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Role Call #2 - How YOU doin?


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I had a slow start this past week, but Friday, Sunday and Monday mornings all had good workouts. I ate well all weekend, and haven't had a cigarette since Sunday morning.

I also got to eat the first produce from my garden this weekend. I had some baby pok choi that I stir fried with some chicken.

Overall grade: B.

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I'm doing great! I'm down 2.6 pounds (half way to my goal of five pounds), plus I had a couple of awesome trail runs this weekend when I was out of town for the 4th, and I've been keeping the sweets in check.

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hmm not so good.

Was doing well on the 100 pushup challenge, but have had to stop this week due to rotator cuff problem. Am going to switch to the 200 squat challenge instead, but not feeling very motivated.

Did not have a single day wine free last week

Only went to the gym once.

Eating was extremely hit and miss.

Grade C-

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I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frustrated with the weight thing. It hasn't really been budging. I am working on REALLY paying attenton to how much water I am drinking and what I am eating this week. My 5k is this friday. We shall see how I do then.

As for pushups? I am getting there. If I space them out I can do 5 no problem. so throughout the day I have been trying to just do a set of 5. At thee nd of the challenge I will have my husband time me and I will count and see how many I can do without stopping.

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Bloody. Freaking. HELL.

This week has just sucked for me, Challenge-wise. I mean, I started late to begin with, but then almost immediately, real life started slapping me around. Nothing earth-shattering, mind you - I wasn't diagnosed with cancer or anything, or even just broken bones. But my neck trigger points are STILL sticking with me, I'm sleeping very poorly (don't know WHAT I'm doing, but I'm waking up all stiff and sore, too), I was pretty badly chafed for the last couple of days, and until today my feet and ankles hurt too badly for me to run all this past week. Oh, and my diet has been pretty lousy, as well - my birthday didn't help at all, with that, I must acknowledge. Finally cleared all the must-do-NOW items at home, as well, which occupied pretty much all of my spare time this past week.

Probably just as well that I wasn't competing, this time around, 'cause there's no WAY I'm going to make my goals this challenge. I mean, now that my feet are feeling better and my thighs don't feel like I've taken sandpaper to them, I hope to get back into running, but there's no way I can see that I'll finish Couch To 5K before I leave for L.A. on the 16th, now - I just have too many runs left for the number of days between now and then. Still trying to figure out a reasonable resistance-training program which I can do that won't cause my trigger points to flare up, as well, so I haven't been doing those, either. I've been tracking my blood-sugar numbers daily, at least, but need to write them down (right now, they're only recorded on the meter itself, rather than in the logbook). Weight is unchanged this week - which, actually, is a positive, given my overeating and lack of exercise this week. Holding at 272.5 (+/-) rather than continuing to climb is probably better than I deserve, given my performance this week.

Going to grade this week as an F. No other way to look at it, really. I feel like I need to take a deep breath, step back for a second, and figure out how to re-engage.

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This week was hard, I started to crave some bad greasy foods and slipped a few times but nothing TOO bad :)

I am still remaining active, the heat in the northeast has made that difficult though, inside activities only.

I need to think of a better way to handle lunch/dinner. I find myself starving in the evenings and craving a substantial meal. Not necessarily anything unhealthy I just feel I need a lot of food and I don't always have the calories left for that sort of thing. I try and fill up with veggies but that gets boring pretty fast.

I normally for lunch have either a roast beef sandwich on flaxseed bread with a salad or just the bread toasted with humus and a salad if I know I am going out for dinner or something. That doesn't seem to be cutting it as filling me up for later. So I guess I will start trying something new.


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Feeling more positive than at last week's roll-call so thats good.

1) Weight: Current weight is 93.7kg, which is technically higher than last call but is measured using a new scale which weight about 1kg heavier (and is probably more accurate). So practically weight is down a bit, which I'm happy with considering how things went this last week in life. Id say C

2) Exercise: I can now get through about 2.5 circuits of the Beginner Bodyweight circuit, which is MUCH better exercise than trying to do the 100pushups challenge. So I should get to 3 circuits by the end of the challenge. So yay. B+

3) Food: Major change since last week is that I have started having eggs for breakfast. The difference in energy throughout the day is phenomenal, so that's definitely a win for my goal of eating better to maintain energy. A-

Really feeling pumped to take on the last 2 weeks of the challenge :D

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1) Pop and Candy: Still managed to avoid my major vice, Mt. Dew, this whole challenge thus far...been eating a bit of candy though...Curses!

2) C25K: Totally on schedule! Starting week 2 was quite the effort!

3) Lose 5 lbs: WTF. Last week, lost 2 lbs, this week gained 5...I'm going to assume it's my weirdo weight fluctuation....but we'll see....I don't understandddddddddddddd

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This week's been good, if not as great as last week. I've had to back off of training a bit as I hurt my knee during training. Despite that though, I've lost a bit more weight - finally breaking the 85kg mark, and completed a 40k hike with my trailwalker team. All and all, things are going well!

Going to focus on my diet again next week and see how much more I can lose!


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I'm out. I'm still going to try to better myself (gym in the morning, getting more sleeping, eating right) but as long as I post one thing on here and end up doing a week's worth of "Who cares?" - it's a travesty to pretend I'm trying on here.

Here's to taking a few weeks off until the next challenge - getting my mental state right, ready, and geared up to go - and then going in guns a-blazin'.

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1. Bench and deadlift 190lb (5x5 bench and 1x5 deadlift) by the end of challenge. A

Benching 150lb today. Missed mondays workout cuz I was out of town.

Deadlifted 150lb on wednesday. I'm reeeally starting to love these. :D

2. Do backpacking training on my off days. F

Psh. None. lol. But I have been swimming a ton. Like every day. I might just switch this goal to swimming all the time cuz that's what I've been doing anyways.

3. Get my act together (look for jobs, apply for jobs, get a job...all around just get a life ). A+

I've applied fer a few positions and I'm helping out at my bro's work right now so I'm getting some cash. And a friend of mine just tossed me a freelance video gig that should pay a few hundred bucks so...I'm happy ;) Ooh! PLus another friend said he could use my help with his lawn care business (yes...mowing lawns :lol :lol: . Apparently there's money to be made there)Things are looking good.

No full time prospects yet.. but I guess we'll see.

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Diet: A-: In the rules, but having trouble with variety. It seems like every lunch is brisket...

Exercise: C: I've been swamped at work the past 2 weeks, and that's eaten into my exercise. But! for extra credit, I did do some bodyweight exercises even when I was stuck at a hotel with no change of clothes. I worked out in my room, and avoided getting my work clothes sweaty...

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