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forkboy’s Journey to Dagobah – Out of Autopilot (7 of 8)


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I put in a placeholder last time and never came back to it.  My caloric increase resulted in a slight bump in weight as I meandered off the farm a little.  Today I am back at it and continuing the journey.  I have about 6 weeks until my lifting meet and I need my weight down a few pounds to be in the qualifying group I had planned on (less than 181 lbs).  I am again putting in a placeholder here and hope to come back to it to fill it out in more detail this time.


Goals are the usual:

1) Tracking, macros, calories, yada yada

2) Lifting and running

3) Curfew

I will try and get in some daily mindfulness.

Details to follow.

I won't list my myriad excuses for not being around, just apologize.
So, sorry.

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Get it!

Glad to see you back!

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Whooo hoooooo!!!! :triumphant: :triumphant: :triumphant:


Sooooo happy to see you!  :D


Believe me, I think everyone here understands completely. Just glad to see you came back.  :)


I didn't put up a challenge thread this round so you can come find me in my battle log.  ;)


Huge hugs my friend! :cheerful:

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-I don't have a choice. I deserve a better life and this is what I have to do to get there.
-Whatever doesn't kill me....Had better start running.


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