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Hello!  I'm a 56 yr old female who is just returning to physical activity after five months of physical therapy.  Soft tissue injury was caused by SI joint dysfunction and rotated pelvis.  Just started pilates and yoga to prevent future injuries, and we returned to the water for rowing, last week (indoor winter training ended).


I have been an athlete for three years, since I took up competitive crew rowing in the master's division (that's an age group, not a skill level).  However; telling myself that all this exercise entitles me to sugary treats has been my insanity.  I'm ready to give up sugar, but I swear it is addictive.  


Quest:  Lose 40 pounds, get healthier, enjoy long life with athletic husband I married 34 yrs ago.


Mini quest 1:  Cut my sugar intake down to 10 grams per day.

mini quest 2:  Practice Yoga at least three times per week

Mini quest 3:  Watch MELT DVDs, learn techniques and practice them at least four times per week.




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Hello!  Thought I'd share my sugar experience.  I used to be so addicted to soda (not much of a dessert person but a cold Coca Cola, oh man...).  Anyway, when I finally got serious about getting rid of that habit I found that I had to cut out fruit entirely (loads of sugar) and all my favorite grainy carbs  (cereal, sandwiches, etc.).  When I tried to limit my sodas but was still eating the fruit and breads it didn't work - I just craved the soda, couldn't stop thinking about when I could have my allotted soda.  When I cut out the fruit/bread - no soda craving.  This from a person with a habit of 6-8 cokes a day.  Just something to think about if you find yourself craving sugar even after you cut down, take a look at "other" sugar sources in your meals that may be triggering your cravings.


Good luck with your first challenge!!

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I've been a chronic sugar bug too. One of my goals is also to beat sugar. I kept making excuses for why I "earned" it. All those little bits add up.  I used my husband help me. He fully supports my Nerd Fitness membership and wants to help anyway he can so I told him where my stashes were and what I did with all my little treats to get rid of them. Somehow just the act of coming clean and telling him was really for ME. I was admiting that I had a problem and it made me feel more accoutable to my goal of slashing sugar. Good luck!

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Good job on rowing in the Masters Level.  That's impressive!   Yep - I get the struggle with sugar.   It is addictive to many and I include myself in that catergory.  Sadly, there's too much science out there to rebuttal that it doesn't have addictive properties.  I'm behind you as you press forward in your challenge. 

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Sugar is also my weakness.  I sit next to the candy jar at my job and I constantly find myself reaching over and grabbing something.  I sometimes don't even really notice that my hand is in the jar until I am grabbing something out of it!  My goal is to try and not get into that bowl anymore.. 

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How did your yoga go? Did you delete any sugar today? I'm "pulling" for ya.


Monday Yoga was good.  Need to go, today. I'm sore from hard rowing on Tuesday evening.  Second day after workout is always the toughest.    :playful:   Have drastically reduced sugar intake.  Gave up coffee for tea, since I can drink tea without sweetener.


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Way to go on the coffee tea switch!!!!  There are a lot of excellent teas out there. One of my favorite organic teas is for soar throats. Even though I don't have a soar throat often I drink it a lot because it tastes good. I also like blending teas with those big iced teas makers. I put a few different bags in together and find great combos. I don't put sugar in my teas so homemade iced tea is a nice break from water on the weekends.



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Hi! Hope you're still hanging in there!Us "mature" girls have to stick together. Ha!  Congrats on picking up the rowing.  Sounds like something I have been wanting to do, although I was thinking more along the lines of lazing along in a kayak rather than competitive rowing!  Keep on keepin' on!

I am new to Nerd Fitness but not new to fitness.  I am a 53 y/o female, been a physical education teacher my whole career, and am feeling the need to get my fitness level back on track.  Been gaining weight lately and at 5'0" it doesn't take much to make a big difference.  My "nerd" skills are not very good so I may need some help figuring all this out! :nonchalance:

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