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Hail, adventurers! I found this site through a friend and I'm stoked!  I've been a gamer my whole life and the approach really resonates with me.  I'm also deep into healthy, deacadent eating and joyful exertion.  But lately, my exercise has lacked purpose and my eating habits have fallen into a pit of bread.  This seems like a timely invitation to re-engage!


I used to train in contortion and I've long thought that taking it back up would be a great way to give my workouts some direction.  So without further ado, here are my goals:


MAIN QUEST: I want to know that I can.  I have a naturally strong, flexible body, but I want to be proud not because of my genetic gifts but because I worked hard to develop them.  I want to create and perform a contortion act.
1. Eliminate sugar and wheat from my diet. 
2. Contortion train 3X/week. 
3. Be able to reliably hold a handstand for 30 seconds.

Optional life goal: Stop biting my fingernails.


Looking forward to helping support you all on your various quests!

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Welcome to the Rebellion!  With your current goals and interests, you've attracted the attention of the Assassins' Guild.... but don't worry, I'm here in a supportive capacity!  Even if you ultimately don't join us, we'd love to help you along on your journey, and there are a lot of people working on goals similar to yours within our black-clad ranks...


If you think you might like to check us out, I hope you'll come by the Assassins' Den chat and say hello!  We're very welcoming killers-in-black, really.      ;)  You can also check out the Assassin Guild Info & Announcements for more info about what's going on with the guild.  We also have our handy Assassin Phonebook, which will allow you to find people who are working on similar skills to yours.  And though we may be the bodyweight guild, we're also a guild of extreme variety - we do a bit of everything!


Additionally, if you like what you see, I encourage you to go introduce yourself on the Level 1 Assassin Initiates Q&A/Chat thread as well!  There are a lot of fun people hanging out as they consider whether to join us - and you can make new friends, ask questions of guild leadership, post awesome gifs (we wouldn't be Assassins without gif parties) and more!  I hope to see you there soon.


If you ever need anything, feel free to PM me or catch my attention by quoting one of my posts.  Otherwise, I or one of my colleagues will be stopping by to check in on you and celebrate your successes as the challenge goes on.  Now get out there and crush those goals!

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Contortion training-wow that is cool!

How's it going?

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