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n00bs gotta start somewhere


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Hi, my name's Quell, and I'm a long time NF blog reader, first time forum goer. I'm a graphic designer and artist who lurks at computers for too many hours a day. This morning I looked and the mirror saying "I need to do something." to myself. The universe, well Steve really, sent an email announcing this challenge. Coincidence? I think not.


1) I struggle with my weight, so weight loss is my main goal.

I previously lost a bit of weight obsessively using MyFitnessPal and a low calorie count, but it wasn't sustainable and it's alll come back. I need to do some form of exercise 5 days a week, primarily walking at this point, and making sure as the weather packs up I don't give up with it. 


2) I struggle with stress.

It wrecks the movement in my back, wrecks my mood, wrecks my diet cravings etc etc. I've enjoyed the 21 day meditation challenges in the past, but now I need to set aside the time to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day, for my stress levels and the sanity of those around me (and for the sake of my purse, paying the osteopath all the time!).


3) I struggle with gluten. 

While not diagnosed with anything, the doctors said if you feel better not eating it, then don't. A couple pieces of wholegrain Vogels once every couple days is cool; bread or cake or w/e with every meal is destroying me. I aim to reduce the gluten in my diet once more, to one meal with gluten a couple times a week (and not in the same day!)


4) I don't struggle with art. 

Art's my hobby, and for my sideline life leveling up I want to start taking commissions through deviantArt. I've done some basic sales through there, but actual commissions is a big step. Heck, even putting myself out there to see if people want to pay me to draw things!


Can anyone tell I type a lot when I'm nervous/excited as?! Let's do this! 

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