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6 week challenge, a first for this swedish rebellion. :)


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Hey everyone!


I am a nerdy swedish woman in her 30's and I wish to participate in this 6 week challenge! :D


When I read about the 6 week challenge in the newsletter this morning, I reacted as if this challenge were directed to me. So, I started to plan. I am in a fase right now for metamorphosis but as many I have obsticals, as weight and back problems. I know both of them will ease if I just level up. So I hope I can do this here.


I already eat sufficient of healthy food, all though to fatty and to much, and less greens than I acctually thought. And my back is hindering me in many ways. But now its changing. And its all thanks to you guys here on Nerd Fitness. :)

My goal is to continue my training in Shaolin Kung Fu which I started this year, and to regain my mental health and strength. To succed I have to:


1. Out walking for an half or and hour each day, and some excersises at home.

2. Eat 50% greens with every meal.

3. Be Optimistic!

4. Having realistic goals (I am not going to be a Kung Fu master after just one level, right? ;) )

5. Ceep track and find support here on Nerd Fitness.


I know I am a day late, but i will catch up. :)



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Welcome Janni! Your goals look SMART and doable—hope the challenge has started well for you so far! There is usually about a week or two in between challenges, so you can definitely catch up then... I was about a week late to my first one, but just continued through the break to make it up.


If you're looking for any kung fu inspiration, check out the Monks' Guild, which has a focus on martial arts. Swing by the chat thread and introduce yourself, if you'd like! But in any case... welcome!!

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Hello Janni and welcome to NerdFitness!  No worries about catching up.  Good set of starting goals.  Very manageable.  What kind of exercises do you like at home?


As Miss America noted, please feel welcome to drop by the Monk's Courtyard.  I'll be keeping an eye on your thread.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything!

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Hey guys!


Thanks, Miss America and Teirin! Sorry for not aswering until now, been busy with the challenge. ;)

And thanks for the advice you told me, I will be certain to check out Monks Guild and Monks Courtyard!


At home I do some yoga, sit ups, kicking excercises, and I am out walking (walking alot) because my chiropractor told me walking would be great for my back. And it works!!! Who would have thought!? My back is getting stronger and more flexible! And yesterday I was back at my Kung Fu training, and I told them about my back and they adjusted the WHOLE training for me. That is so thoughful of them. :D And it was great! I've missed Kung Fu so much you wouldn't beleive. I've longed for it. Next training is on Sunday and there is Qigong om Monday, so thats the plan.


Any how, the challenge is going great all though my eating habits is worse this week due to spring and hanging out with friends (ice cream and beer...) ;) But I am pulling my self together now, even though I've eaten alot of veggies. :D This 6 week challenge is a great concept! I love it so far!


I have one question, do you guys know any good work out for abdimen and thighs? They are very weak due to my weight. Its hard carrying the weight, and I wish to strengten the core muscles.


Thanks again and if you have some more advice, I am open to suggestions. :D

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I have clearly been away as well :-/    Walking is fantastic exercise.  Glad it's been helping your back!  You might find this video interesting.  It's all about the benefits of walking.


How was training on Sunday and Monday?  That's a really good school you have, that they're willing to adjust and help you.


Hmmm, abdomen and thighs.  What about planks and bodyweight squats?  This one has also been recently discussed by the Monks.  Looks like it would be good for both.

Behave yourself, badly if necessary.

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