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      I have learned over the course of my previous challenges that tend to start strong and end strong but completely fall off the wagon in the middle.  I tend to take on too much and lose momentum really fast.  So this time around I'm going to focus on small, meaningful changes that I can actually achieve and maintain.  


1. In an effort to actually keep up on this challenge I will post an update at least every three days


2. Go for a run three days a week OR walk at least three miles a day (if I'm not at home)


3. Not make pasta more than once a week and when I do, I must have a veg with it.


4. Starting in May, spend at least five hours a week actually actively studying for exams 


     These goals are the bare minimum for me.  Hopefully I will do more but I feel that starting with these will be more sustainable.  For the first two weeks of the challenge I'm going to be traveling so I some of these goals may be hard to meet but I will strive to make healthy choices along the way.  

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I'm doing fairly well I think. I've definitely met my three mile walking goal every day I've been traveling simply because that is the nature of traveling. In fact, I've hiked up and down two mountains/very large hills.

I was in Gibraltar which is just a giant rock. Walked all the way down and half way back up. I had a monkey jump on my back which, while mildly terrifying at the time, was an interesting expirience.

I am now in Morocco. A few days ago my friends and I went to see a waterfall and had to hike down the side of a mountain on what were essentially donkey trails (note: do not attempt in toms. You will slip and end up in a muddy stream) and then had to walk up many, many stairs to the top where we started.

I had mostly made healthy choices. I've had a sweet here and there but with a majority of my traveling being in morocco most of what I've been eating has been a traditional meat + veg dish called tagine. I did just find out that the delicious tea that is served everywhere in this country has heaps of sugar in it so I need to limit my intake of that in the last few days I'm here.

All in all I've done pretty well so far this challenge. Today I was able to take my belt down a hole again which was a nice feeling. Hopefully I can keep this up when I get home!

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