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Tea's 6 Week Quest Guide To Tighter, Stronger, Faster.


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I think this month month marks a year that I have been here. Though I did not do the last 6 week challenge, I have been plugging along by myself. I have dropped 50 lbs since last August and I have another 44 lbs to go.

To be honest I am struggling most days. I have been in a bit of a mental funk, the seasons are changing, we are going into winter here in Australia.  I always want to eat more in winter. I am also on a tight budget so going out, movies, etc. is off the books, I must find entertainment at home. That leaves me with computer games, watching shows (YAY GoT is back!) and housecleaning... :offended:


So I have been playing a bit of Runescape, my husband I met on this game like 11 years ago, but I have been finding myself not logging in and instead getting on FB and spending all my free time there (which is WAYYYY too much) I find myself agitated and depressed. I need a hobby but have no room in the budget for a hobby so this makes sense. So my side quest will be to actually relax and play Runescape in my free time. My husband, hose mate, and a few other friends play so that should make it easier.


Main Quest-

My main quest is to lose 44 lbs of fat and transform the shape of my body, especially my legs and butt through weight training. I have some cute clothes that I would love to be able to wear. I live right next to the beach and a friend bought me the cutest swimsuit a couple years ago and I have yet to wear it.




Daily Quests-

1. Do my daily training which consists of weight training 4 x a week and metabolic circuits 2 x a week and walks on the beach thrown in wherever, these are more therapeautic then anything. I have anxiety issues and I was going to the gym in the middle of the night but it was messing up my work schedule so I have started training at home. I have a very basic gym in my garage, free weights, bench, squat rack, fit ball etc. I struggle with this daily, on days I feel better I want to go to the gym, but the rest of the time I want to hide in my house. lol


2. Eat according to my goals. My calorie level changes according to results. No big changes, just small incremental changes. I make sure I am in a calorie deficit and I track everything in Myfitnesspal.


3. Mindset-  This is key for me, mine has just been bad, I have a bad attititude and generally feel like I hate everything. lol I really hope I can change this, its better then it was but I have better days and then a few really bad days.



Side Quest-

Spend my free time on anything other then Facebook! Get on Runescape and actually play and build my character. I enjoy it when I actually play. It takes my mind out of the constant circles it normally runs in. Also come on here and cheer my fellow rangers on in their endeavors! :D


I'll add pics and such later.

Level 6 Ranger/Warrior

Str:26 Dex:13 Stam:17 Con:12 Wis:12 Cha:3

Current Challenge: A Ranger Respawns




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