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Strong Body, Strong Mind

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Greetings fellow Nerd Rebels!


I'm Trydus, I'm new here to Nerd Fitness (well, new as in the first time posting, anyway).  I think what the NF team built is amazing, and the community, extraordinary.  Here I'm thinking "There's a place where there are a bunch of awesome nerds who want to be fit and more awesome too?!  Count me in!!"  


A little history behind me: I've been on somewhat of a fitness journey for a while.  I've been off and on Paleo and exercise routines for a couple of years, never deciding to fully commit to it until the beginning of this year, where some of my coworkers challenged me to a contest among themselves of healthy eating and exercise.  They put together an online form to track our progress and make us more accountable to each other.  This was the kick I needed, and I was off.  I was eating Paleo every day (think salads, stir frys, steaks) and I also started a Yoga program, intertwined with my own sort of workout.  


Things were going good for a bit, and I was losing weight but didn't really feel like I was making progress.  I guess I just didn't have actual fitness goals in mind other than "get unfat".  At the same time, I had traveling on my mind, I wasn't happy with my current position at work and in life, and made a decision that in a year or two, I'd take an extended trip and backpack for a couple months in Italy.  I started reading into traveling, how to survive on the road, skills, techniques, etc., and stumbled upon an article about staying fit while traveling.  Naturally, this peaked my curiosity.  After reading the article and watching the interview, I found Nerd Fitness.  I've been hooked ever since.


Ok, let's get down to brass tacks.


Main Quest:


My overall Main Quest so far is to become the most fit and skilled version of myself that I can be.   I want to be in a much sharper state so when I take my trip (which has now evolved into an Epic Quest, thanks Steve!) I can be ready for any challenge that gets thrown at me.  Not to mention just being more awesome for life in general  For this 6 week challenge, my quest is to drop another 10-20 pounds (started January at 225, now at 205), and reach a new level of fitness.  How am I gonna do that?  Here are my goals:


Goal 1: Continue to cook and eat Paleo every weekday.  I typically start my Sunday or Monday with a trip to the local Whole Foods, pick up my ingredients, and do my prep for the week.  This includes carrots, green onions, red leaf lettuce, radishes, zucchini, and chicken.  With this, I make salads for my lunch, and stir fry combinations for supper.  Sometimes I cook up a bunch of veggies for lunch the next day.  What's funny about this goal, is I read Steve's intermittent fasting article, and realized I was already doing it and didn't know it!


Goal 2: Stick to the workout plan.  My workout plan is a combination of the "Beginner's Body Workout" with some additions such as pullups and chinups, on Mon - Wed - Fri.  I want to be able to complete more than 3 pullups at a time by the end of this challenge. On Tue - Thur, I am continuing Yoga, to maintain and improve my joint strength and flexibility.  I've found when you do Yoga on a regular basis (and, indeed, exercise in general), it's crazy how much it affects how you move on a day to day basis.  I'm not nearly sore at all anymore (except after an awesome workout and maybe a little in the morning after said awesome workout), whereas I just ached all the time for no reason.  At 26 years old, I just had enough of that non-sense.


Goal 3: Sleep more, stress less.  I work in a pretty high stress field, sometimes up at all hours of the night or working way more than full-time.  My goal here is to try to get in more than 6 hours of sleep on average, and try out some meditation to reduce stress.  One thing I've been considering doing is making it a rule to turn off my devices (multiple computers, tablets, so many gadgets!) by 10 PM, and just hitting a book until bed time.


Life Goal/Main Quest Goal: Continue Learning Italian.  I combined the life/main goal because this is a part of that Main Quest.  I started learning Italian last year, and fell off the bandwagon.  I am committing to spending 3 times a week on studying, an hour a night.  I want to become fluent in Italian first, because that's the first country I'm going to on my Epic Globetrotting Quest, and the one I'll probably spend the most time in.


Finding Nerd Fitness, reading the content and seeing the community has been really inspiring to me.  It's helped keep me motivated, and taught me a lot of things about a lot of things.  I'm glad to be a part of something so awesome.  


Good luck to all other 6 week challengers, I know you all can do it.  Fortune favors the bold.


- Trydus


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Welcome to the Rebellion!  With your current goals and interests, you've attracted the attention of the Assassins' Guild.... but don't worry, I'm here in a supportive capacity!  Even if you ultimately don't join us, we'd love to help you along on your journey, and there are a lot of people working on goals similar to yours within our black-clad ranks...


If you think you might like to check us out, I hope you'll come by the Assassins' Den chat and say hello!  We're very welcoming killers-in-black, really.      ;)  You can also check out the Assassin Guild Info & Announcements for more info about what's going on with the guild.  We also have our handy Assassin Phonebook, which will allow you to find people who are working on similar skills to yours.  And though we may be the bodyweight guild, we're also a guild of extreme variety - we do a bit of everything!


Additionally, if you like what you see, I encourage you to go introduce yourself on the Level 1 Assassin Initiates Q&A/Chat thread as well!  There are a lot of fun people hanging out as they consider whether to join us - and you can make new friends, ask questions of guild leadership, post awesome gifs (we wouldn't be Assassins without gif parties) and more!  I hope to see you there soon.


If you ever need anything, feel free to PM me or catch my attention by quoting one of my posts.  Otherwise, I or one of my colleagues will be stopping by to check in on you and celebrate your successes as the challenge goes on.  Now get out there and crush those goals!

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Thanks Starsapart, I checked out the Assassin's Guild and it definitely interests me!  I'll spend some more time on there and post some things in the very near future.


Elastigirl, the challenge is going well so far!  


The first week was a little bumpy, working in the routine with my crazy schedule.  I missed a day of workout but made up for it on another day, and now at the end of the second week I'm totally aligned.  My diet has been about 95% paleo.  This week I've hit every workout and more, and I've been studying on my Italian!  I've been getting the 6+ hours of sleep, that feels great.  I'm also achieved two pull-ups in a row!


Overall I feel terrific, I met with some friends I hadn't seen in months last night and they were really surprised on my progress and how much I'd lost.  I'm down to about 200 now, and I'm only going to weigh myself once a week now just to keep track but not obsess too much.


Looking forward to week 3!  

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Hey Starsapart!  Sorry I dropped off the map a bit, bad at keeping up on posts, adding that to the next challenge!  I completed my 6 week challenge, lost 6 pounds, kept up with my diet and Italian, and can do more than 3 pullups at a time now!  Thanks for keeping up with me, I think I will join up with the Assassin's Guild!

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