stuff like that. Also got quite a bit of asparagus that wanted to be prepared.


Training: Sorry guys, no.



breakfast: a big apple (before work) , 2 fried eggs with ham and vegetables (between work) + peppermint tea with some honey


snacks: 2 olive oil seaweed snacks, 10 prunes, a hand full of cashews


dinner: pork with oven roasted asparagus and fried champignons with selfmade sort of hollandaise sauce


Hydration: Yes. Mostly in the afternoon though


Friday the 22nd:

The day of ballet.

Tired all day and alltogether feeling really weird in a bad way. Way confused and chaotic in the morning and just sleepy and achy and alltogether awful in the afternoon. But I got it fixed with ballet. Even though I now have a headache.


Got some fresh rhubarb when visiting my grandma last week and was looking for paleo friendly recipes that were not compott. Ended up snacking on them just like that. Peeled and cut up into pieces straight from the bowl.


Training: I will count Ballet, okay? Because that was sweaty, hard and will most likely leave me sore tomorrow.



breakfast: two hard boiled eggs and a hand full of pecan nuts with a bit of honey


snacks: a hand full of cashews,a bowl of rhubard that I'm still snacking on, a few sips from one of those flavoured mineral waters because it was watermelon but I didn't like it, two nectarines, one piece of olive oil seaweed,  5 balla-ballas (https://www.mysuesswaren.com/images/product_images/popup_images/97_0_Haribo_BallaBalla.jpg )


dinner: as yesterday without sauce: pork, asparagus and fried champignon


Hydration:  yes


So , now to the important question: How was ballet? 


I liked it!

it was very different from jazz dance alltogether. The group the energy the tempo the teacher (even though it was the same teacher).


The group consists of really lovely people and they don't seem as prone of the clique thing as those in jazz dance since we've got a big group there that basically work together and got each other into the class. Today there actually were a few that came by themselves up to me to introduce themselves so I didn't have to go name hunting (I like knowing the names of the people in my group) and someone recommended I use one of the mats for the floorthings and  handed me one which was really nice.


They are also way more concentrated and even though they still have a bit of playfullness to it they take it way more seriously than the other group which I personally thing is nice because we get through things easier.


Our teacher is the same as in jazz dance which for me was a big motivation to try the class. He's very energetic and considerate of new people. It's obvious that he loves dance and really likes teaching it to others. 

His energy is different from jazz dance where he is open and energetic as well in that he seems to be just completely in his element. It's the first dance he took and he's just really passionate about it.


The class itself was hard for me of course it being the first one. I didn't let that discourage me though and just tried. I knew a few moves from jazzdance but the energy as I said  is completely different. 

Also I haven't got quite the flexibility, coordination and balance yet. Or the posture.

Which are things that I want to fix and actually considered as goals for my next six-week-challenge! Which is perfect.


After one of the stretches I got a bit of a headache. The same sort I had after holding the plank a bit too long when I first tried a plank. (after that I worked my way up)

Now it's nearly gone but I've been stretching my neck quite a bit since it was a bit stiff.

I think though that me being nervous might have played in there too.


All in all, I do think that I'll continue taking the class since it meets all my goals and melts them into dance which I seem to just really enjoy.

Though I do have to say that if I had to choose between ballet and jazz dance, jazz dance would ultimately win. I just enjoy that way too much.

Ballet is a good way to improve on all my goals though and especially my jazz dance. 



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Feel free to add me in skype "mearuwankel", just mention nerdfitness.


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Eeeee! Sounds fantastic, especially that part where people are friendly. It's always easier and funner when you've got friends and a good group. I also really like that you're already thinking of the next challenge and what you'll do for it. I haven't started yet, except for maybe thinking of trying IF. 

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Yes it was really nice :) and weirdly enough I dreamed about ballet tonight oO 

Yeah, I'm mostly thinking about what to change and what I actually want to achieve :)


Definitely want to loose bodyfat/gain muscle still and improve my flexibility/balance/coordination (goign full assassin) 

And I want to be prepared this time so I will maybe stop collecting underpants (which is a reason why I didn't do one of the mini challenges, because I had sooo many underpants already and also just don't care about stats no matter the games because I'm terrible with numbers)


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Feel free to add me in skype "mearuwankel", just mention nerdfitness.


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Soooo my final entries for this challenge:


Lots of cleaning this weekend. Tomorrow (Monday) is a holiday here so I'll clean a little more then as well.

But I will take a break from this journal to plan how to document my next challenge or whether I should take up a daily log.


Saturday the 23rd:

Eurovision day so I had two bottles of Strongbow Cider while watching.



Training: no



breakfast: 3 fried eggs with some asparagus, roasted champignons and prosciutto

snacks: 3 slices of ham, some raw rhubarb, 3 nectarines, some asparagus, strawberry-coconut milk, 2 bottles of cider

dinner: 2 halves of a zucchini, filled with vegetable minced meat sauce and baked (it was delicious) and is probably mondays meal as well


Hydration: Yes


Sunday the 24th:

Training: no



breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with Natto and some babyspinach with strawberries and some balsamic vinegar on the side also a glass of strawberry-coconut milk

dinner: 1 slice of roasted pork belly with roasted onions, baby spinach , baby carrots and peas

dessert: maple roasted strawberries, banana and rhubarb with cinnamon.



Hydration: yes


I feel like I have gotten closer to my goal and learned a bit about how to move on and how not to.

Besides that I have rediscovered once again how much I like cooking and started eating things I never did before (namely tuna, champignons and coconutmilk/cream)

So I'm definitely looking forward to the next challenge.

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Feel free to add me in skype "mearuwankel", just mention nerdfitness.


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